Jan 7th, 2013

If you’ve got a device with a stylus and you use it often, chances are you’ll want it handily available without digging through your pocketbook or murse. So why not fix it up with a clip, snazz it up with bluetooth, and allow it to double as a handset so you can talk on the phone without having to pull out your phablet? That’s exactly what Dexim has done with their “Music Talking Stylus” displayed at CES 2013.

My main and initial complaint with the “Music Talking Stylus” is the use of the word “Music”. It made me think that the stylus offers a speaker that can blast out music, allowing you to walk around and listen to music without needing headphones. In reality, it includes a 3.5mm headset jack at the top which you can use to listen to music wirelessly with bluetooth.

Okay, so it DOES play music, but having to affix a stylus to my shirt in addition to carrying around headphones kind of defeats the whole purpose of converging things together. As a neat bluetooth stylus/handset I think it would likely serve well but the word “music” just seems a bit misleading.

Above you can see the horizontal slit at the top which is the “speaker”; clearly that is a speaker suitable only for phone calls and not for music. The small dot at the bottom is the microphone and the black button in the middle is an action button. And in the background you can see a “Talk time: 5 hours” spec which offers another point of contention: having to keep your stylus charged could get pretty annoying.

We didn’t get the chance to test the stylus out so cannot comment on the success/failure of its functionality, but my initial impression on the build were it seemed a bit large and bulky, but yet managed to remain light. It didn’t seem incredibly sturdy and I’d be most worried about the durability of the clip snapping off. But these are just guesses: it wouldn’t be fair to make a full judgement until fully reviewing the Music Talking Stylus.

Some of you may be thinking: that stylus with a handset functionality… I know I’ve seen it somewhere else! Look no further than the title for your answer: last year at MWC 2012 we saw the Asus Padfone first shown with a very similar Stylus in terms of functionality.

Personally, I can’t see myself using the Music Talking Stylus, but there are lots of different people with lots of different preferences and maybe this tickles your fancy. What do you think?

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