5.5 inch LG Optimus G2 coming to CES? [VIDEO]


We’ve heard about a lot of great new devices making their way to CES next week, but things have been a bit quiet from LG’s camp. That was, of course, until DigiTimes claims to have word that LG will launch a 5.5 inch superphone at the global trade show. The company is said to be launching a follow-up to the LG Optimus G.

Simply dubbed “LG Optimus G2,” this new device looks to challenge Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 even more with its 5.5-inch HD display (no word on resolution) and a quad-core Qualcomm S4 Prime processor. LG definitely seems to be prepping for a big unveil as it has launched a teaser video showing quick close-ups of a device that was too obscured to make out. Well… like all devices in the past 5 years it seems to be rectangular, but that’s all that we can tell about it for sure.

The :20 mark of the video above shows the mystery device sitting on a showcase tower, and some have reason to believe that the space beneath it is holding up a possible tablet dock ala the ASUS Padfone 2. That’s just pure speculation, though, so don’t read too deeply into that right now. Just know that LG will be looking to steal the show in Vegas next week, and they could be walking away with some nice “best of” honors if other smartphone OEM players don’t show up with anything compelling.

Phandroid is headed to CES, of course, and you can bet LG will be one of our first stops to bring you a first hand look at everything the South Korean electronics manufacturer has to offer. Be sure to stick around all throughout CES week for the goods. PS: LG, I totally forgive you for this teaser that looks like it was inspired from 1980s flea market commercials.

[via DigiTimesp]

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  1. Is the Prime SoCo the same as the Pro?

    1. I believe it’s a step up. Little higher clock speed or something.

  2. At the 20 second mark it looks like a clothes washer with a touch interface…

    1. What if the G2 Clothes Washer IS their new device? O_o

      1. “Now you can wash your clothes, AND tweet your friends on the go!”

        1. RT @Chrischavez: Oh em gee! My whites are so white! My colors so bright!

  3. This is whats wrong with buying phones from companies that don’t have real flagship phones released on a yearly basis. The Optimus G has only been on the market for two months and already its predecessor is coming out.

    1. But does that somehow turn the previous model in a lump of coal?

      Android moves fast. It’s not for the faint of heart :p

      1. I agree that the LG Optimus G will be a very powerful device for a good amount of time but if I had bought sat down $200 for the Optimus G and its predecessor came out 2 months later, I wouldn’t be happy. That would be like Samsung releasing the Galaxy S4 two months after the S3 came out or Apple releasing the next-gen iPhone late last month.

        1. You aren’t taking into account the size difference between the G and G2. I don’t think it’s going to be introduced as a successor, but as a Note like product.

        2. still no reason to get mad IMO, no one forced anyone to buy a new phone. You can enjoy a device now or wait with the rest of us.

          Personally my only surprise would to be actually wanting something outside the next galaxy or note.

        3. So I bought a car and the next year they released a newer version! I’m so mad!

          That’s what it reads like to me. If you wait to buy the latest and greatest, there’s always something bigger, better, faster around the corner.

          And here’s the customary #firstworldproblems hashtag.

  4. Upon first glance prime appears to be wrong… spec list on qualcomm site says no modem in the prime. Weird.

  5. The :20 mark is definitely just one of lg’s smart appliances they are supposed to be bringing to CES. http://www.lgnewsroom.co.kr/contents/13373

    1. Glad I’m not the only one that noticed that lol

  6. Typical lg, always following in Samsung’s shadow.

    1. Typical Samsung, always following in Apple’s shadow. Who cares? The Optimus G blows the S3 away in performance, screen and build quality. Now they are already coming out with a new phone to battle the S4. Even a Samsung fanboy should be excited!

      1. FANBOY FIGHT!!!!!

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