Jan 14th, 2013


If LG releasing Jelly Bean for LG Optimus G users in South Korea is any indication, a US release can’t be too far behind. The update, rolling out right now both over-the-air and over-the-wire for customers with the LG-F180S on SK Telecom brings the device’s firmware up to Android 4.1, and introduces users to services like Google Now. LG promised the update before year’s end but at only 2 weeks into January, they’re aren’t too late.

As I stare at the LG Optimus G sitting on my desk I have to admit… I’m feeling a bit jelly. Hopefully it will be a speedy rollout for Sprint and AT&T variants. On that note, anyone flash a leaked Jelly Bean ROM onto their Optimus G’s yet? Care to share the experience?

[LG Mobile via PocketDroid]

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