Dec 27th, 2012

Released for the Nintendo DS back in 2006, cult favorite Touch Detective finally makes its way onto Android devices. Released today on the Google Play, the game stars a young detective girl who solves mysterious with her pet fungus and friends. The game plays like a traditional point-n-click adventure that’s both lighthearted and endearing.

That being said, Touch Detective definitely wont be everyone’s cup of tea, not just because of the gameplay but because of it’s Japanese-style (sometimes strange) humor. I’d say definitely give it a go if you’re a fan of the genre, it is free to download after all. Keep in mind the game is broken up in to chapters, of which only the first is free to play. After that, you can unlock additional chapters (3 total) via in-app purchases of $4 each, or snag a deal by downloading ’em all at once for $9. Hey, this was a $35 Nintendo DS game back in the day. You can download the first chapter of Touch Detective after the video below.

[Touch Detective on Google Play]

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