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Christmas is right around the corner and many of you are looking to adorn your phone with great wallpapers and play some great games to celebrate. Thankfully for you, decorating a phone is a lot easier than decorating a house, and we’ve come up with a great list of apps and games that anyone can use to bring the holiday cheer they’re looking for whenever they look down on those nice, big displays.


Kids Connect the Dots (Free) – This game is more for your children to enjoy than anyone, but it’s still a great way to get into that Christmas spirit that starts to fill the souls of everyone around this time. You simply connect the dots in the order that they’re numbered, and the result can be anything from bright green Christmas trees to beautiful white snowflakes.

Dead Trigger (Free) – Zombies might not be what you had in mind for the Christmas season but Madfinger has decided to inject its undead nightmare simulator with some holiday fun. A North Pole arena for taking on waves of zombies and a new Zanta Claus boss await you in this game, and since the initial download is free (supported by in-app purchases) then there’s nothing wrong with taking on the apocalypse while you celebrate another great holiday.

Pretty Pet Toy Store (Free) – Ever wanted to run your own toy store? Me neither, but after seeing this game I can’t say it’s not an interesting prospect. Pretty Pet Toy Store asks you to help Cuby run nine different toy stores to make sure kids keep coming back to beg their parents to buy new toys for Christmas. It’s like “Diner Dash,” except instead of whiny adults ordering obnoxiously-priced burgers you’re getting whiny children asking for toys instead. Hey, someone’s gotta do it, right?


A Charlie Brown Christmas ($1.99) – You could head to your local bookstore and buy this book, and you could even bye the film to go along with it, but this cheap app will provide an even more immersive experience for you and your loved ones to enjoy this classic story. A complete narration by Charlie Brown voice-man Peter Robbins will take you through a animated tale, alongside the ability to play Schroeder’s piano, finger paint with Charlie and his friends, sing along to Christmas carols and more.

Zappos (Free) – Surely there is some last minute shopping you still need to get done, right? Well, Zappos can help you find some great gifts. You can drill down by category to find the perfect gift for whoever you decided to blow off until the last minute, and you can even order straight from your device (with Paypal support, to boot). You’d better hurry and download it so you can order your goods to ship in time for Christmas!

Zoomingo (Free) – Here’s another shopping app that you’ll probably cherish. Zoomingo takes on the task of sniffing out the best deals for a lot of different categories. Need something for the gamer or fashion freak in your life? Suggestions for neither type of person will be spared. One of the greatest things is it searches for these deals locally, too, so you won’t be bound by the hassles of getting your gifts shipped online with potentially horrid issues with last minute Christmas deliveries. Download it!

Live Wallpapers

Christmas HD ($1.99) – This live wallpaper is $2, but should that stop you from downloading it when it probably won’t last long past December 25th? Well, YES! This wallpaper has so much to offer in terms of customization that you probably wouldn’t mind keeping it up well past the new year. The stockings hanging on the fireplace mantle can be stitched with whatever words you like, you can change several decoration options on the Christmas tree, and you can even customize the gifts sitting beneath it.

You can use your own pictures for the photos on top of the mantle, find a countdown to Christmas calendar that automatically updates as each day goes by, and even customize a letter from Santa. There’s a ton of functionality and flexibility to be had here to be sure to throw a couple of bucks at these developers, and once you’re ready to take it all down you can just keep it around for next year (because the developers are awesome and add new stuff each year). Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at your phone once Christmas day actually arrives — you’ll want to catch the special occurrence that’ll happen once that special day arrives!

Snowfall Live Wallpaper ($0.99) – Tired of not getting snow? Well, you haven’t lived in Wisconsin all your life like I have. But if you want to have a white Christmas but can’t quite get the weather to go your way then why not simulate things with this live wallpaper? Turn your phone’s homescreen into a window that’s peering out into an epic landscape filled with the most beautiful snow-draped pine trees you’ll see. The phone features a neat day/night cycle that’ll automatically change from a sun-lit sky to a glowing moon depending on what time it is, settings for colors and Christmas lights, random Santa sightings and more. Landscape mode is fully supported for those who prefer using their devices in that orientation. For just under a dollar this is a no-brainer.

Santa Bobble (Free) – Whichever genius decided to combine the awesomeness of bobble heads with the awesomeness that is a snow globe, I commend you. This app will give you four different bobble heads — Santa, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and Hermey the Elf — trapped inside snow globes. The heads will react to you moving your phone, and if you shake your phone violently the characters will emit funny (well, funny to you) reactions. The direction of the snowfall in the globes will also react to movement so it feels like an actual snow globe, and since I can’t seem to own a snow globe without accidentally smashing it at some point this would be the perfect download for someone like me.

List your own!

There are way too many great apps, games and more content to list from the Google Play Store so be sure to get over there and check it all out for yourself. If you already have some great apps in mind to add be sure to suggest them below so we can all get into the holiday spirit. And don’t forget that the Google Play Store also features great Holiday music, movies and books for you to sink your teeth into so check all of that content out and have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Got the “Christmas HD” Live Wallpaper last year when it was on sale for a penny. Worth it (even for $2). Very well done, and configurable.



    This has been my favorite Christmas wallpaper since last year. Comes in free and paid. You can adjust background color, how fast different things like color, camera sweep, and scene changes occur, what scenes you want, what the countdown scene counts down to, and what resolution/rendering/frame rate you want. Its awesome

  4. “…bye the film…” really?

  5. I thought about this last week, how you guys usually post simmering about some holiday apps. I usually enjoy seeing what suggestions you have since I don’t feel like digging through tons of apps, but you always wait till the holiday is practically here. So I found some wallpapers and ringtones myself. What I’m saying is, post this stuff 3 weeks or so in advance.

  6. A little strange clicking “Holiday cheer” and then seeing a largish picture of angry bloodied zombies….

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