Dec 5th, 2012

In the lead up to a decision on whether or not to seek an antitrust lawsuit against Google, chairman Eric Schmidt sat down with The Wall Street Jounral to discuss the current state of affairs at the internet giant. As can be expected, a good part of the conversation focused on Android, its partners, and the competition. Apple was a topic of discussion, and Schmidt put a new spin on the ongoing feud between the two companies.

The once Google CEO described the two as countries rather than the “teenage model of competition.” Apple and Google still conduct business with one another but understand they have disputes to work through. Apple might disagree with his assessment, as it continues to cut Google services from their iOS lineup and moves away from sourcing parts from Android partners such as Samsung.

Speaking of Samsung, Schmidt said he found it “curious” that Apple has chosen the indirect route, attacking the manufacturers of Android devices rather than Google directly. The statement came in typical Eric Schmidt fashion, giving us just enough to pique our interest but not diving much deeper.

The entire interview is worth a read and contains more comments on topics ranging from the acquisition of Motorola to Android fragmentation and app monetization. Head over to the source link below to check it out.

[via WSJ]