Jan 2nd, 2013

Smartphones and tablets were some of if not the most popular gifts for giving this holiday season. Perhaps you received one or used that holiday bonus to treat yo’ self, and if you did you can count yourself among the over 50 million who activated an Android or iOS device in the final week of December. About 17 million were activated on Christmas Day alone.

And all those devices are worthless without apps, or that’s what the numbers dictate. You all downloaded 1.76 billion applications and games during the same time period, according to Flurry, who ran the analytics. The numbers are up from last year’s holiday season when we saw 20 million activations and 1.2 billion app downloads. Things only look to move up in 2013. Early forecasts see app downloads breaking the 2 billion mark for the same week this year.

Flurry did not provide a breakdown of how many devices for each platform were activated. It likely wasn’t a pure 50/50 split. Who out there counts themselves among the 50 million plus owners of a shiny new mobile device?

[via BGR]