Dec 10th, 2012

While the Padfone 2 might not be one of ASUS’ most marketable devices there is, there’s no doubt ASUS wants to maintain the reputation it has built for itself in the way of timely Android upgrades. That’s why ASUS has started pushing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out to the device starting today. The over-the-air process should be initiated over WiFi in order to avoid data charges, of course, but once you find your way to a hotspot you should be cruising to the wonderful world that is Jelly Bean.

We’re not quite sure how this works just yet. We know that the “Fone” part of the PadFone will definitely run Jelly Bean (with ASUS’ custom interface still sitting atop the core Android elements) but it’s unclear whether or not the “pad” part is getting the same treatment. We’d hope so, but without a PadFone of our own to apply the upgrade to we’ll have to wait on word from ASUS.

Regardless, Jelly Bean is available in some capacity and should bring with it all the goodies you’d expect. Nothing much has changed on the ASUS side of things, but in all you’re getting Google Now, Project Butter and all that lays in between. If you own a PadFone 2 be sure to check for the upgrade in the About Tablet menu. In the meantime we’ll be reaching out to ASUS to find out how this interesting convergence of phone and tablet will handle such a unique over-the-air upgrade situation.

[via Engadget]

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