Schmidt sees Google and Apple as rival nations, finds legal attacks on Android partners ‘curious’


In the lead up to a decision on whether or not to seek an antitrust lawsuit against Google, chairman Eric Schmidt sat down with The Wall Street Jounral to discuss the current state of affairs at the internet giant. As can be expected, a good part of the conversation focused on Android, its partners, and the competition. Apple was a topic of discussion, and Schmidt put a new spin on the ongoing feud between the two companies.

The once Google CEO described the two as countries rather than the “teenage model of competition.” Apple and Google still conduct business with one another but understand they have disputes to work through. Apple might disagree with his assessment, as it continues to cut Google services from their iOS lineup and moves away from sourcing parts from Android partners such as Samsung.

Speaking of Samsung, Schmidt said he found it “curious” that Apple has chosen the indirect route, attacking the manufacturers of Android devices rather than Google directly. The statement came in typical Eric Schmidt fashion, giving us just enough to pique our interest but not diving much deeper.

The entire interview is worth a read and contains more comments on topics ranging from the acquisition of Motorola to Android fragmentation and app monetization. Head over to the source link below to check it out.

[via WSJ]

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  1. I’m glad you find them “curious” instead of helping your partners. A very passive aggressive approach to attacking Apple head on. It’s sad but it shows Google is in it for themselves.

    1. You thought Google wasn’t in it for themselves??? I love my Google products, but not once did I ever think they were some warm and fuzzy mom and pop’s shop. They are a business. They provide services and make money. The fact that they make useful services and their OS has been shaped by community input is also a large reason I stick with them.

      1. And plus, they have to be careful. Apple has a lot of stupid, but powerful patents. The whole android ecosystem could come tumbling down in a single lawsuit. It’s hard.

        1. Sad, but true…

        2. Google and Android vendors have more than 100,000 tech patents. 100K patents.

          Motorola alone has almost 20,000 patents.

          SAMSUNG has 70,000+ patents.

          Add giants like SONY and LG, Toshiba, SHARP.

          Add telecom support and excitement.

          Add everything true. Subtract everything Phil Schiller’s news marketing.

          Apple has ~6,500 bullsh*t patents.

          Nothing threatens Android existence, calm down.

          Apple’s lawsuits are marketing, pure marketing, the’re a tech-small company with very few (mostly) ‘design’/generic patents created specially to look more powerful.

          Android is not just an OS, it’s a secure and powerful Linux incarnation. If Microsoft was unable to kill Linux with its 18,000 patents, Apple will not HURT Android more than now: 0% effect.

          Android is the world’s largest open-source project, backed by more than 80 HUGE COMPANIES. It’s not Google’s home work, it’s BIGGER and mightier than an average internet user can think, reading Apple’s marketing news.;)

          1. Droid Rage, nice. Android is here.

          2. And one BS patent that targeted the Galaxy Nexus, searching using multiple databases. Oh how unfortunate.

          3. Best comment I’ve EVER read on these lawsuit articles

    2. Imagine that, a business that worries about itself. In other news, the sky is blue.

    3. I see what you mean but I have to think Google is helping Samsung and other Droid makers somehow. Samsung and all the other Android based smart phones are Googles bread and butter and I’m sure Google understands this

  2. I’m getting sick of Google acknowledging, but not addressing Apple’s war on Android OEMs.

    1. there already in trouble

      1. Where is already in trouble?

    2. And it sounded like Google was going to take a stand sort of speak or sue Apple through Motorola but than changed their minds. I wonder what was discussed and agreed upon a few months ago between Google execs and apple execs that was reported. We have to understand that these lawsuits will end one day. The GS3 doesn’t have the shape of the iPhone :- I mean we have to know Apple will run out of things to sue for one day soon.

      1. Did you see that square Apple was granted recently? I don’t think they’ll ever run out of things to sue for. They’re taking one geometric shape at a time from their patent portfolio.

    3. I don’t get it. What do you want them to do? Sue back? Google knows that Apple is a completely different product and they don’t share patents, and the patents they do share are probably bogus from the start. What’s the point of suing? What are they going to sue for?

      Samsung is mainly trying to fight back and say that Apple has bogus patents, but no one will listen. Samsung needs to just slap everyone with a completely bogus patent Apple has and ask them what the patent is for. Just show them the square and be like what device is this?

  3. It’s pretty clear why Apple is attacking partners. Money. If you want injunctions on products you have to go after those product manufacturers. And it’s a lot easier to prove monetary damage when the company you are suing is actually making monetary gains. (IE Samsung)

    Also, I’m sure courts are easier to persuade (at least in the US) when you are going after a foreign company and not a US company.

  4. funny how apple doesnt even manufacture anything apple… yet sues for patents?????????????

    1. thats like GM hiring toyota to make a car then suing them for making their own version….. makes no sense cant even believe this is an issue in the world.

      1. You paid for someone to make it for you, not for them to use it. You have a drawing idea, so you pay an artist to make it for you, but it’s still your idea. If the artist was to make their own version of your drawing, that would be wrong.

        I’m not trying to back up Apple or anything, just pointing out what’s going on.

        OR… you work for Samsung and make their TV’s. Then you go off using that knowledge to make your own TV. You think that’s OK? LoL!!

    2. HTC and Moto don’t manufacture anything either. Foxconn makes all their stuff too.

      1. really i figured samsung made their stuff too lol…

        1. Samsung probably makes the flash memory for a lot of their phones, but you don’t see exynos processors in HTC or Moto phones. However, when it comes to the actual assembly of the phone, most phones go through Foxconn.

          For the iPhone, Samsung makes the flash (at least some of it) and manufacturers their processor, but again assembly is all done by foxconn.

  5. Corporations and States-Governments mirror each other. They operate in the exact same way. Just read ” management and Machiavelli”. Schmidt is a smart man.

    1. Poor title. Most of us don’t “see” it nor understand. Even Jesus equated Business with Government in I think it was His parable with monetary talents though he added something extra. They are b both the exact same thing. It’s interesting to see if you kind of understand the correlation. Read the book. I want to add some examples how they corporations and governments are the same but I can’t

  6. Thus far Apple is fighting a proxy war I would Imagine.

    1. and Apple first went against HTC? And now Samsung. I don’t know the exact path Apple took if their were other companies in between. But Apple just seemed to be working their way up to bigger fish. It sounds like Googles CEO … wouldn’t mind a showdown against Apple, dude sounds confident.

      1. At that time all you heard about was HTC Evo and HTC this and HTC. Now it’s all about the Galaxy S series. Apple seems to be targeting the growing line up. Did you ever hear about Sony this and Sony that? I’m not saying they’re bad, but the popularity wasn’t high.

        Seeing how the Nexus 4 is selling and the Nexus 7, you might start to hear about that. If it becomes popular enough, Apple may try and sue Asus and LG. Oh I’d love for them to try and sue Asus. That would be a good one. Asus already hates Apple.

  7. I dont think Apple has enough to take down AOSP.

  8. I love how Schmidt brushes aside the question about Microsoft and Windows Phone. On the other hand Ballmer can’t shut up about Android. I guess it just goes to show how jealous Ballmer is of Android.

  9. Google can’t legally help the om’s getting attacked. Google can’t help samsung sadly. Samsung heavily modifies android to fit the galaxy phones. The lawsuits were against those modifications mostly. Not the base os. (Galaxy nexus being the exception). Apple is the real villian here. I will always enjoy setting my note 2 down next to an iphone and watching the owner cry.

  10. Apple is probably scared of Google


  12. All Eric Schmidt needs to do is acknowledge what is happening. It is the confirmation that apple is after Google. And noe everyone knows it for sure – because he said what he said. Common sense.

  13. Anyone know how Apple is doing inventing the TV? they would then have a whole new market segment to sue over…

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