Dec 7th, 2012

If you don’t remember, Rockstar Games was supposed to be bringing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to Android yesterday. The app looked to launch without an issue and all seemed well with the world… that is, until it disappeared before our very eyes. It turns out Rockstar had the game pulled from the Google Play Store due to technical issues.

According to them, the game was experiencing some issues with the authorization system which kept people from being able to play the game. You certainly wouldn’t want to pay $5 for a game that doesn’t end up working, would you? Rockstar needs to take the extra time to work the issue out and will be halting sales until further notice.

We haven’t been given a concrete date, but the wait for its arrival should’t be painstakingly long. Rockstar says to expect it to be back in the Play Store by the end of next week. This timing is unfortunate for those who wanted to dive into Tommy Vercetti’s adventure over the weekend, but Rockstar’s hand is being forced by the annoyance of bugs in modern computing.

On the other hand, the iOS launch went off without fail. If you’re absolutely craving a mobile Vice City experience and happen to have an iOS device or two then that’s one route you can take. Otherwise, us Android folks are going to have to wait until Rockstar can get things figured out.

It’s not like we’re not used to delays at this point, but it’s no less frustrating every time it happens. Fortunately I still own the GTA series on PC so my crime-filled sandbox indulgences can be fed using that avenue, but if you had a legitimate need to play Vice City on the go this weekend then you’re going to have to find something else to fill that void.

[via Rockstar]