Google launches beta channel for Chrome for Android


Google has finally launched a beta channel for its own Android web browser, Google Chrome. The beta, now available in the Google Play Store, will be updated more frequently with the latest work-in-progress features for users to try out before they’re ready to go stable. You’ll have to note that betas are not promised to be perfect, so while this is a great way to test new features you might also encounter some bugs and rough edges.

Google says Chrome for Android beta now has all the same optimization and speed that its desktop browsers have, including improvements to the Octane performance benchmark. The changes will bring an improvement  of about 25-30%. The update also includes native support for CSS Filters. Head here to get an idea of what’s now possible for developers to do in their websites and web apps.

It’s wise to keep both the stable and beta browsers installed if you’re planning on keeping up with the times. Chances are the betas will be just fine for most people — I haven’t had a problem rocking the beta channel on my desktop — but there’s always a degree of uncertainty that must be taken into consideration. You can grab the beta version of Chrome for Android — for both phones and tablets — in the Google Play Store.

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  1. Wonder if they fixed the pinch and zoom lag? ONE CAN ONLY HOPE.

  2. now should browser benchmarks rock?

  3. I’m sorry, but what’s the point of having Chrome and Chrome Beta? Is the beta available for earlier versions of Android?

    1. Chrome = stable and usable for the masses. Beta = test version with new features, speed improvements, etc. but with the possibility of bugs. Sometimes major bugs.

    2. – Preview the latest features: Try out the newest features. (Sometimes these may be a little rough around the edges.)
      – Give early feedback: Let us know what you think and help make Chrome for Android a better browser.

      this version might crash every 5 minutes or eat all your data

      1. Well, it’s a good thing I have unlimited data!

  4. What is it about chrome for android that is so unrefined? Dolphin browser and even the stock browser on android zoom pages and text nice and evenly whereas chrome re-sizes everything funny.

    1. Just tried it out w/ESPN. The picture on the front page was off-center & cut in half. Never seen anything like it. Very weird, uninstalling.

    2. Yea, Chrome is terrible on Android, no clue why it’s worse than the stock Browser app in ICS. It’s not as bad as say, Google Voice, but nothing is that bad.

  5. Chrome for android is awful…its shocking. Cant browse for more than 10 mins without lag crash – note 2.

    1. Chrome for Android have been working well for me.
      Using it daily for at least 45 mins while I’m in transit.
      No crashes but some lag possibly due to the inconsistent mobile internet quality here.

      Tried Chrome Beta today, no problems.

      I suppose Chrome behaves differently on different Android environment.
      By the way is your phone on stock Android/CM or on a manufacturer skinned ver?

      1. pure stock Galaxy Note 2. No excuses. go read the comments made by people who know their stuff on the Market. Text overflow, resizing, etc etc lags and so inconsistent.

  6. On a side note, does anyone else find it annoying that you now have to join Google + in order to rate anything in the play store, or even on Google maps?

    1. Yes, it does suck. If this kind of crap continues,I’ll just root/ROM & side load the apps that I need, although one shouldn’t have to resort to such measures just because one chooses to not participate in social networking.

      1. Even though I’m Google+ member I’m in agreement 100%.

      2. Thats dumb. So what if you have to have a google+ account, u dont have to use it.

        1. One is forced to use GOOGLE+ when rating an app in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE, which was around long before GOOGLE + was even a concept,much less in existence.

          So, which is dumber? THIS ^^^^^^^^^,or your misinformed comment?

  7. Where’s the support for Extensions?

    I want my Evernote Clearly, or Evernote Clipper at least…

    1. No extensions, no interest. Though I’d have very little interest in Chrome anyway based on what people have to say about it.

  8. Works fine on my Iconia tablet…(Acer) Only complaints are No Flash and the biggest complaint isssss……The Chrome store and desktop screen w/ apps aren’t there”’ :( !

  9. I’ve been using it 3 days 6-8 hrs a day. Ran into that split screen once last night but backing up & starting over put it right. It’s fast on my s3, smokes old chrome from the gate.

  10. I only have 1 bug with it in then that got solved.

  11. I’ve been using Chrome for Android for a while, and set it as my default browser. I love the browser (for the most part) – and, especially like that I don’t have to send myself links from my desktop browser (since I have browsing history turned on). It’s a nice browser.

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