Dec 21st, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:18 pm

After securing all its technology patents and selling off its set-top box unit, Google is looking to do even more with Motorola if latest rumors are to be believed. The Wall Street Journal reported that Google and Motorola would look to create the “X” phone, saying the phone would be very powerful and poised to compete with the best of the best from the ranks of Samsung and Apple.

Many believed Google’s early influence on Motorola’s products would be in the software department, and while Motorola has certainly improved there we’ve been more interested in seeing what some Google-influenced hardware could look like. The product is due sometime next year, though how early or late into 2013 wasn’t disclosed.

Motorola will apparently be creating a tablet with the same branding, as well, so this will be its Galaxy series, of sorts. This news comes quite close to word that Motorola has signed a former marketing executive of Samsung Mobile’s. Marketing would be a very important part of breaking new ground in the mobile realm as the two man race between Samsung and Apple will require more than just great hardware to get a third competitor into the mix.

It wouldn’t surprise us if this mystery phone turns out to be the Motorola-made Nexus we’ve all been waiting for — after all, the “X” could definitely be a subtle nod to the Nexus line’s iconic logo.

There’s no doubt Motorola can create some very nice hardware, but not all carriers are feeling the same love from the Illinois based OEM as Verizon is. Verizon enjoys exclusive rights to Motorola’s most iconic brand — RAZR — here in the United States, and Motorola delivered three new devices for it in the latter parts of this year.

AT&T and Sprint each received lone device launches, and while the phones they got — the Atrix HD and Photon Q 4G — are great in their own merit, we’re sure they’d be sitting much nicer with some RAZR love. T-Mobile’s current lineup doesn’t feature Motorola at all, something that’s going to have to change if they want to become the premier OEMthey once were.

“X” phone makes this device sound about as epic as anything we’ve seen thus far, but what goes inside its chassis will ultimately determine how epic it really comes out to be. And even if Motorola happens to concoct the greatest mobile device ever known to man they’re going to have to get on the ball with marketing in order to take down the two aforementioned giants of the smartphone market. What do you hope to see in the “X phone?”

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