Dec 6th, 2012

With the infamous “quad-core wars” of 2012 drawing to a close, it looks like we’re now entering into the next great spec war — full HD 1080p displays. HTC officially started the latest trend after they were first to the US market with the HTC DROID DNA launching on Verizon Wireless last month with a 1080p SCLD3 display (despite Verizon keeping mum on the new tech in their latest commercial).

As predicted — and some have feared — other manufacturers are already following suit. Today, we’re seeing a new device from South Korean manufacturer LG popup in a benchmark, boasting a eye bleeding 1080p display. The device, known by the codename LG E940, is apparently the AT&T version of the Korea-only LG F240K, launching later this year on KT Telecom (Nexus 4 is the E960).

While a benchmark doesn’t give us much of an indication on potential release dates, we’d expect the LG E940 to launch sometime in early 2013, shortly after it’s Korean counterpart. I think this all but guarantees Samsung will launch a similar resolution display with the Galaxy S4. Not because they want to (or even because consumers demand it), but because that’s where competition is headed.

How are you feeling about a 1080p displays coming soon to an Android near you? Do you feel like it’s a bit of overkill? I can tell you that after playing with the HTC Droid DNA for a few minutes, it made even real life feel like “low res.” I’m sold.


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