Original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX get Android 4.1.2


While Verizon and Motorola blessed the latest members of its DROID RAZR family — those with the HD variants — with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, those who were along for the ride with the original crop of devices were still waiting. The DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX weren’t far behind, though, and the time has finally come for those guys to get their chewy, jelly-filled goodness.

Rollouts started in the latter part of Christmas day so think of it as a gift, of sorts. Well, with how long it took to deliver we’re not sure many of you will see it that way. Regardless, most folks are still without Jelly Bean on even newer handsets so we’d say there’s a lot to be thankful for here.

Google Now, expandable notifications, Project Butter and more will come as standard features of Jelly Bean, but you might notice a slightly tweaked user experience on top of that. Motorola has made great strides in making its user interface lightweight, useful and easy on the eyes so it’s something you’ll want to check out as soon as possible.

The upgrade is going out over-the-air so you’ll want to hit the settings menu to see if your new treats are ready to be consumed. We’re hearing the updates are rather large, though, so make sure you’re on WiFi and have an adequately charged battery before allowing your phone to drink from the fountain of smartphone youth.

[Update]: it looks like the update has been pulled. We’re not sure if someone got a bit too happy on the eggnog at the Verizon Christmas party or if a last minute rollout bug forced their hand, but for now the upgrade has been taken offline. We’re on the lookout for word regarding its return.

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  1. Wow this is late they pulled the upgrade it stopped for me half way saying it failed then told me my phone is up to date

  2. I thought other sites confirmed that this info was incorrect ?

    1. Yup they pulled back the update

  3. Ditto here. Update. Canceled. Now up to date.

  4. The update was pulled from the servers almost 48 hours ago..it is available for download on XDA though. What’s interesting is its Android 4.1.2 while the Verizon Nexus and RAZR HD are on 4.1.1.

  5. My wife got the notification, but clicked update later. I haven’t been able to get it going since.

  6. Same here! Received notification then failed. Now says up to date.

  7. WTF!
    So this moto thing is now more up to date than my Galaxy Nexus?
    EABOD Verizon.

  8. Phandroid? These people know nothing about what’s going on…so sick of these incorrect reports…and this guy is way late…he still thinks it’s out!

  9. Somewhat confusing when the title reads “Original DROID” gets 4.1.2 :) I was about to resurrect my OG DROID

  10. Is he going to come back & update / correct this article ?

  11. I got it xmas eve and I love it! It’s like a completely different phone in terms of stability…extremely smooth and the voice recognition is out of control good even at a party…it understands every word…thank you even if it was a mistake!

  12. Yes!!! I got it Christmas day its pretty slick nice and smooth to maneuver through

  13. That’s spam, ignore it.

  14. got it christmas eve. very nice.

  15. Here’s another screenshot of the hidden egg

  16. I was using my phone when the update popped up. When I accepted the update, my phone began the process but quickly cancelled the update. Then I manually checked for updates, but it told me there wasn’t one. I was bummed to say the least.

  17. I haven’t received anything yet after they posted this

  18. Im glad they stopped it because alot of people are having problems or the update totally bricked their phones

  19. Also, if this is not the final version, which i hope is the case, how will we get it? Will it come through automatically like the 4.1.2 update did with a message to download? I’m anxious to see if they fix some of the stuff that’s irritating me and I’m sure others. Anyone care to speculate on when we could expect some modifications?

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