Jan 7th, 2013

The folks at ASUS have announced one of the most exciting Google TV devices we’re probably going to see this year. It’s the ASUS Qube, and it’s the first device which aims to break the traditional model of long set-top boxes or Google TV embedded directly into television sets. This little sucker is a cube, and it will deliver a Google TV experience unlike anything we’ve seen before.

ASUS has employed a custom user interface that uses “cubes” for navigation, allowing you to find the content and apps you want in a very awesome way. It almost sounds like what Samsung tried to do with its old Behold phones, though we expect the implementation to be much better and a lot more user friendly.

One of the unique features of the Qube is its motion-enabled remote. You can navigate the Qube interface by waving the remote around, and although other uses haven’t been unveiled just yet we’re expecting ASUS to do even more with it. There weren’t any other details or specs to be had, but we imagine the box will pack enough of a punch to handle anything Google TV has to offer.

Pricing and availability couldn’t be had right away, natch, but we hope to hear a lot more very soon. We’ve been saying for a while that Google TV needs an injection of something exciting, and ASUS might be the first to deliver in 2013 with the most interesting device we’ve seen thus far. PS: Google, this is what the Nexus Q should have been. Just sayin’.

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