Are you having problems buying apps from the Play Store? [POLL]


Late last night, Gameloft released Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for Android. All was well in the world… that is, until the highly anticipated first person shooting game was eventually pulled. Folks were experiencing download issues in the Play Store, apparently. It turns out most were met with error “941.”

Well, it looks like that problem might not have been exclusive to Gameloft. Nova Launcher’s developer reached out to us to let us know that users of his app have had trouble purchasing it, as well. He apparently received numerous emails from customers complaining about error 941 last night.

Despite initial errors it seems those downloads resumed early this morning without fail. Early indications are that the problem has been cleared up — the emails to Nova Launcher have subsided and I personally didn’t have a problem trying to purchase a paid app prior to writing this article — but we’re curious to know if a few of you experienced this with trying to download other paid apps in recent hours.

If error 941 was, in fact, the main cause for Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4 woes and the issue has been resolved on Google’s end then it’s possible we could see the title relaunched as early as today. In the meantime, though, we’re just interested in knowing how many of you might have experienced this problem, and if it’s still going on.

Be sure to leave a vote in the poll below, and comment with any more information you might have that could help us figure out just how widespread this issue turned out to be. Also, if you happen to be experiencing issues don’t forget to get in contact with Google using one of several options at their support site — no one wants to pay for something they can’t use, after all.

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  1. Where is the option for “Who pays for apps?”

    1. Screw you dude. Idiot like you are making apple fans happy.

      1. Then get an iPhone and go buy their apps if you like paying for them.

      2. You should follow bakdroid’s advice. Apple fans may be insecure enough to get off on one simple problem with Android. Android users are absolutely certain of their supremacy and do not BOTHER making comments like you did. so, how about you straighten your priorities presently?

    2. People who aren’t total cheap asses pay for apps that are worth buying.

      1. No app is worth buying. They should all be free. If these so called “developers” were any good they would be working for real software companies.

        1. Bakdroid, it’s people like you who go around giving Android a bad name.

        2. You obviously don’t know the cost and how much time it takes to create a decent app.
          I’ll give it to you, there are some apps that aren’t worth buying, but it costs real money to create and market your apps. Also, I don’t think the app developers wish to bombard us with ads in order to fund themselves, and I don’t want to. So to have a pay option, not only will you be supporting a good developer, you can ensure that the developer will do anything to please the customer, since the user has to pay for their app.
          If you don’t know of an app that is worth buying, that’s on you. There are tons of apps that are worth buying, most in which costs less than your average McDonald’s burger.

          Support developers. Don’t get fat.

        3. Still trolling I see.

          1. In a 2 week long meeting, got to do something. :D

          2. LoL!!

        4. That makes no sense at all. Some of those apps push your device to the max. Also, Gameloft is a software company. Do you care to mention what you consider a “real” software company? Because last time I checked, EA is a real software company.

        5. If you were good at anything, you would be working at something good. Not wasting your precious time and critical opinion on things you know absodamnlutely nothing about.

        6. You are just trying to justify being a cheap ass, I bet you are also one of the scumbags that downloads apk files of paid apps instead of paying 99c. I guess you like being bombarded with ads all the time.

      2. I agree, that’s why i like the concept of try and buy. it gives you a chance to get a feel of the app before committing any monies to it.

    3. Support developers, please! I’m not saying you have to buy apps just for the sake of buying them, but please don’t pirate paid apps. If the developer asks for money and you feel it deserves money, then by all means give them money!

      1. Exactly. I think that users being unwilling to buy apps on Android is what makes the ecosystem lag behind. Most people I know buy apps on their iPads, etc. but won’t dare buy anything on Android because they don’t know about the Play Store gift cards. I wonder if Google just needs to work harder to advertise their Play Store cards.

  2. I think the real problem is there are no apps worth buying.

    1. That’s what I initally thought… until I came across SwiftKey 3… Nothing beats it.. It’s worth the $4 price tag

      1. Ew!! Software keyboards = bleh. I can’t type for nothing. And I don’t like the way SwiftKey spaces or when it “thinks” I want a space. That’s the best way to put it.

        But most Qwerty phones aren’t up to par anymore. =.[
        So I just have to tolerate these keyboards. LoL!!

    2. Then you’re an idiot, or blind, or both.

      1. I looked up “blind-idiot” in the dictionary. The description was “see: phinn”

        Whoda thunk it?

    3. Titanium Backup and Better Battery Stats are two apps off the top of my head that are well worth buying.

      1. Titanium Backup? Now why should I get that over ROM Toolbox? Even though I prefer Root Explorer over ROM Toolbox’s root browser. LoL!! =.P

      2. Add to that Juice Defender, SuperSU Pro, and Whatsapp.
        I wish these would come as stock apps!!

    4. You just need to look around. There are tons of useful apps on the store. :D

  3. My problem is re-downloading apps that I’ve already paid for. Very few of EA Mobile’s work on my Rezound and they worked just fine on my Droid X…

  4. Only time I truly pay for apps is if they are sale and that goes for my Galaxy S3 and my iPad… but I do put it in quite a bit of change in the Music sportion of the store

    1. IKR!? I’m waiting for NFS: Most Wanted to go on sale. Also I see the reviews aren’t that well for the Nexus 7, so I’m also waiting for them to update.

  5. I had issues buying jet set radio, it showed that I never purchased it when I did

  6. unless the app is on special, you’ll see me getting free paid apps on Amazon app store

  7. Cheap ass little thief do you realize that’s what you are. You should change your name as well no need to carry a Droid tag if your just a thief

  8. I had issues trying to buy next launcher. I ended up trying to purchase it 3 different ways. I hope I don’t get charged 3 times at 16 a pop. It finally downloaded around 4am last night.

  9. Play store wouldn’t let me Dowload paper monsters last night too. Purchased just fine but got same error. It worked today tho.

  10. Good to know this wasn’t an issue with my phone or network as I got this error while trying to download an app last night.

  11. Has this issue this morning (7-9am GMT) but was resolved shortly after. Was buying accuweather.

  12. I’m a developer with paid apps on the market. Yes. Something bad is happening on Google Play.

    I’m seeing some users being charged two or three times. I’ve e-mailed some of these customers and they of course indicate that they only intended to purchase one copy for a single Google account, but had several failed attempts before they were able to obtain it. The good news here is that the duplicate orders do appear to be automatically refunded. The bad news is this kind of problem really ticks off customers, who often think that I (the developer) am somehow up to no good, thus adding a scathing 1-star review to an app.

    Have also received emails from users who simply can’t buy a product.

    Some sales are still going through correctly in one shot.

    I’m seeing a large number of canceled sales and users with one or two failed orders. Some of these conclude with a final successful sale, others do not.

    I’ve tried emailing Google about the problem. My first support request was discarded, insisting that the issue was a Google Checkout issue and that the Play Store support team is not responsible for such items and that I should read some helpful hints about selling apps. I resubmitted it under a different (incorrect) category, but haven’t heard back.

    1. Same with me. I’ve had a super-slow day today. Only 30 buys today. Even then, I don’t know if they actually got my app, or just didn’t care to ask for a refund.

    2. “they only intended to purchase one copy for a single Google account, but had several failed attempts before they were able to obtain it” Sounds pretty much like my situation last night. Here I was trying to buy the full version of Crossword and it says “Download Failed” i tried four times, thinking it was a problem with my internet and payment did not go through. So I then go to the Google Play Desktop site on my computer and buy it again. after which i says “installed” on the google play site, but nothing on my phone. Got the shock when i checked my bank statement online…
      immediately emailed google as well as the dev team for the app at Teazel.
      Got an almost prompt reply from Teazel saying that only one transaction has gone through and that others will be refunded. Google has not yet responded.

    3. good luck with contacting Google, as proved with the nexus 4 they don’t wanna know !

  13. Negatory.

  14. >_> happened to me trying to buy ClockJB+

    i would up double paying for it, but i got a refund email this morning – though no refund has been credited to my account. its downloaded to my tablet but no other devices even show its available, they ask me to buy it again.

  15. I thought there was an issue with some of Google’s services reported earlier. Gmail and Google Drive were having connectivity issues last night as well.

  16. People were asking for refunds like crazy for my app today because they were unable to download it. I figured their servers might be having problems or something.

  17. I am still having errors! error code: [RPC:S-7:AEC-0] anyone else still having issues?

  18. only problem I have is not seeing vice city is not out yet

  19. I am still having this problem and experienced it with 5-6 different apps. I bought the quite expensive TSF Shell app and was charged 3 times (they refunded me though).
    I also bought Vocre and it has still not started downloading.
    Biggest problem is that the error does not show up on the web play shop most of the time and everything looks ok. When you then look in mobile play store, then the app is not marked as being purchased. re-purchasing the app through mobile store will reveal the 941 error.

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