HTC One SV journeys through the FCC


The HTC One SV has popped up in an FCC filing, begging the question as to whether or not we could see the phone in North America. HTC announced the One SV for the UK and other European locales earlier this week, but there have been no indications that the phone will launch in the US.

A similar handset, the HTC One VX, is already available from AT&T, though the two devices are not clones of each other. One possible destination for the One SV is a regional carrier or pay-as-you-go service provider.

The handset was approved for use on WCDMA bands II and V as well as GSM bands 850 and 1900. Despite carrying the necessary hardware in its UK version, the report shows no mention of LTE.

[via WirelessGoodness]

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  1. Yawn~

  2. Virgin Mobile? Please….

  3. Still waiting on the HTC One XVST+ XL EVO HSPA+/- LTE 3D

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