Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will feature 6.3-inch OLED display


If a new report out of The Korea Times has any merit, Samsung’s next Galaxy Note could start a paradigm shift that would erase any distinction between a smartphone and tablet. The rumor is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will feature a 6.3-inch OLED display (likely at a 1080p resolution), a mere 0.7 inches shy of what we typically consider tablet proportions.

The original Galaxy Note, by comparison, had a 5.3-inch display, which was enough for commentators to coin the term “phablet” to describe any device straddling the line between a smartphone and a tablet. The recently released Galaxy Note 2 grew to 5.5 inches, proving that Samsung isn’t afraid to go big. But the idea of a 6.3-inch screen has us asking the question once again: how big is too big?

Other manufacturer are racing to release their own devices that match the Note’s size, and the trend will only continue. Screen sizes have slowly been creeping up, and soon it seems most flagship devices will feature at least a 5-inch display. HTC has already released their Droid DNA/Butterfly, while separate rumors claim the Galaxy S4 could ship with a 5-inch OLED.

But Samsung can’t go much bigger with the Note, lest they truly cross over into tablet territory. Something tells me 7 inches won’t fly for people seeking a new smartphone. Then again, many said that about the first Note. The idea of a 6.3-inch handset also calls into question rumors of a 7-inch Galaxy Note tablet. Would Samsung really release two Note models of such similar scalings? Given their track record of Galaxy Tab releases, I honestly wouldn’t put it past them.

[via BGR]

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  1. Ok..now it’s not a phone anymore.

    1. No, it’s a “phablet”, or as we earth people call it, a tablet that makes phone calls and looks a little bit silly when doing so.

  2. They should drop a Note 7 that is just a tablet. If they want to make a Note 3, they cannot make it any bigger short of removing the bezel. A 6-inch phone is just plain stupid!

    1. > make it any bigger short of removing the bezel. A 6-inch phone is just plain stupid!

      Huh? Even if the overall size was the same? Yes, a 5-inch screen and a 6-screen can fit in EXACTLY the same device. Just remove the pointless/wasted bezel space.

      Do you want valuable screen-space… or wasted bezel that does nothing?

      1. It was 2 points. One is the fact that a 6-inch screen is just a ridiculous notion on a phone. Second was the fact that if they got rid of the side bezel they could fit a bigger screen, but there is no way there is enough bezel to remove to get an extra inch out of the screen. More than likely they would not reduce the bezel they would just make the overall size bigger to accommodate.

      2. I agree, if the bezel is removed I would welcome a screen larger than my Note 2!

  3. No Mas!!!

  4. Has to be rumor. I love my Note 2’s size, but 6.3 inches is just too big.

    1. Just realized he got the info from BGR, so we know it’s B.S. now.

      1. You beat me to it!

    2. that’s what she said..

    3. That’s what he said.

  5. I just measured my note and the full size is about 6.3 inches. So, if they get rid of the bezel completely, then no problem! But that would either leave square edges or a rounded screen, or a bigger phone. None of those sound good to me.

    1. Considering that both Verizon and Samsung want to plaster their logos all over the front, it won’t happen.

      1. Have it etched in the glass…DUH! :) Samsung might be willing to give it up…but you know Verizon would need to do something stupid like that. Add on bumper with their logo that would self destruct the phone if removed….something…

  6. if they could make the bezel super small, a 7 inch phone would work, my nexus 7 can fit in my pocket lol

      1. They have the tech where a physical speaker is not needed if they can put that behind the screen and go with software buttons and no bezel I don’t see why they can’t do it

  7. Samsung needs to cool their jets! I mean instead of a 6.3″ screen why not take that r&d effort and apply it to their lines that are out now. Just because you make the device bigger doesn’t your making a better device.

    1. This isn’t Samsung’s first rodeo. I’m sure all of our thoughts and concerns have been thrown across the table at Samsung. With that being said, I’m sure they have reasoning to their madness. After all, they must be doing something right. I’ve purchased 3 Galaxy S devices including each successor, as well as the Note, and Note 2. I have absolutely loved each and every device and it still amazes me how they can keep getting better and better. Just give credit where credit is due and let the professionals do what they do best! Who are we to tell Samsung to “cool it”? Way I see it, “keep on keeping on Samsung”!!

  8. My first thought was that it was crazy, but I just measured, and if you just took the current size of the Galaxy note 2 and moved the home button down a bit, and removed the “SAMSUNG” logo it would leave enough free space in the middle to have a 6 inch display. So, if the Note 3 was just a tiny bit bigger, you could squeeze in a 6.3 inch display.

    1. I like this idea. If they could keep the dimensions of the Note 3 very similar to the Note 2 but squeeze in the larger display I would definitely be game for a phone with a screen this size.

      1. +1 if they can stick with the same dimensions and just trim down the bezel and squeeze more screen size?? i’m down for that!!!

    2. But it has to be the same size as it is compared to the Note 2… Any bigger and my pant’s pockets would rip..

    3. The only way I see this working is if they remove the home and capacitive buttons. If they can reduce the bezel by a huge amount and use software button, it would be great. Just pushing the home button even further down is not good for ease of use. The GSIII is already ridiculous with the buttons so far down. Even more and it would look ridiculous, and feel uncomfortable to use.

      1. Yes!! No capacitive buttons. Then I can add a search button. =.P

    4. Ah… Thank you. Because I so saw a mini Nexus 7 in my head.

  9. Keep pushing the envelope Sammy.. Gotta love this stuff.

    And yes, people, 5″ is the new standard. Accept it. ;-P

    1. Lets see how long it takes apple to make it their new standard. And say they started it lol

      1. They already did. The iPad mini isn’t a 7 inch device. It’s a 7.9 inch device. The iPhone 5 isn’t 4 inches diagonal, it’s 4 inches tall. How original? And it makes me mad, because technically speaking…

        1. That iPad Mini is too wide for comfort. I find it puzzling they chose a size not ergonomically right-sized. Seems like screen limitations or whatnot did the chosing, rather than the hand sizes of customers.

  10. My Note 2 is perfect for my use on the road as a truck driver but it’s a bit clumsy when I am home and running errands. I don’t know if I want anything bigger than this.

  11. No thanks.

  12. Sold!

  13. That would honestly be to big… 5.5 is my max.

    1. thats what she said

      sorry had to do it

      1. Hahahaha

      2. hahahaha

  14. The original GNote actually has a 5.3″ inch screen, not 5″…

  15. At Note sizes now, they basically already cease to be one handed devices so if you’d buy a Note 6.3 it is known to be a 2 handed device, which is OK for many. Make it nearly bezeless and I’ll be your huckleberry!

  16. Love it!!

  17. No way it’s gonna be this big. It’s probably Note 6 or something, but Note 3 will be different.

  18. come on.. seriously.. this is becoming ridiculous if true. A 6.3″ screen, no matter how small the bezel is just way overboard for a phone(phablet).

  19. if this trend continues we will have 10 inch tablets I mean phones in a few years lol galaxy note 5, 20 inch phablet lmfao

  20. All the above comments were made when the original Note was released. So. What happens? They sell millions. Make screen bigger… Sell more millions.
    Hmmm.. Want to sell more millions ?
    Make screen bigger.
    Bet you it works. Just saying.

  21. If they would have released a 6.3 phone earlier last year the market would have not been ready. But now a majority of people do everything on there phone so that idea of one device with a little compromise on screen real estate is right up consumers ally. Can you imagine 5.5, a year ago. Now it’s they best thing ever.

  22. Please God no lol.

  23. Please correct the screen size of the original note as it was 5.3″ not 5″

  24. Samsung galaxy note 1 is 5,3″ 16/10 samsung galaxy note 2 is 5,5″ 16/9

  25. Bring it on…the bigger the better

  26. I will be making that purchase! Bigger is better for me! Saves me the money of not having to purchase a tablet or laptop! My Note 2 is still kinda small to me. I seriously can’t wait to use my 1 year upgrade to get the next Note

  27. When the first Note came out I thought it was too big, now I’m the pro odd owner of the Note 2. so who knows.

  28. I think if it grows is just to 5.8″ to 6″ with less bezel.

  29. Yes please, may I have another. I love all the “6+ inches is just too big” you guys need to get a clue. It all comes down to the bezel, you’re overreacting to a simple number while the display size is only a rumor. Once we see the bezel and overall width then you can chime in, until then keep your opinions to yourselves. Moving forward people.

    1. Yup, minimum bezel and probably new flexible display tech (hope it still gets the digitizer), longer battery life, better sunlight viewing hopefully, skinny & light. Nah, it’ll never sell.

  30. Im really looking forward to the New Galaxy products coming out next year! The innovation moves a lot faster than I though.

    Now can I please get a 7″ Gorilla Glass SAMOLED 1080P Android-powered car headunit? PLEASE?

    1. I mounted my Nexus 7. LoL!! Well… I have a 95 Cutlass Ciera and the radio area is just large enough to hold my Nexus 7 in a case I might add. How convenient? =.P

  31. okay there IS a limit to how big something can be lol


  32. That is retarded. The note 2 is too big as it is. Whenever I see anybody using it as a phone and putting it up to their head I laugh.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I have been loving my Note 2, but now that i know you are laughing at me, I will run out to get something more acceptable to you. Any suggestions?

  33. I could see it being possible to release s 6.3 inch screen if they eliminate the bezel.

  34. Nnhh

  35. Test

  36. I say they could keep it the same size and maybe go to 5.7 or 5.8 max minus almost all bezel but any larger is kind of crazy. They do have a 5.8 galaxy player

  37. where does it end…

  38. YES. haha. like I said before I wouldn’t mind a nexus 7 that has cellphone radios. I talk with my earphones on or with bluetooth headset anyway

  39. I’m sure Samsung has a nice opportunity in the clothing industry if it starts selling trousers with certified Note-sized pockets.

  40. getting outta hand ..literally

  41. A clever trick companies are doing lately is bumping the screen size (measured diagonally) while simultaneously making the ratio more narrow. This gives consumers the illusion of a bigger screen, when in fact it is not. Like with the GN2, they opted for a more narrow (16:10) ratio and added .2″, but in the process took away a large deal of width real estate. I can’t find the screen area (LxW) of the GN1 to compare though.

  42. What if they decided to go with on screen buttons instead of the arrangement they have now? I could see that happening and fitting a 6.3″ screen in the body of the note 2.
    There is a lot of room to play with if they go that route. I think that would make for a sweet nexus device myself. Throw in the quad core a 15 2 gb ram or possibly 3 with 64 gb of unpartitioned storage and the 1080p unbreakable display. And of course android 5.0
    I’d be all over that.

  43. It’s definitely to big unless they come up with an edge to edge display…both on sides and the bottom. Top has to have the micro phone and f camera…

  44. Just cut the crap and go straight to a 10inch phone.


  46. What. The. Hell. They need to stop just making the screens bigger with tiny improvements and call it an ungrade. I think the 4.3-4.5 inch is perfect, I love the screen size of my GS2 but think Samsung is getting gimmicky with the screen size on the note.

  47. I can see Samsung doing this. With the Galaxy S IV rumored to be 5″ they’ll probably need their other flagship device to be bigger than just half-an-inch otherwise they’d look too similar. Also, with the S-Pen the Note is more of a device for productivity and creativity, which always benefits from a larger screen. It’s always better to fault by having a screen too big than too small.

  48. Yes, this will be my next! By the time this hits, I’ll be out of my 2yr ob with my GS2 and Sprint will have LTE in Wash DC region, so 2013 looks to be a great tech year!

  49. Now how the hell am I going to jam that thing in my pocket?

  50. I dont know if my pants can handle two 6.3 inch monsters

  51. You do not have to hold every-phone up to your ear.Use headphones to avoid looking foolish.But really it seems like when Samsung brings out something with a bigger screen, Its always makes the previous screen seem too small. Remember when galaxy nexus was way toooo big and people loved it. Same with the GS3 then NOTE 2. Though a 6″ phone gotta see that in person first.

  52. I know a 6 or 7 inch phone would fit in your pocket, barely, but it’s loosing its mobile aspect. I’d never get a Note 1, but 6 inches is just too close to my Nexus 7.

  53. I’ve played around with a lot of sizes (blocks of wood) and I’ve used (briefly, though I plan on purchasing) a Note II. As anyone who looks at the math already knows, 6.3″ fits in a Note II form factor with 1 mm side and 6 mm top bottom bezels. That seems tough and I really don’t want anything bigger than a Note II (a bit wider like the Note I is OK, but no taller – 151 is already a few mm too long). I think 6″ is doable (3 mm and 9 mm bezel, or shrink the 9 and make it not as long).

    The space between 5.55″ and 6″ is all possible too. I hope Note III and beyond will never grow the phone, but 5.75, 5.9, etc. are all welcome improvements. Go Samsung!

    As far as thin bezels go – anybody worried about unwanted touch events needs to realize that is easily handled with software (blocking out the outer several mm from allowed events). I wouldn’t want under 2 mm though as I like to use a case that comes up on the top of the phone and that is already getting tough at 3 mm.

  54. RUMOR: Note 5 will have a 10.1 inch screen, but don’t DARE call it a tablet. :)

  55. 6.3 inches….hmm

  56. I expect the Note 3 to have hardware changes, such as the Exnyos 5, more RAM, a 1080p screen, and perhaps incorporate some of the other screen tech rumors that have been floating around but I doubt the size of the device will get much bigger (if any). Expect the next Note to be more feature rich.

  57. A phone? A tablet? Oh yes a tablet.
    Thing is, when you get to the point where even phablet enthusiasts are worried about this trend of larger devices you know there is something wrong. The boiling frog story is happening right here.

  58. Would not be a good idea to go any bigger! I love my Note 2, but will probably pass on anything bigger! Plus the Galaxy S4 would come in a little smaller than the Note 2. If any future choice I would make on my next phone would be to go for a smaller configuration.

  59. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 when is it set to launch ? MWC 2013 ???

  60. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 When is it set for launch ??

  61. Squeeze in that larger AMOLED would work, esp if this tech is easier on battery and more viewable in full sunlight. Both could be very beneficial as a ‘do it all’ gadget. I tend to use my Note 1 on speaker phone (at home) or headphones, so I could even see using a 7″ penabled phablet as my only gadget–if I ever decide to reduce the size of the herd (not likely).

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