Samsung Galaxy Note 2 shows up in new color options (for real this time)


It was last Friday we saw what appeared to be the Galaxy Note in a brand new color option: black. Many of you were pretty jazzed at the idea, myself included. Unfortunately, the blacked out Galaxy Note 2 was nothing more than a concept, although that’s not to say a black version will launch at some point down the road (if fact, we’re kinda betting on it). It’s definitely not uncommon for a handset manufacturer to release new color variants after its initial launch. Gives the device another opportunity to create some new buzz.

Today the Note 2 is back again and yes, in new color options. This time around, we have something a little more official than a render — a magazine ad from Korea. The ad shows the Note 2 in “Garnet Red” and “Amer Brown,” just like its Galaxy S3 sibling. While there’s no guarantee we’ll see the new color options launch outside of Korea (remember the pink Note?), it’s safe to say that they’ll come to the US eventually, especially given the fact the same colors launched here on the S3 a few months ago.

What do you guys think? Out of grey, white, red, and brown — which is your favorite?

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. I’d tap the Garnet Red one with an S-Pen…

    Of course, I do love my white Note 2.

  2. Black.

  3. “Out of blue, white, red, and brown — which is your favorite?”


    1. Remember the apple design patent for a black rectangle with round corners?

      I guess that Samsung found a workaround using a different color and cannot get sued for that s… patent if they don’t use black…

  4. Where’s the black?
    by the way… looks nice both.

  5. Shouldn’t it be gray, white, red or brown?

  6. again, why? as if i would drop my white n2 just to change the color. they needed to release these colors at launch date.

    1. I think it’s for more options for people about to switch. I can’t imagine anybody would buy another one just for color. But then again, i’m not a fan of flushing my wallet down the toilet.

    2. Maybe its for the people who haven’t bought one yet? Not everybody buys their phone at launch.

      1. lol, of course it is. it was sarcasm in my post. that’s why I said they need to release these colors at launch. even i was 2 weeks later getting the Verizon N2, so I’d fall under the people that didn’t get it at launch. it just doesn’t make sense to launch other colors later. it pisses a lot of people off that maybe wanted in black or some other color. I’m perfectly happy with white, though I may have considered blue had it been available.

        1. I doubt they intentionally waited to make new colors though. It was probably an idea somewhere down the line. Like when it was clear that the Note 2 was a hot item. I know a lot of people were skeptical about the device’s success. Most believed it would only appeal to a small niche. But hey the more the merrier. I just find it kinda stupid that they barely missed Christmas…

  7. There is no blue one. It only comes in Titanium Gray, and Marble White.

  8. Still waiting for the 32Gb and 64Gb in ANY colour!

    1. Drop a 64GB micro SD in there?

      1. Still cant move apps to SD though .. 64GB SD is pointless.

        1. Root and Install App2SD my friend…

          1. That won’t work either. The internal storage is the only solution.I already have a 64GB card but it is only any use for media and backups – not for apps.

          2. Yaaay … lemme void my warranty to access a feature that should be standard .. Pass

          3. I smell a troll

          4. Your warranty isn’t void when you flash it back to stock and take it in. As long as you don’t fuck up they’ll never know.

          5. No really ?? Jeez yall are so smart. I ddnt already no I could do that. But there are instances where flashing back to stock isnt possible

        2. So by your logic SD cards are only used for apps and not multimedia, etc?

          1. I smell a close minded troll

        3. wait for Cyanogenmod. the G2X was the same way. after I installed Cyanogenmod, it would finally put large games like GTA 3 on the SD which was amazing cuz those games eat up storage like crazy.

        4. Not sure why you think it’s pointless. I moved all my big games to my 64 msd. Games like Nova 3, NFS MW are all in my external giving me over 7 gigs internally for the minor stuff. Try searching for directory bind in XDA, very easy to use and works great and it’s free.

        5. Pointless? Maybe for you but others, like myself, like to watch movies, listen to music, take/save pictures and videos with their phones, etc. This all adds up to a lot of storage space, hence the 64GB memory card.

    2. Same here. If these came in 32 or 64 I’d get them even if I’m not that into the colors. I want 64 built in plus a 64GB card as well.

  9. I’ll probably still get the grey one unless I find a good deal on the white.

  10. I want this phone.
    Alas, My Bionic will have to hold up for another year, but imagine what’ll be out by then, huh?

  11. This has nothing to do with anything but I hope Samsung changes its screen technology and its plasticky design, that isall

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