Larry Page discusses a Motorola Nexus, competition with Apple, driverless cars, and more


Unlike chairman Eric Schmidt, Google CEO Larry Page tends to keep himself out of the spotlight. As the leader of a burgeoning tech giant, he likely feels his time is better spent on his work rather than stepping into a three-ring media circus. It’s a treat, then, to read excerpts from a recent interview with Fortune in which he discusses everything from search to driverless cars, with some interesting Android tidbits sprinkled throughout.

Page spends most of the interview skirting any direct answers to tougher questions. When asked about a lack of Motorola involvement in the Nexus program, the leader of Google first pointed out a simple lack of time the two would have had in developing such, saying “we haven’t owned the company long enough.”

When pushed to elaborate on how a Motorola Nexus device might affect relationships with other Android partners, Page said, “there’s a lot of complexity in that question.” He then fell back to a more generic dialog on delivering “an amazing device” that highlights the best aspects of the Android ecosystem while keeping the likes of Samsung, LG, and others happy.

Page was hesitant to play up any competition or bad blood between his company and Apple, instead insisting that he encourages employees to look beyond what others are doing and focus on solving problems in an effort to “stay two or three steps ahead.” He did admit that while the two still rely on each other in many ways, that “it would be nice if everybody would get along better and the users didn’t suffer as a result of other people’s activities.”

To read more of Page’s comments, including his thoughts on driverless cars that can pick you up from the mall based on your phone’s location, head over to the source link below. It’s definitely worth a read for anyone interested in the evolving tech landscape.

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  1. Motorola Nexus please, Im getting fed up of virtually all flagship android phones have a screen size of 4.6″ of higher, please someone release a flagship high end android phone with a screen size of 4.3″ – 4.5″.

    Galaxy s2 perfect size S3 Massively wide. Give a choice of sizes please.

    1. that’s just like, your opinion man.

      1. his opinion is good in my book thanks.

        1. His opinion is wrong in my book thanks.

        2. Wrong in my opinion as well.

      2. They peed on the dudes rug man!

    2. i agree whit you.

    3. Nah, Nexus Note would be perfect! :-P

      1. I think people that use a Note for a phone look ALMOST as ridiculous as the person using their iPad for a camera! The 4.8″ GS3 doesn’t look too bad but when I see someone holding their Note to the face it makes me laugh. I like the size of the S3 and GNex and hope they can fit a 5″ screen in that size. Need something bigger? Get a Nexus 7!

        1. Yeah, but I used to think that back in the day when smartphones first started to come out.

        2. It may look ridiculous to you but were the ones laughing when you can’t play a game or work on an app as efficient as it is on a bigger screen. I was a skeptic and chose the note 2 instead of the s3 and I’m loving it. When I hold any other phone it feels small to me. Its a perfect blend and I can still use it one handed. Just like any phone, you get used to it. Don’t like it, then don’t buy it.

          1. You have to keep in mind a lot of the nay sayers don’t know about the software tweaks included in the note 2 to make one handed use easier, including the moving keynoard etc. You are always going to be the punching bag to the rest of the pack because the note 2 is really something you need to use and use a lot to appreciate. Truth be told, I think their marketing should be “it’s more than a big screen”

          2. I’m sure it’s awesome using it. I’m talking about holding it up to my face to make a call. That’s when you look ridiculous!

    4. Agreed, 4.6″ is bad and they need more variety. Like 5.5″! I’m done with these tiny little 4.x” phones. Seriously, the next Nexus needs to be bigger.

    5. That may be what you like but its what sells money and so far bigger screens are selling pretty good. Just look at the note 2, best buy can barely keep it in stock.

  2. So he softballed it. Not surprising. I wouldn’t expect him to give us his proposed yearly plan. Still, it’d be nice to know that they were actually working on the idea.

  3. A Motorola Nexus with a Maxx type battery is all I need. I love the GNex and the only thing I would like to see improved is the battery. I get horrible reception at work and it absolutely kills my battery. It would be nice to leave work with 60-70% and not have to charge it the whole time. Also, please no bigger than the S3. I think that’s a decent sized phone. I will take a bigger screen as long as the whole phone is no bigger.

    1. They sell extended batteries on Amazon for $20 ish that double your battery life, it does add the extra weight though.

      1. Those are all a bit thicker though right? I don’t like the idea of a bulge on the back of my phone haha

        1. My original battery cover fit with my 2100.

    2. A Nexus 5 made by Motorola with Maxx battery, No bezel 720/1080p Oled screen by Samsung (Not pentile), quad A15 (Samsung or qualcomm), 2GB RAM / 16GB Flash with mSD slot (or 64GB version), No glass in the back (And noting to do with LG) is all I want… ;)

      1. I agree with your comment about 80% and I’ll tell you why. By the time that the Nexus 5 rolls out, it should come with 4 GB of RAM…

    3. The perfect top end device would be the Motorola Razr Nexus if it had: Android 4.2, a 4.7″ 1080p screen that went near edge to edge. Standard Kevlar casing and design that comes with a Razr, as well as a Maxx sized battery. In my opinion the spec should be; dual-core version of the Intel chip in the European Razr i (that means 4 virtual cores clocked at 2.0GHz). 2GB RAM (that could hopefully use similar technology to the iPhone 5 for ridiculous channelled speeds). 32GB internal with SD expandable. And of course the latest kick-ass graphics processor that Google always put in their nexus range. Nothing else on the market could touch this if they made extra sure 4.2 is working just right on it.

      If this came out I would be extremely disappointed, as I’m only four months into a two year contract on the Razr Maxx! :L

  4. I like this guy

  5. Hey Google, can you please throw some capactive buttons on the next Nexus if the bezel is going to be so big? It’s wasted screen real estate right now.

    1. Google has already said they will not be going back to capacitive buttons. I don’t think they will be.

      1. Thats the most illogical thing I’ve ever heard (if they did actually say that). I can see the use for them on tablets, but phones… it just doesn’t make any sense!

        1. Here you go pal:

          During the announcement of ICS, Google staff stated they will be moving away from capacitive buttons.

          1. I adore my capacitive buttons on my one x+ (this goes for every one device)
            but I prefer the on screen buttons on my samsung tab 2 and nexus 7. If you have ever used an atrix hd you would understand that it wastes screen space. I think they are moving to a linear design across all devices which isn’t always the best method. +2 cents.

        2. They are a little ahead of the time. In the future the bezel will disappear completely. For now, what you say make sense.

    2. kinda hard to hold a tablet to read if the bezel is that thin.

      And I personally hate buttons on my devices.

    3. Put your thumbs there.

  6. A motorola nexus with a 3300+mAh with a edge-to-egde 5″ 1080p display with a overall size of the G-Nexus or a 2-3mm larger would be nice. Coupled that with a 12mp camera with dual led flash and greatly improved camera software…………or just drop the Nexus branding and include a 64GB microSD slot to expand the storage. One can only dream, hopefully it becomes reality next year so I can replace my LTE G-Nexus…

  7. I just want to point out a misspelling of the source link. “Forutne”

  8. His statements completely reflect Google’s outlook; “it would be nice if everybody would get along better and the users didn’t suffer as a result of other people’s activities.”

    Still producing YouTube/Google Search for iOS devices.

  9. what I would like to see is a Motorola Droid Nexus, with a keyboard. I personally can’t stand virtual keyboards…if not that atleast a DROID 5

  10. Never heard of this “Forutne” magazine before.

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