Jan 3rd, 2013

CES is coming just around the bend and we’re already seeing a flood of announcements from companies not wanting to get lost in mayhem that is Las Vegas. When it comes to smartphone protection, Corning is already sending out press releases for their next iteration of Gorilla Glass, the aptly titled Gorilla Glass 3.

Last year, Corning showed off Gorilla Glass 2 on the show room floor, promising displays 20% thinner, while providing the same level of protection as their initial offering. With Gorilla Glass 3, Corning is promising a glass material even tougher than before (that’s not saying too much). We’re sure to see demos of knives going at smartphone screens with extreme prejudice. Course, as we all know — you can’t intentionally scratch smartphone glass, it only happens when you’re not looking.

Want to convince me your glass is durable? Place it inside my girl friend’s purse for 1 day and watch it come out looking like an ice rink after a hockey game gone into overtime. Women. Amirite, guys?

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