Corning announces Gorilla Glass 3 to be demoed at CES 2013


CES is coming just around the bend and we’re already seeing a flood of announcements from companies not wanting to get lost in mayhem that is Las Vegas. When it comes to smartphone protection, Corning is already sending out press releases for their next iteration of Gorilla Glass, the aptly titled Gorilla Glass 3.

Last year, Corning showed off Gorilla Glass 2 on the show room floor, promising displays 20% thinner, while providing the same level of protection as their initial offering. With Gorilla Glass 3, Corning is promising a glass material even tougher than before (that’s not saying too much). We’re sure to see demos of knives going at smartphone screens with extreme prejudice. Course, as we all know — you can’t intentionally scratch smartphone glass, it only happens when you’re not looking.

Want to convince me your glass is durable? Place it inside my girl friend’s purse for 1 day and watch it come out looking like an ice rink after a hockey game gone into overtime. Women. Amirite, guys?

Chris Chavez
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  1. “promising displays 20% thinner, while providing the same level of protection as their initial offering”
    That turned out to be FALSE, by the way. GG2 may be scratch resistant, but it shatters much more easily than the original Gorilla Glass. Hopefully GG3 will handle shocks better.

    1. It all depends on the phone- both the s3 and iPhone 5 uses gg2, but due to the plasticky body of the s3 and excessive removable parts, it ended up cracking and falling apart. While the iPhone 5 due to its mainly metal body only recieved at the maximum a tiny dent to the edges and scratches to the body, the glass and screen however was fine.

      1. The Gorilla Glass website does not list any iPhone having GG. Android and Windows phones have them –

        1. Apple doesn’t announce that their parts or services come from third-party manufacturers. Also it states that some companies aren’t listed on the list. Apple never announced that they used GG on the first iPhone, but they did and it’s because of Apple that GG is being used to today on 95% of mobile products.

        2. Have you ever seen apple advertise their part manufacturers? No, exactly because Apple wants to take all the glory for itself. It’s up to ifixit or others to dissect the phone and find who made the parts. Also you can’t and won’t engrave on the screen that it was Corning gorilla glass.

  2. I won’t let my girlfriend touch my phone!

  3. I need something that is REALLY scratch proof. Hope this is it.

  4. who cares about thinness? just make it more durable. I don’t care if it’s 40% thicker. it’s not like anyone would notice.
    glass 0.2mm thinner.
    case adds 2.5mm or more.

  5. Have used Gorilla Glass 1 on my LG Optimus 2X for nearly 2 years.
    It was in my pockets or in my backpack every day, I have never used any pouch or any screen protector and yet have absolutely 0 scratches.

    +1 For Cornings Gorilla Glass!

    1. Gorilla Glass 2, sadly, is a bit of a different story…

  6. You are oh so right.

  7. “Want to convince me your glass is durable? Place it inside my girl friend’s purse for 1 day and watch it come out looking like a ice rink after a long hockey game. Women.”

    Damn near pissed myself when I read that I laughed so hard. +10

  8. I’ve had my phone for a year and have not placed a screen protector on it, just a simple TPU case. Epic 4G Touch. Is that Gorilla Glass 1? Anyways, all I have are smudges. LoL!! So I have my faith in this company. I believe their products are good.

    I don’t lyk screen protectors. They take away the gleam from the screen of the phone, or sometimes they get all sticky and it becomes painful to swipe. =.S

  9. I have something better then Gorilla Glass 4. It’s called a screen protector

  10. I feel like the rivets on my jeans scratches screens. It happened to my N7. I don’t see how knives test screen toughness. Its something that’s rough, and blunt that seems to scratch them.

  11. Lets see them slide the face of the phone over a surface with sand on it. Or make it shatter resistant. Until then they can stop coming out with new revisions to the same stuff.

  12. I will never let a women hold on to my phone for longer than a couple of minutes, sorry.

  13. i thinks gorilla glass 2 its pretty week compared to the GG1, just look at the galaxy s2/s3 drop test

  14. If they do a sand test for this one, then I’ll be a believer!

  15. Damn right, my wife’s GS3 is scratched to all hell from being tossed into her purse despite me telling her several times not to do that.

  16. Hand my Nexus S 4G for 2 years, dropped it more time than I can count on cement with no protection and there isn’t 1 scratch on the glass. Don’t know of it was GG or not, but it’s great, could also have something to do with how they made that screen curved.

  17. My gorilla glass in my Atrix 4G serve me well for 2 yrs. Time to move on to OLED.SCREENS

  18. I’ll be impressed once they bring an actual gorilla to the demo, and have the gorilla fail at breaking it

  19. Nexus One: Gorilla Glass 1, two years old, not a scratch.
    Nexus 4: Gorilla Glass 2, one month old, already scratched.

  20. Sapphire Glass. A sapphire glass is a watch crystal that is made of a piece of artificial sapphire. Having a hardness of 9 mohs, it is extremely hard and scratch resistant and can only be scratched by a diamond.

    That’s what I want for my Nexus 4 II. Oh and 64GB… and under $200. :-P

  21. Youre bloody rite mate!

  22. Until GG is mineral scratch resistant, it will only be an excuse to inflate a device price.

  23. If there 3rd iteration is anything like there 2nd, I wont be impressed. My Galaxy S3 scratches atleast 5x easier than my original Galaxy S1

  24. What is thing called ‘hockey’… I seem to recall hearing something about that before >.<

  25. I feel like GG2 S3 seems less scratch resistant then the original GG. My original samsung phone was in pristine shape but my S3 already has scratches on the glass and I’m not doing anything different.

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