Toshiba Excite 10 SE now available for $350


Just a couple of days ago we told you about the latest tablet to hit the Toshiba Excite family — the Toshiba Excite 10 SE — and now it’s already available at retail. The 10 inch tablet has hit Toshiba Direct and other select retailers for $350, and while something like the Nexus 10 might deliver a better overall experience the Excite 10 SE is nothing to sneeze at.

Alongside that 10 inch display “AutoBrite” HD display (likely 1280×800 resolution), you’re getting NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor, dual cameras, a tablet that’s just 22.6 ounces light and .4 inches thick, and runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box. It also features some nice bells and whistles for ports and connectivity, including Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi N, microSD and microUSB ports (the latter of which can be used to both sync data and charge the tablet’s battery).

For now we’re only certain that a 16GB model will be available for the base price of $350, but it’s possible Toshiba will add more SKUs a bit down the line. Even if they don’t, though, the advent of a microSD port should help feed the storage needs of anyone looking to pick this up. Head to if this tablet happens to fit the bill of what your proverbial “perfect cup of tea” looks like.

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  1. Who is doing the product pricing over at Toshiba??? Why would the 7 inch Tablet cost $130 more than the 10 inch and even with the huge discount still cost more by $30????

    1. Toshiba pricing has always been a mystery to me. Look at their laptop prices, they are all taken from the 90’s.

    2. COGS (cost of goods sold), R&D costs, start up new production line or borrow capacity from existing plants… things like that will contribute to pricing structure.

    3. Their 7.7″ tab uses Super Amoled just like the galaxy tab 7.7! thats why its expensive

  2. Seems, the tablet is not available for purchase yet. Cannot find the tablet on Toshiba webstore, just previous model. Based on announcement the Excite 10 SE is scheduled to arrive today… but it is not available now… You guys are too fast…:(

    1. I can’t find anything on it either! I think Toshiba has pushed back the release date and didn’t tell anybody. I’ve talked to the Toshiba Direct people and they say they have no information on a release date.

  3. Just woke up, read this .. And ..” WTF! 4 inches thickness???”
    “Put my face closer to my laptop screen”
    Sh*t .. there is a dot before 4 ..


    1. Lol, probably why most people prefer to display their specs in mm and grams even if they’re American companies.

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