Sony Xperia Z pricing revealed?


All of Sony’s big surprises seem to be getting used up ahead of its official CES showing, but we’re not mad at all. After learning that the Sony Yuga would become the Sony Xperia Z, we got an early look at the press shots of this great looking phone. Now, less than a week away from its grand unveiling, we’ve learned how much it’ll cost… well, over in Thailand, at least.

It’s said the unlocked device will retail for about 19,900 Thai Baht, which works out to about $655 here in America. That’s par for the course when it comes to high-end smartphones these days, though we assume Sony will tweak the price more appropriately for each individual market the device happens to launch in.

This 5 inch, 1080p smartphone will look to challenge “hungry man” sized offerings from the likes of HTC and Samsung. Inside will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro, a quad-core masterpiece of a chipset that many will enjoy for quite some time coming. It’s said to be coming with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in tow, and Sony’s user interface will look to sit on top and enjoy the ride.

We shouldn’t be heading too far into the Spring months before seeing the Sony Xperia Z take the world by storm, but we won’t know for sure until Sony unleashes the official details upon us at CES next week.

[SonyXP via GSMArena]

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  1. Such a pretty phone…:-)

  2. Definitely on the short list to replace my original GNote i717. Three questions: 1) Does it have a removable battery, 2) does it support AT&T LTE, and 3) does it have a SDcard slot?

    1. 1. 90% Sure It won’t have removable battery
      2. Snapdragon S4 Pro supports LTE so it should have LTE unless they disable it just like Google did with the Nexus 4
      3. Not sure to be honest, I think it will have SD card slot, but again, not sure.

    2. if it’s anything like the last couple sony releases for usa then there’s a high chance it’ll be at least on at&t’s network. but if sony wants to take on the big guys, they would launch this on multiple carriers simultaneously.

  3. I’m rooting for Sony here. They seem to be one of the only OEMs that can challenge Samsung. More competition is always a good thing.

  4. I have a nexus 4, I’ll pass this one.

    1. Would’ve loved the Xperia Nexus, but alas LG still did good.

  5. ZL > Z

    1. Do we know the difference? I know looks-wise, the ZL’s tiny bezels looks a lot sexier..

  6. I want the ZL… Please android Gods let it have decent storage space and a removable battery. With the recent debacle with my Galaxy Nexus and its failed charging port, I would have been screwed had it not had a removable battery.

  7. I used to eat Hungry-Man microwaveable meals………and then I got fat.

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