Square Enix releases Demon’s Score, Final Fantasy II, and FF Dimensions for Android – Celebrates with holiday sale


Great news for Square Enix fans looking to do a little gaming on their Android devices this holiday weekend. The video game publisher has just released 3 new titles into the Google Play Store, one of which has never been seen on US soil until this year.

Fresh new titles include classics such as  Final Fantasy II and the all new “classic” Final Fantasy Dimensions. FF Dimensions was released back in 2010 in Japan, and saw an iOS port earlier this year. Square has also released an all new IP dubbed Demon’s Score — an Nvidia Tegra 3 exclusive — which relies on quick reflexes to button presses to a funky beat (these kind of games are a big hit in Japan).

The pricing on some of these titles will floor you. Where you can nab Final Fantasy II for a fairly reasonable $7 in the Play Store, Final Fantasy Dimensions and Demon’s Score both debut at $20 a piece. Even if I could rationalize a game like Demon’s Score with cutting edge, console-like graphics debuting at the price, Final Fantasy Dimensions looks as if it came straight from ’96 (and yes, I understand that’s the point).

If those Square Enix titles are out of the question for you and you were still looking to level up this weekend, Square Enix is having a holiday sale that’s marked down some of their most expensive titles by 70%. Chaos Rings is now a very affordable $4, (previously $13) as well as the prequel, Chaos Rings: Omega. The original Final Fantasy as well as Chrono Trigger have also been marked down — albeit, not as much — now $5 and $7, respectively.

Can’t pass up a deal like that on Chaos Rings (feeling a bit sheepish after spending $13 for it a few months back), but at least I can score a discount on the prequel. Which ones are you guys picking up? Any recommendations?

[Square Enix games on Google Play]

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  1. Uhhhh none…

  2. Definitely will try FF Dimensions. Can’t wait for V, VI and VII to come out.

  3. Awesome!!!

  4. I clicked on this article only because I saw boobs in the thumbnail.. I am disappointed.

  5. None, I have the Nintendo emulator and ff1 and 2

  6. Love their countastic games, Simple and yet very addictive game… Wasn’t expecting cute counting game from square enix…

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