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Merry Christmas, Phandroids! Hopefully you were good this year and Santa brought you everything you asked for. Those of you that were really good, you may have even received a shiny new Android device under your tree. Chances are, you’re going to want to keep it shiny and blemish-free, and there’s no better way to do that than with a protective case. Good thing Cruzerlite is here to make sure your device is protected in style and it doesn’t matter if yours is a Christmas newborn, or if it has a few months under its belt.

With so many Android options out there, it wouldn’t be much of a giveaway if we committed to a single device. Thankfully, Cruzerlite was nice enough to accommodate, giving us 10 coupon codes to giveaway to our readers for use on whichever case they’d like. Nexus 4? You’re covered. Galaxy S3? You’re good too. Two-handed Galaxy Note 2? Come on down.

To enter, it’s easy. Simply leave us a comment down below with how you and your family spent the holidays and we’ll pick 10 random participants sending them a coupon code for $10-off the Cruzerlite case of their choice from their Amazon storefront (it’s essentially like a $10 giftcard). Just make sure your Disqus account is registered with some kind of email address (so that we can easily contact you). Contest cuts off at 12AM PT tonight. Merry Christmas everyone and have a fantastic rest of your holiday! Here’s to many more.

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Ate lots of food and danced with the fam.. :)

  2. I made Android ice cubes for drinks and hung out with extended family.

  3. Spent time eating, watching movies, and playing on the Wii U with the family. Good times

  4. I went to my uncles and got a note 2 :D

  5. My sister and her family came to visit, and we got together to eat, and visited the new Museum of Mathematics with her kids.

  6. stuff ourselves with food and some catching up talks..

  7. It was a day for putting/setting up toys and playing with them with my 3 children. Then I finally got to play with my toy,nexus 4. Awesome!

  8. Tinkered with our shiney new Android devices! Happy Holidays!

  9. Watching basketball

  10. My nieces taught me how to Snapchat, I had my first Twitter war with my brother in law (while he was sitting across the room) and just had a blast with the wife and 3 kids, my parents and my brother’s and sisters’ families.

  11. Stayed at home and opened gifts on a rainy day. Of course Android was there in the form of phones and tablets!

  12. Visit friends and family

  13. My mom decided she didn’t want us to cook, so she told us kids that we all have to make something. We didn’t really think and we ended up making enough of our food for a whole meal. So, we had 4 full meals and 2 full size desserts. I feel like I am going to die. Eggrolls, Lamb & Hamburgers. Tacos. Lasagna Soup. Oreo cake. Chocolate cookie bars. God. Kill me.

  14. Good food and a movie marathon on USA network. More Indiana Jones than I can stand.

    1. Is it even possible to have too much Indiana Jones? Well, maybe if they showed Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls…excuse me while I go throw up in my mouth a little cause that movie sucked!

  15. I had the typical Jewish Christmas….movie and Chinese food

  16. We have a new kid, so we just spent time with him, he’s just started playing with toys so we just kept him company.

  17. Went to my brother’s, ate way too much food, then had my back brakes lock up on me for my 2 hour ride home….

  18. Went crabbing with friends in the rain

  19. I flew to New Mexico, so I could spend it eating all of my Mom’s and Grandma’s food.

  20. I was with my family at home but sucks cause I had to work yesterday and today from 10pm-7am so I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas at work :-(

  21. I went to my family’s house early and ended up going to work later on that day. Smh

  22. We had dinner with the family and had a screaming match on how best to apply a screen protector for my Nexus 4.

  23. Xmas was a blast!!! I picked up all of my kids from their moms the night before. We woke up bright and early at 6am, opened gifts. Played video games then I cooked a huge Xmas dinner. Ribs. Mac and cheese. Candy yams. Corn bread. And collard greens. Now we are all sitting here in a food coma watching a movie. #goodtimes

  24. Got a note 2! Now I need to keep is shiny!

  25. We traveled in a 20 mile radius to see all our family and we spread the android love!

  26. Pretty much like every Christmas….the movies (Les Miserabiles this year) and Chinese food (Wynnewood’s great Sang Kee Duck House).

  27. Spent all day christmas eve and christmas day with my son getting to know every bit of our new galaxy
    S3 .. And have not yet purchased a case to protect our new investment.

  28. Christmas Story on the TV & hours of building new Lego sets with my son

  29. My family Christmas was last night. Christmas morning was with the wife and the kids. My wife’s family was this afternoon. Just got back home…a lot of driving….but worth it to spoil all of my nieces and nephews. Merry Christmas everybody!

  30. Drove all over the Chicagoland area…and I get to travel to NW Indiana tomorrow to visit my mom!


      1. I was thinking creepy or TMI…but damn, dude sounds good ;)

    1. .

      1. This is what they think, they’ll pull that nice thing over Facebook, but the minute you go anywhere they are, this is what I hear. Oh you still working at that factory, oh still driving that car. I thought you were going to find a better job. And that’s it, no one will speak another word to me other then Bye!! I guess they think because I work at a factory im an idiot. They won’t come to any of my kids thing’s. And I have not done anything to any of them Ever!!!

    2. I’ll be your friend

  32. Spent the day reading with my family.

  33. Hung out with my family from Idaho & my grandma who came to visit from Mexico, and ate a crap load of the tamales she made. Chugged booze & watched Premium Rush, pretty good movie.

  34. Had the family over for the big day and we stuffed ourselves with food, played with my beautiful children, and counted our blessings.

  35. Spent all day Christmas with most of the family. My daughter was missing, but she was still here in spirit.

  36. Food coma FTW :-D

  37. Opened presents at home and had subway. Simple but better than making a big thing :-)

  38. I spent the holiday with my family. It was all apple (except my wife and I) at one stop and all android at the other.

  39. Ate food enjoyed spending time with the family and opened presents

  40. Eating to the point of food coma for 48 hours.

  41. Hung out with family and watched movies most of the day.

  42. Enjoying spending time with the family, including going to my dad’s. I don’t see him enough and resolve to see and call him more often. Got my two daughters, one son and my (one) wife phone covers for their devices, but not one for me. Winning this contest would guarantee that I’d be a new case for my Galaxy S3! (Forgot to say before my edit), Merry Christmas everyone!

  43. Watched some basketball and ate alot

  44. Christmas for me was spent teaching my daughter how to use her new cell safely, responsibly, and how to protect it. And promising to buy her a case or a cover for it… Oops

  45. I spent today teaching the older crowd how to use their new devices.

  46. Spent the day playing with all the news toys Santa delivered to my two boys…

  47. Just chillin w/ the family. Having flashbacks to getting my Nintendo back in 1986 for Christmas as I’m playing the orginal Super Mario Bros. w/ my daughter on her Nintendo 3DS she got for Christmas today. Very cool.

  48. Had a 3 hour long Chinese Christmas with a twist.

  49. Christmas cookies and Bourne legacy

  50. We spent the day setting up our new cell phones!

  51. Spent it watching Christmas movies.

  52. Can I have one? PLEEEEASE :-D

  53. We spent ours sick. 3 sick kids and a sick wife all with the stomach flu. Yeah lots of fun.

  54. Spend the holiday with my parents with a great dinner and family hangout in the city ;)

    can spare me a nexus 4 case? ^^

  55. Case pls
    Also, after two Christmases I am crashing with my dog. Exhausted.

  56. Woke up to presents under the tree with the kids, went to visit with extended family and pig out.

  57. spent it with friends eating and eating.

  58. Spent all day with family enjoying the Christmas holiday…

  59. we spent the day eating, chatting and playing games. Great times are always had when with the family

  60. I spent my Christmas with my family. We took a ride to Illinois to see my Grandparents, and now we’re all together watching tv and planning our late Christmas donner. Good time!

  61. I spent Christmas at 5 places in 5 days. And haf a great Christmas with my 15 month old. Never seen so much Minnie Mouse and princesses. Could use a manly Note 2 case.

  62. I spent my my Christmas with family and watching my 3 year old play with his shiny new nexus 7. yup, my son is already a phandroid and knows to stay away from Apple

  63. lots of turkey and extended family. New Nex 7 waiting under the tree!!!

  64. Made a lot of memories this Christmas. The best was probably my 5 yr old daughter asking if she could set up a hot chocolate stand to raise money for a family we were trying to help for Christmas. She did it, in 20F weather no less. Pretty inspiring what these young children think about. We have a lot to learn from our children. Something none of us will ever forget.

    On a less important “note”…my 2-handed device could use a little protection =)

  65. merry christmas

  66. in the military and far from home. my wife and i decided to have our first family Christmas with our only son and not go home this year. we invited friends to join us since no family is around. great Christmas though. no regrets :-)

  67. I read my kids the night before Christmas on my Nexus 7 last night, taking holidays to the 21st century!

  68. Luckily my grandpa came up from Arkansas to Connecticut to spend the holidays. I barely have seen him in the past few years so it’s a real treat that he’s here. We’ve been eating a lot, going to the city, eating more, going to restaurants. It’s been great so far

  69. I spent Christmas setting up Android phones for the family :-)

  70. Spent the holidays eating at home :)
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all

  71. christmas eve i just waiting for netfilx to work

  72. Happy xmiss!

  73. I hope that I win! I need a case for my new Galaxy Nexus!

  74. First christmas abroad 9000 miles away from home (originally from south east asia, right now in california, LA). Not alone though since my best buddy invite me to come over and celebrate together with his family, it was a blast!

    I was wow’ed by the new nexus 4 case design from cruzerlite and if I got this giftcard I’m going to use it to buy the case for my nexus 4, which is an awesome phone and will be more awesome with the case!

  75. I spent the morning at the inlaws isn’t that enough to win. lolz then I worked all day at the airport but family is what it all comes down to it may be a small family but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. apple sucks merry Christmas

  76. We saw the Ringling brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus! Big only half the site my 2 year was got crazy antsy hehe

  77. Thunderstorms here, so it was a chill and enjoy the classics kind of day. Brother is down so it makes it even better. Hope everyone had a good one.

  78. A day filled with stuffed bellies man, followed with chilling with family… I dont think man was made to eat such vast quantities of food multiple times in a 24 hour span. God bless america. hopefully everyone else had a great day.

  79. Spent the past 3 days at the mother in law’s. Yes, she’s still alive.

  80. Got pulled over by a cop for picking up a package from a friend’s house. Apparently I looked really suspicious :p then I did homework :(

  81. Spent it eating good food and laughing together.

  82. Spent Xmas shovelling snow off neighbors driveway. Not fun but necessary.

  83. well I spent the last few days home alone. I had to work so my wife went to her parents by herself. Rented a few movies from redbox to kill time between my work shifts

  84. 3 new android tablets in the house.. My wife was left out but enjoyed the quiet as the rest of us were customizing our new toys

  85. Spent the holiday traveling and visiting family members!

  86. Eating honduran food then american food.

  87. Spent the whole day playing games with the kids.

  88. We had a Mexican fiesta! Christmas enchiladas!

  89. Well… the kiddoes are with mom till tomorrow. So… getting presents ready to travel to grandma’s and texting my son all day about our new HTC One X+’s coming in Friday! Can’t wait.
    So… spent time with WalMart Wireless figuring out what plan I now have to get to be compatible. My son is as excited as I am. My daughter, however, is keeping her ‘retro’ Nokia phone. She’s just funny that way. Looking forward to seeing mom tomorrow!

  90. we just ate dinner with the family and then opened the gifts in a fantastic explosion of wrapping paper :)

  91. We ate jack in the box and watched movies all day. We opened gifts and hung out… it was one of the best christmases ever!!

  92. I spent it with my family watching Home Alone 1 and 2 after a fantastic desi dinner!

  93. With friends, and with my sweet dog, then watched dvd…

  94. Spent the holiday eating and opening presents with the family. Great day.

  95. we are jewish. we opted out of chinese. we had salmon… yum.

  96. Just had a quiet night with family.

  97. I spent it with my family, we opened presents at 6:30AM because that’s when my sister got home from work. Then everyone took a nap while I worked on a new version of an Android app then we ate turkey for supper. Best Christmas Ever.

  98. I spent Christmas like any good Jew does. Movies (Django) and Chinese Food. All 4 of us had a blast.

  99. Quiet xmas with fam. Ate leftovers instead of the ham. Need to stop stressing about getting “perfect” photos…

  100. we spent the day s-beaming each other on our new galaxy devices

  101. I spent christmas with my parents, brothers, niece, uncles, aunties, uncles, and cousins. I ate til I gained pounds and worked it off by playing with my lil cousins. I love Christmas time as you get older its more about giving than anticipating on what you get.

  102. Celebrated Christmas with 3 different families, ate way too much food. Don’t regret it one bit.

  103. Spent it being mean to each other just as any good family does!

  104. Christmas at my girlfriend’s with lots of Italian food (:

  105. Spent the holidays with my family trading tech secrets, unwrapping goodies, snacking over the stove and playing with our android devices (not gonna lie, prolly a few ios devices in there too).

  106. Using the Phandroid app so I’m not sure if my disqus account will be included, but my email should be. I spent the day waiting, wrapping, organizing, eating, opening, cooking, playing xbox with my wife, eating, waiting, and watching Le Miserables. Now time for bed.

  107. ate a delicious dinner, and watched christmas movies!

  108. Spent my day with my family up north. We played video games we haven’t played since we were small, and I noticed a few new s3’s.

  109. Well, I recently got laid off and lost my home. So my wife and two little girls had to go stay with her parents in another state while I searched for a new home. I managed to find a new place and my family was able to make it back on Christmas Eve. So Christmas Day was spent with the three of the them. I didn’t get any gifts but it was the greatest Christmas I ever had just being able to be back with my wife and little girls!! I hope all the staff and readers of Phandroid had a Merry Christmas.

  110. Gimme pwease!

  111. I actually spent time with my family over Google Talk video today. Because I live in North America and ask of my family are in Europe. It was nice to see them all though.

  112. we spent the holidays having a blast.

  113. spent time with the family watching news about the impending winter storm.

  114. Christmas eve I spent with my family playing games and then Christmas was spent with my girlfriend’s family.

  115. Spent it with the family and the girlfriend… for the most part. Most of the time I was busy acting as the dog whisperer for the two male dogs that were harassing the girfriend’s puppy. Every year is an experience worth remembering! Merry Christmas!

  116. We opened presents this morning and had Christmas dinner!!

  117. Spent lotssss of time with a lot of family. Had dinner and presents on Christmas Eve, and lunch and more presents on Christmas day!

  118. Just spent it at home relaxing. Just me, the wife, and the dog.

  119. Spent Christmas evening dodging tornados and awful weather. Not my kind of Christmas watching my hometown get torn up by mother nature. 2nd tornado in 5 days.

  120. Watched A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve while waiting for my dad and brother to come home from work, ate the dinner super late at 11PM. Today, we watched Les Miserables. We don’t open presents until the new years.

  121. I just spent the day with family. Nothing too special.

  122. My family and I ate chocolate chip cookies for lunch, had a huge ham dinner, and watched A Christmas Story together while I wore my Christmas Story shirt that has a picture of Ralphie with a bar of soap in his mouth and the words “ohhhh fudgggeee” on it. Oh, I also helped my little cousin out with her new Coby Android tablet… it already needed a hard reset lol

  123. Well it was a beautiful Christmas. Im a recovering addict and it truly means alot when you can enjoy life and Christmas clean and sober. My girlfriend bought me a beautiful Galaxy Note 2, and I love it. Thank You New Life.

  124. Enjoyed the blessings of a loving family and great food. Watched my wife discover her new Nexus 7 I had hidden in a meatloaf pan. Amazed by my grandchildrens’ energy and delight. Redeemed by the love of my saviour, Jesus.

  125. Spent it just enjoying watching my children open presents and play.

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