Sprint looks to fully acquire Clearwire, sets eyes on spectrum


Two months after Sprint took a majority stake in Clearwire, the company is now looking to take complete control of the remaining 50 percent. CNBC is reporting that the carrier, itself not far removed from agreeing to sell off 70 percent of the business to Japan’s SoftBank, is in “active negotiations” with Clearwire in a bid to increase overall spectrum.

Clearwire and Sprint have a long history of dealings, stretching back to the rollout of a the Now Network’s now defunct WiMAX network. Reports of an attempted acquisition date back to 2011. The latest attempt still has a few hurdles to overcome, including the approval of aforementioned SoftBank, which will have to sign off on any deal to be struck between Sprint and Clearwire.

As of now, the report states that no deal is imminent. Sprint hopes to come to terms simultaneously with the finalization of the SoftBank deal. That should occur by March or April of next year.


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  1. It’s about time!

  2. Now defunct? I have my doubts.

    1. Considering that is the network that Boost Mobile and Vrgin Mobile use for their 4G service.

    2. Always was defunct? :-D

  3. …sprint, you’re wasting your time

  4. Wimax works just fine in places thery actually deployed it. i have proof of that in Santa Clara/Cupertino

    1. it used to work fine for me in NYC (got about 12 mbps) then i started getting about 2 mbps toward the end of my contract with my evo 4g.

  5. Investing in Clearwire (and WiMax) turned out to be such a big bruise in Sprint’s wallet. They had to pump so much money in to keep Clearwire afloat.

  6. Alright, so what is the new 4G fee… I mean “Smartphone Fee” going to be now?

  7. Sprint is so late to the game

  8. Oh!! So does this mean my WiMax will get better since I had still have to use as WiMax phone for another year? Hope so.

  9. What will become of my Clearwire service? :(

  10. Sprint should have included Wimax radios in their new LTE phone for at least a couple for years while they deploy the LTE network..Yeah i know they are late and behind schedule but they will get there. Having Wimax radios in the LTE phones would have kept some people from pestering them about speeds. Most people are stuck on 3G where there is no LTE and phone isn’t capable of connecting to WiMAX for faster speed. SF bay area is a great example. No LTE still. I would sign a contract if and when bay area is totally covered.

  11. great another way to slow my service…..

  12. WiMax only works best outside, walking the streets in NYC. Once i get to the job or on campus, forget about it.

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