Dec 13th, 2012

If a new report out of The Korea Times has any merit, Samsung’s next Galaxy Note could start a paradigm shift that would erase any distinction between a smartphone and tablet. The rumor is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will feature a 6.3-inch OLED display (likely at a 1080p resolution), a mere 0.7 inches shy of what we typically consider tablet proportions.

The original Galaxy Note, by comparison, had a 5.3-inch display, which was enough for commentators to coin the term “phablet” to describe any device straddling the line between a smartphone and a tablet. The recently released Galaxy Note 2 grew to 5.5 inches, proving that Samsung isn’t afraid to go big. But the idea of a 6.3-inch screen has us asking the question once again: how big is too big?

Other manufacturer are racing to release their own devices that match the Note’s size, and the trend will only continue. Screen sizes have slowly been creeping up, and soon it seems most flagship devices will feature at least a 5-inch display. HTC has already released their Droid DNA/Butterfly, while separate rumors claim the Galaxy S4 could ship with a 5-inch OLED.

But Samsung can’t go much bigger with the Note, lest they truly cross over into tablet territory. Something tells me 7 inches won’t fly for people seeking a new smartphone. Then again, many said that about the first Note. The idea of a 6.3-inch handset also calls into question rumors of a 7-inch Galaxy Note tablet. Would Samsung really release two Note models of such similar scalings? Given their track record of Galaxy Tab releases, I honestly wouldn’t put it past them.

[via BGR]

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