Samsung display roadmap confirms 4.99-inch 1080p display, timing suggests Galaxy S4


Rumors of a Galaxy S4 unveiling at CES didn’t pan out, but a roadmap that surfaced during the show has provided tantalizing evidence of what we can likely expect when the next-gen phone is announced. Just about every report on the GS4 has referenced a 4.99-inch 1080p display with a pixel density of 440ppi. The existence of such a display has been confirmed and the timing of its arrival on the market matches closely the speculated launch date of the next Galaxy smartphone.

The slide technically doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know, but it gives us enough to keep us yearning for more info on the Galaxy S4. Will the phone launch with Samsung’s freshly announced Exynos octa-core CPU? Could it gain S-Pen support? If the launch date matches the phone and the phone matches the screen, it sounds like we might be hearing more by the end of the first quarter.

[AnandTech via The Verge]

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  1. Launch timeframe also suggests March.

    1. around the same time as the rumored iphone 5? that would be badass!

      1. wut…The iphone 5 is already out.

      2. 5S probably :p

        1. or maybe they will just call it “the new iPhone” like what they did with the iPad 3

          1. i hope not. i think the next gen iPhone is the opportunity for Apple to come back as a better competitor to Android, so I don’t think they’ll simply call it “The New iPhone”

      3. @Steven. That must have been a seriously long nap you just woke up from. BTW, Obama also won a 2nd term.

        1. ^ THIS ^ lolololololol

        2. oops i ment 5s! sorry guys lol tho XP

  2. No Touchwiz for me

    1. Who cares? Just root it and flash what you want. I bounce between TW and AOSP on my S3 all the time.

      I like the choice.

      1. Me too, Waiting for PA to get updated and I will be heading back into the AOSP mix.

      2. Because i lack the knowledge, when it comes to that, plus there is nothing that attracts me except Sense UI and my girlfriend

    2. Personally I like the look and the numerous features Touchwiz has compared to stock Android.

      1. That’s what i’m saying, why do you want stock with non of the awesome samsung features. At this point in time, it’s not like the phone slows down or anything due to slow processors. Most people download some of those features off the market anyway. I’d rather have touchwiz over boring stock.

        1. I think some people value the cleanliness of stock Android. Samsung’s TouchWiz still manages to turn icons into squares, use “Gingerbread Green” on their icons, just to name a few.

          ICS introduced the Holo UI with icons that appear to float against the background, notification icons that are gray and devoid of colors, with a little bit of Holo blue here and there for accents.

          With that said, it is very much a matter of preference.

          1. Samsung’s Touchwiz hasn’t had square icons since the first Galaxy S device. After the first Galaxy S device they dropped the square backgrounds behind every icon. When’s the last time you actually looked at a Samsung device?

          2. Admittedly, yesterday. My friend has a Galaxy S3. And they’ve retained a handful of those awful square backgrounds. There’s no reason for the phone app to be in a square. But that’s just me being my usual OCD self.

          3. sooo you are complaining about one icon…

          4. But if the icons are really the case, won’t a user just get a custom launcher? And BetterCut exist. It allows you to change the icons on a stock launcher. So…? I guess that problem solved. =.P

        2. i love android but you are right, pure android os is boring not as boring as ios but boring never the less.

      2. Yup like a genuine clean fast file manager and one of the best video player and Internet browser I have used on Android OS.
        But those who’ve never used a Galaxy will never know :)

    3. Then ill take it, give me yours!

    4. I prefer TW Roms on my S3…..they’re much more stable than AOSP Roms and offer just as many features. But like Crimson said, I like having the choice.

  3. I hope they ditch Super Amoled

    1. Maybe there is a hint in the diagram. All the screens with the green thing are LCD. All the ones with the blue are SAMOLED.

      (not sure if true. Too tired to look it up)

      Edit: Not true. Looked it up.

      1. wrong

        1. Yes I said it was wrong. The galaxy S had amoled

          1. Sorry replied and didn’t see you edit, then I refreshed, and bam.

          2. All good. I’ve been moving pretty slow today

    2. I dont have you seen a note 2 display? :D

  4. Sad, I really like my Galaxy S3. I even like some of the Touchwiz things that are outside of the Launcher itself, but the S3 form factor is as big a phone as I really want. I think I’ll be skipping the S4.

    1. Well, they could EASILY make the display .3-inches bigger by simply shrinking the bezels. The whole phone doesn’t necessarily have to get bigger…

      1. I would hope so. Sadly im under contract until 2014 so I wont be getting the S4 at launch. I will have to wait.

      2. guys say this every time a phone is due to cone out with a bigger sceeen. not gonna happen. if they can sell a 5.3″ phone with bezel, they’ll sell a 4.99 one too…

        1. With the push that other manufacturers are going to decrease bezel size you really thing Samsung is just going to say, “enh screw here’s your big ass bezel!!” ???

      3. I’m glad I am not the only one that can grasp that concept…

  5. Too close to the Note 2. And even with a thinner bezel, i think it already sounds too bid. Wait to see but i alrwady know that i am not going for it.

  6. Personally I would rather have a cheaper price and better performance and battery life than pixel density bragging rights…

    1. Keep in mind since the technology is easier to understand, they can implement larger pixel densities for cheaper. 720p phones are on some cheaper phones now.

  7. im excited. but i dont think S4 gonna look much different than S3. probably with less bezel and that 1080P screen either way im excited. i love my S3

  8. Hopefully we will see this for the galaxy note 3 as well

  9. Can’t wait for definitive information, however I’ll be getting the Note 3 instead.

    Since I got the Note II, my SGSIII has been gathering dust. Can’t see myself using any phone smaller than the Note II or without the S pen function.

  10. im excited to see what is note III’s screen size and hopefully by the time Galaxy S IV and Galaxy Note III is released Netflix start streaming full HD on exynos powered devices and not just OMAP processors!

  11. Here’s my render of Galaxy S4 side by side with Galaxy S4! lol

    1. You know that’s interesting. What if they did increase the screen size, but switch to onscreen buttons? That’s quite a possibility.. hmmm..

    2. One of those should be a 3 :)

  12. Maybe I’ll change my mind once I’ve seen a 5″ 1080 screen, but based on my experience using 720 4.7″-5.5″ screens, I don’t expect the higher resolution to offer many advantages (while it’ll require more of the CPU and GPU).

    Eliminating the side bezel, increasing battery life (without increasing mass), and improving smoothness/performance should be higher priorities.

  13. I really hope the Galaxy S4 comes with S-Pen support! I was going to get the Note2 but heard that they new Galaxy may have S-Pen support so I held off on the Note2. The S-Pen would be a game changer for everyday use of my phone. Can’t wait!!!

  14. note 2 will be a 6 inch d!ck

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