As Apple and Samsung post-trial motions conclude, judge calls for ‘global peace’


In a moment perhaps highlighting the hyperbolic state of the Apple v. Samsung patent suit, Judge Lucy Koh issued a call for “global peace” as arguments wrapped up in post-trial motions yesterday. The thought stirred up a few laughs before Koh reiterated that she was serious, saying, “it would be good for consumers and good for the industry.”

Samsung said it was open to talks with Apple, but in what has become a blood feud it is unlikely any sort of settlement could be reached amicably. Apple restated their intentions to see the process out via the courts, even calling the current ruling against samsung a “slap on the wrist.”

The post-trial hearing covered a number of concerns each side had with the case, including Samsung’s complaint that Jury foreman Velvin Hogan was biased. Hogan had previously filed a suit against Seagate, a Samsung partner. But Koh and Apple’s attorneys didn’t seem to see the problem, and put the burden back on Samsung.

Also addressed was the breadth of the suit, with Samsung pointing out that all but three of the 20 devices targeted in the suit are no longer on the market. Likewise, the iPhone 3G and 3GS are no longer sold. Apple defended its claims against Samsung’s product lineup.

No orders were made at the time of the hearing. Judge Koh instead plans to spread out the decision over the coming weeks.  What she did make clear, despite her calls for peace, is that she won’t be ordering more face-to-face settlement talks due to a lack of previous success. Whether or not the two parties move towards that solution on their own remains to be seen, but no one’s holding their breath.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Yeah, Apple, how many slaps on the wrist have you had?

  2. Is the reason that Apple has not paid dividends for 10 years, because they are scared that they are going back to the 90s when they were a small player in the tech field? It seems the Mac vs. PC era is repeating itself with iOS vs Android. And it seems like Apple is not really innovating anymore, but using it’s resources to sue everyone left and right. So how much longer can they live of great marketing and selling products that are behind the competition? Eventually only the few die hard Apple fans will stay customers of Apple. I won’t be laughing when apple shrinks and goes down to near bankruptcy, because no one deserves to loose it’s job over this, except top management, who will be responsible for this mess.

    1. Apple has never been generous to anyone even on their climb upwards. Cancer research, charities, etc… no deal. After Jobs stole a ticket on the transplant line (which having cancer negates you from being on a transplant list), did he help those he cut in front of? How about the hospital? Donate a wing? Did he set up a fund or an organization like Gates has done to help out the world? NO. He stayed on as the head of Apple ensuring world domination through overpriced iJunk and lawsuits from his closest competitors. *IF* Apple gives anything away now, it’s the schools only because Apple knows giving schools ipad means they’ll be forced to use the failing iBooks and the edu section to buy online books.

      1. lolwut?

      2. Nope, they usually sell iPads to schools at full retail price. Once in a while they knock $20 bucks or so off just to push the deal through….how generous.

    2. “Is the reason that Apple has not paid dividends for 10 years, because they are scared that they are going back to the 90s when they were a small player in the tech field?”

      I don’t get this non sequitur, and suspect that you don’t understand how stocks or dividends work.

    3. yes theyre scared. they been outdone by android and soon by windows (again) so they have to come up with a way to line their pockets….

    4. I wish just their mobile division could shrink down. I love their laptops.

  3. Its funny they say the 3 is no longer sold. ..Maybe not shipping out from Apple but I was in Walmart the other day, lady comes up and wants to get a new phone for her daughter. ..asks for the 3 and the sales lady was like yeah we have those in stock and pulled it out of the case….lol 1st How much does this woman not like her daughter? And 2nd…they still carry the 3?!

    1. Walmart is always behind in tech. They still sell ancient tech even when it is several generations old. When I bought my Logitech speakers from them they had been replaced several times over by that point by logitech.

    2. walmart has never had to the most discerning or knowledgeable buyers. They sell offbrands and old stuff all the time. I’m interested in why this surprises you.

      1. yeah they sell flip phones SCORE!

    3. lol people see that every idiot on the planet has an iphone and wana be part of that (group).

  4. Stealing technology from other companies and remarketing it can only last for so long. Then claiming the tech is yours and suing anyone else who uses it.

    1. seems like samsung made everything they ever used in their ijunk so why sue?

  5. Good for consumers and industry.. she wouldn’t have sided with Apple throughout this trial.

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