ZTE Grand S unveiled ahead of CES with head-turning design, 5-inch 1080p display, Quad-core S4 CPU, 13MP camera


Back in 2011, 4.3-inch 800×480 displays were all the rage, and moving into 2012, we saw most high-end devices launch with 4.7-inch 720p displays. Now, as we enter into 2013, we’ve seen enough new device leaks to suggest the “high-end” industry standard will settle around the 5-inch 1080p mark, with the HTC Droid DNA first out the gate.

Recently, there’s been some buzz around ZTE and their plans to unveil an all new high-end device at CES 2013. I know what many of you are thinking, “It’s ZTE. Do they ever offer anything intriguing?” Well, after the company publicly stated their plans to make ZTE a household in other parts of the world (like the US), it looks like the ZTE Grand S could very well be the device to put them on the map.

Not to be confused with the recently leaked mid-range ZTE Grand X for T-Mobile, the ZTE Grand S finds itself as the Chinese manufacturer’s latest flagship, featuring the soon-to-be-common 5-inch, 1080p full HD display. Still very usable with a single hand, a 5-inch Android should be still provide for single hand usage, making it more of a handset than a “phablet.” What makes the ZTE Grand S really shine is its uber slim 6.9mm thin chassis, rumored to be constructed out of a type of ceramic material. Besides a nice display and thin profile, the Grand S features one of the most gorgeous smartphone designs I’ve seen in quite sometime. Minimal and sleek, no one would dare confuse this for an iPhone (or even Galaxy) knockoff. A trend we’ve been seeing all too frequently in Android.

Other specs include a quad-core Qualcomm S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM, 13MP camera, micro SD slot and 2,500mAh battery. If ZTE is trying to create a “household name” for themselves here in the US — this just might be the device to do it. Price tag for the Grand S is rumored at $450 (after exchange rates). We’ll have more once the device is unveiled at CES in January, at which we’ll be on hand, bringing you the latest. Color me impressed, folks.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Its times like this where I wish I wasn’t on a CDMA network.

    1. I made that move back to GSM .. no regrets !!

      1. Thinking seriously about doing this in 2013.

        1. Dont think .. DO IT !!

          1. Would immediately if I wasn’t on contract. Would have to have the wife take my line via Google Voice and kill hers which isn’t on contract anymore and then buy a Nexus 4 when possible. I know for sure when this contract is up I’m done with CDMA.

        2. It’s amazing how many times I’ve heard this (and felt this way myself). Makes me wonder if VZW will be taking a major hit over the next year or two.

  2. I am half tempted to give it a whirl actually.
    The only thing I don’t like about this device so far is that humpback around the camera.

    The next question is going to be how well they will support this device…..

    1. I love camera humps. It just makes it seem there some sweet tech under there

  3. Definitely a more affordable option for a flagship-spec’d phone if one were to purchase a flagship-quality phone outright.Perfect for STRAIGHTTALK,SIMPLE MOBILE,etc…….

    I could even overlook the embedded battery if it’d make it through a normal workday w/o recharging.Would be better if MOPHIE-STYLE battery cases were available for this.

  4. Damn, ZTE. All I can say is DAMN!

  5. Didn’t the US Government warn us not to buy ZTE products? Because they have built-in tracking?

    1. I think it was Huawei (sp), and they were just late with the obligatory bribe payoff is all. :)

      1. Looks like it was both of these companies:

      2. actually there is validity to the claims. Try educating yourself on occasion instead of blindly posting.

        1. Mr. Serious is back for more trollin’

        2. Most of the reasons are for economic reasons, nothing has been found concerning snooping on users via phones.

    2. i know, apple, htc, motorola will never do that noooo.

      1. :D

    3. How can you believe anything the US government says? Look at who is running that nut house.

    4. Complete FUD

      1. Maybe. But I will remain cautious, after all, these devices are DESIGNED in China. Usually, anything DESIGNED in China, has a 2 month life.


    1. It does have a 2500 mAh battery so it’s not really skimping to go skinny.

      1. And imagine how much more battery life could’ve been squeezed into an only slighter-thicker-but-still-thin phone.

        1. True. I want my next phone to be 3000+. I wish the razr hd maxx would have been released on all carriers :(

          1. It should have been. The Razr should be Motorola’s Galaxy. It should be available on all carriers unchanged. That’s what made the original Razr so successful.

          2. Definately need the razr maxx on GSM carrier’s. even if it wasn’t on a carrier, I think lots of people would pick one up at full retail. No razr maxx is the only GSM downside.

        2. Yes, the RAZR MAXX took away everyone else’s excuses for lame batteries.

    2. it’s a shame you chose to speak azn anime instead of english, especially at your age. You may be taken more seriously.

      1. Who says I want to be taken srsly with every comment, Mr. Serious?

  7. Just needs LTE.

      1. Clearly you’ve never used AT&T service in California

        1. Just moved back to SoCal.. have had my Rezound in a non-LTE area since February… if you are currently experiencing a slow down — my bad. Flogging the hell out of my phone and unlimited data plan. Jeeez this thing FLIES!

  8. that is one beautiful piece of hardware, damn is out of tmobile site, tmobile only likes mid range phones!!.

    1. Well once T-Mobile has refarming nationwide done there’s nothing stopping you from buying one of these guys unlocked for use on their HSPA+42 network. That’s what they’re value plans are for there’s no upgrade subsidy built into the plan so it makes economic sense to pay full retail for devices. $450 for this kind of hardware is a STEAL.

  9. If I had to be picky, I do wish the battery was 3000or 3000+. I’m curious to know how good the camera quality is when recording and taking pictures.

    1. Don’t believe the hype with 13MP sensors. The LG Optimus G on AT&T and Sprint had no discernible difference between the 2.

  10. I’d be surprised to ever see this in the US

    1. We have a few ZTE devices that launch here. If they’re making the US a bigger priority in 2013 — like they said they would — I’d expect this to make it stateside as well. At the very least Europe (which can still be imported).

  11. Pretty nice looking!

  12. Wonder how the camera is on this phone?

  13. If it’s not stock Android it doesn’t matter.

  14. Motorola and Google’s X phone should be something like this. Ceramic construction, 5″ 1080p edge to edge display, great camera, on screen buttons, quad core S4, the battery in the MAXX, stock Android, and availability on all carriers with LTE.

  15. Like I said on Twitter, I predict ZTE will the be new(old) HTC.

    1. I’m ok with this – as long as they do not emulate HTC’s battery decisions >.<

  16. Finally a quad core, 5inch 1080i with expandable SD! My next phone has to meet these minimum requirements and this is the first pre-announced phone to do so.

  17. Didn’t think this phone was gonna come to the U.S. but it will arrive on T-Mobile.

    1. T-Mobile? How do you know this?

      1. It’s already been announced. I’m sure you can Google it and find it rather easily. I read a couple of articles with the announcement.

  18. htc

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