New SwiftKey feature: Flow Through Space – Swipe entire sentences without lifting a finger [VIDEO]


While SwiftKey Flow is nearing a public releases and is sure to convert a few of the diehard Swype fans out there, it seems those folks at SwiftKey don’t know how to stop. In fact, one could even say SwiftKey’s only real competition is quickly turning into… themselves. Revealed on their YouTube channel today is an all new feature from SwiftKey Flow — “Flow Through Space.”

What does that mean exactly? Well, it appears as if users can forget about tapping their spacebar, when swiping with Flow. Now, it’s possible to swipe entire sentences without ever having to lift a finger. It’s unclear from the video if this will be a feature inside SwiftKey Flow, or possibly an upgrade or separate app altogether? One thing is certain — SwiftKey is on a whole ‘nother level. Wow.

Check out the video below and let me know if you guys think Flow Through Space could make life on your smartphone easier.

Chris Chavez
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  1. half year for swiftkey, swype still in beta (3 yrs) haha

    1. Swype has been released – but only on devices which come with it preinstalled. Their public beta program gives the general public access to their beta versions only; that doesn’t equate to the product being eternally in beta.

  2. Now I can swype to Dubstep.

  3. I don’t understand what you mean about “forget about their spacebar altogether” when the video shows clearly that the swipes include passing over the space bar. Huh?

    1. Ha. My mind was thinking “tapping.” Fixed.

      1. Well actually, tapping the spacebar wasn’t required in normal SwiftKey Flow either.
        I think what you mean is, users now no longer have to lift their finger off the screen between words.

    2. watch the whole video

    3. Yeah, and how about the fact that when swyping, you don’t have to use the space bar in the first place? It auto-spaces. I’ve already forgotten about the spacebar and this would make me use it.

      1. This also applies in the new 4.2 keyboard.

      2. Agree. I think having to drag your finger all the way down to the space bar is a bit cumbersome.

        1. Yeah, I tried it. It’s weird at first because I’ve gotten so used to the “Swype” way of swiping.

  4. It’s came a long way I know that. I mean it was nice when it came out, but it’s great now. I love the Dubstep music along with it.

  5. So awesome

  6. It’s been a long time since I’ve used SwiftKey and wanted to know if they mic on the keyboard is Google’s native one or is it the developers own speech recognition?

    1. It’s google’s.

      1. Yet another reason to love Swiftkey, til death do us part.

  7. When can we download this?

    1. Well if this video is any indication (with the link at the end), it looks like we can expect it REALLY soon.

      1. Can you just PM me when it’s ready Chris :) FYI, wanted to ask you something since we are both in the SOCAL area.

          1. Sent you an add on FB, can chat there.

  8. Frick…I’m excited.

  9. I’ve been using FlexT9 for a year or so now and love it, but this takes swiping to a whole new level. I’m really interested in how he did that exclamation point, too. Is that gesture part of the current swiftkey flow?

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