Jan 3rd, 2013

Facebook Messenger is receiving a sizeable update this evening, introducing thumb-happy texters into the world of real voice messaging (that thing you used to use a phone for). Now, jumping into the application and pressing on the “+” icon will pull up the usual set of messaging attachments with “Record Voice” being the newest option. The recipient can then listen to the recorded message at their leisure (this isn’t push-to-talk).

While some would likely speculate this is Facebook challenging apps like Voxer I must say, sound quality isn’t anywhere near the clarity of Voxer. Facebook Messenger voice messages sound like your typical cellular gibberish. Pity. Still, there’s no beating it if you’ve got your hands full and need to quickly respond to a Facebook buddy.

There’s also talk that Facebook is dabbling in VoIP capabilities for Facebookers in Canada, allowing users to place calls using their phone’s data connection as opposed to cellular voice minutes. Neato. Expect it to arrive stateside in the near future.

[Facebook Messenger on Google Play | via TechCrunch]