Street Fighter 4 drops LG exclusivity, now available for Android devices in Japan


After finding itself as an LG exclusive for almost a year now, the fighting game classic Street Fighter 4 is now finally available for download in the Google Play Store for a handful of other devices. The only problem is most of these devices are unique to Japan where the game is only available (for now). At $3.48 cents by current exchange rates, this is about as close as you’re going to get to having a true Street Fighter 4 experience on your mobile device.

According to Droid Gamers (which has an awesome new redesigned site), the Japanese Street Fighter 4 for Android also has an English option which gives us hope that it’ll be arriving stateside in the near future. The game currently weights in at hefty 1.3GB, so you might wanna start clearing out some old apps in the meantime. We’ll keep you updated.

[Street Fighter IV on Google Play]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Always did have a thing for Chun Li

    1. Chun Li was my first character that I ever played in Street Fighter II and I am the Chun Li Champion…I fell in love with her when I saw her upside-down kick aka helicopter kick plow through Ryu’s Hurricane Kick and then her Thousand Leg Kick destroy Ryu :)

      1. I find it on Pirate Bay

  2. I would pay for this game…why cant I have it?

  3. I want a body like RYU

    1. Don’t we all

      1. @f4d562890bad33bc3407ba9796104e42:disqus @Acura4:disqus
        I want hair like Guile’s.. O_o

        1. Shit…I want hair like Chris Chavez ;)

        2. Chris you had me going there. I was searching through the play store only to find SF guides and wallpapers… lol

  4. I cant imagine trying to play a fighting game like his without physical buttons to feel. It’s either dumbed down or some of the moves are just entirely impossible to perform.

    Though I haven’t played Street Fighter 4 so for all I know they dumbed it down to begin with.

  5. yeah i cant see playing high precision control type games on a phone.

    1. There are plenty of 3rd party peripheral options now. They’d work perfect for a game like this :)

    2. someones been living in a cave lol, just hook up your ps3 wii or xbox controller!

      edit: or moga.. which I find subpar in quality and size. the analog on that thing is really disappointing as well. why anyone would get that over a ps3 controller idk lol.

      1. Portability. The analog sticks do suck on the Moga but they’re not bad once you get used to it. Sure it’s nothing compared to my Xbox controller but how do I fit that or a Ps3 controller in my pocket?

    3. Yeah i forgot that you can do that with these high end android phones. Got my first luxury phone in the S3 yesterday.

  6. I used the market enabler app and bought it on a us t-mobioe galaxy note 2. Works great! And yes you do need root access.

    1. Damn, you root! >.<

    2. Or just find the apk and download for people without root works on Note2 Nexus7 Asus tf 300

      1. But that would be piracy ;)

    3. If one were to buy it right now, then it came to the US, would you have to re-buy it? Hmm…

      1. After I changed my play store back to the English version, it still lets me update it now that I purchased it. So if they publish updates in the future its no big deal.

  7. Winning!!!

  8. had it on my gnex since last night sweet game

  9. I didn’t need root access on the galaxy nexus all works great

  10. Hmm, the game suddenly became available to all countries just a while ago

  11. Not availible in sweden or maybe because of my phone.. ? But anyway, downloaded it from ;)

  12. All them 1-stars. Unh unh…

  13. pretty sweet. Ill probably get the apk first then buy it if it comes out in the states

  14. does pirate bay version work on nexus 7? version I got wont load data files after intro.
    does torrent come with data files. mine was from muziwan.

    1. Seriously dude?

  15. yes seriously does anyone know the answer? thats why I asked.

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