Dec 19th, 2012

Tired of Santa having all the fun spying on us throughout the year deciding who has been naughty or nice? Thanks to Google you can now keep a watchful eye on the jolly old elf as he makes his holiday rounds. As Christmas Eve turns to Christmas Morning, the Google Maps Santa Tracker will follow St. Nick’s every cookie-eating move, and now you can keep tabs no matter where you are with the official Android app and Chrome extension.

Using everything we love about the Google Maps app for Android, Santa’s journey will be plotted against the backdrop of 3D cities or zoomed out to give a worldview, complete with a count of the number of presents delivered. If you are up late making a few extremely last minute purchases from Amazon, you can track Santa simultaneously with the Chrome extension. Maybe if he’s in the area he will even pick up your order from the nearest fulfillment center (a true Christmas miracle!).

How Google convinced Santa to put a GPS tracker in his sleigh, well that’s a question for the big man himself. Maybe he just enabled Latitude on his Android phone. Good thing Google is also giving people a direct line to Kris Kringle via Google Voice.

Check out more holiday fun and games at the Santa Tracker landing page. Then bake up a batch of snickerdoodles, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and let the Santa stalking begin!

[via Google]

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