HTC revenues get a holiday boost, still down overall


HTC revenues were up in November thanks to a seasonal sales boost. Sales grew from NT$17.2 billion in October to NT$21.23 billion last month, a gain of 23 percent. That is good news for the company that has been bleeding money since this time last year, reporting consistently declining revenues after months of record-setting gains, but the Taiwanese manufacturer isn’t out of the woods yet.

Overall revenues were still down 31 percent from the same period last year, a reversal of fortunes that has brought the company NT$267.5 billion in sales since January. The number is nothing to scoff at, but consider that at one point in 2011, HTC brought in over NT$45 billion in a single month.

It will be interesting to see how HTC fares through the remainder of the holiday season. It will be even more interesting to see if the gains will be long term. HTC has revised their approach to handset production, choosing to focus on few handsets with a higher-quality experience while diversifying with new Windows Phone 8 options to compliment their Android lineup.

[via BGR]

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  1. Thunderbolt!

  2. I wished more smartphones had kickstands—they rock on HD7s

    1. Evo LTE!

      1. I love that phone. Just wish it was available on more carriers than just Sprint :)

        1. This may sound dumb to some people, but I had an iPod and then I found out about the Galaxy Player and I sold my iPod for the 5 inch. I bought that in March, and now I decided it wasn’t fast enough. No ICS, bad screen, low RAM and processor.

          So I went on eBay and over the weekend purchased a white Evo 4G LTE to use as just my media device (I have Verizon so I can’t use it anyway). I’m so excited for that thing! :D

    2. Kickstand cases are quite nice too. I love my Seidio kickstand case for my SGS2.

  3. They keep _saying_ they’ve refocused on fewer, higher quality handsets… but then they keep releasing new “flagships” every couple of months, and they keep letting the carriers fragment each individual “flagship” into multiple different models with wildly disparate specs.

    1. The only reason they “let” carriers fragment their flagships is because HTC doesn’t really have a choice. If Verizon, Sprint, etc. don’t want to buy — what are they supposed to do?

  4. In the US its the exclusives.HTC One X is still exclusive to AT&T after 7months and a refresh. Now a new Verizon full featured device comes out call the DNA, which is its seems its just for that network too. But that device has gsm radios inside. Then you hear rumors of the HTC Deluxe which is/isnt the international version of the DNA. What device is going to be avaialble to all US carriers? What about Sprint and Tmobile, although at least Sprint received the EVO One X version. Tmobile hasnt had any high end One series devices. Will they receive their version of the DNA/Deluxe? This is what irritates me about HTC.

  5. Glad to see the upswing for them — I’ve always been a fan of their builds.

    Going forward they would be well advised to take a page from other manufacturer’s playbooks and bring versions of their phones to each carrier.

    1. They can’t do it. The carriers don’t want to buy a phone someone else is already offering. Instead, they want to build upon their own “brands,” like the EVO, or Incredible, etc.

      1. Samsung Galaxy S3 says hello :p but yeah, “exclusivity brings all the boys to the yard.”

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