Android Overload: Flickr Pro free for 3 months, ZTE Grand S image, Xperia Z and more


Merry Christmas, guys! We hope your holiday weekend is great, but check out the latest news before you start giving, receiving and celebrating. Android Overload is where we bring you all the news that didn’t make it to our home page but are still worth a read. Here is what we have today:

  • Get 3 months of Flickr Pro for free just by using the app [Flickr]
  • ZTE Grand S images leak, ready for CES [Engadget]
  • Archos 97 Titanium HD announced, pretty much an iPad [ARCHOS]
  • Sony Yuga to be Xperia Z [Xperia Blog]
  • Motorola patent invalidated, may affect German iCloud ban [Electronista]
  • Nook HD+ Gets Alternate Root Method, Gapps, and More [XDA Developers]
  • Orange and China Mobile to Collaborate on NFC Services [Cellular News]
  • Nimble TV beta now available, but only for few [Nimble TV]
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  1. Archos, go home. you’re drunk

    1. I’m glad someone said it.
      It’s embarrassing.

  2. Anyone else think the “today’s surprise” promotion has completely sacked and been a complete waste?

    1. Yeah there hasn’t been anything good on it at all. Nothing like the the rainforest appstore app of the day.

  3. I thought everyone left Flikr for Instacrap?

  4. Oh, how I hope the Xperia Z is the Beast of a phone that I have been waiting on Sony to make for so long.

  5. Archos two words… Nexus 10…..

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