Dec 24th, 2012

The Google TV platform continues to struggle, but manufacturers like LG might be able to save it. The Korean manufacturer has just announced a new series of 3D-enabled HDTVs with Google TV integrated, and they are looking good! These come with a new design, more sizes and even more features.

LG’s new Google TV sets will be available in 42, 47, 50, 55 and 60-inch form factors, bringing more options for users that were simply not satisfied with last year’s 47 and 55-inch TVs. They are thinner, the bezel is smaller and even the bases look darn sexy. These will also feature Google TV 3.0, which will sport all the recently announced features (like the new PrimeTime and Voice Search), OnLive compatibility and some other features that will come with LG’s custom Google TV UI.

The last part is actually big news – we haven’t seen custom UIs really expand in the Google TV platform. It could ultimately be good or bad… but with stock Google TV currently not bringing the most polished experience, LG just might be right about making this attempt.

One of the most interesting new additions is the implementation of “cards”. These highly ressemble Google Now’s cards, but they will be much more entertainment-oriented. LG mentions one will be able to see information about TV content, weather and they will even work as folders for Google TV apps.

The idea sure has much potential, but we will have to hold our judgement until the units are showcased at CES 2013, where LG will give us a first-look at two models (GA7900 and GA6400). Hopefully we will learn more about price and availability then, since right now those are anyone’s guess. We will be there to bring you all the news and details, so stay tuned for CES in the coming weeks!

I am definitely getting one of these bad boys, are you?

[via GTV Source]

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