Dec 7th, 2012

In a moment perhaps highlighting the hyperbolic state of the Apple v. Samsung patent suit, Judge Lucy Koh issued a call for “global peace” as arguments wrapped up in post-trial motions yesterday. The thought stirred up a few laughs before Koh reiterated that she was serious, saying, “it would be good for consumers and good for the industry.”

Samsung said it was open to talks with Apple, but in what has become a blood feud it is unlikely any sort of settlement could be reached amicably. Apple restated their intentions to see the process out via the courts, even calling the current ruling against samsung a “slap on the wrist.”

The post-trial hearing covered a number of concerns each side had with the case, including Samsung’s complaint that Jury foreman Velvin Hogan was biased. Hogan had previously filed a suit against Seagate, a Samsung partner. But Koh and Apple’s attorneys didn’t seem to see the problem, and put the burden back on Samsung.

Also addressed was the breadth of the suit, with Samsung pointing out that all but three of the 20 devices targeted in the suit are no longer on the market. Likewise, the iPhone 3G and 3GS are no longer sold. Apple defended its claims against Samsung’s product lineup.

No orders were made at the time of the hearing. Judge Koh instead plans to spread out the decision over the coming weeks.  What she did make clear, despite her calls for peace, is that she won’t be ordering more face-to-face settlement talks due to a lack of previous success. Whether or not the two parties move towards that solution on their own remains to be seen, but no one’s holding their breath.

[via Electronista]

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