Sharp’s 5-inch 1080p smartphone stands tall against competition


Samsung, HTC, Motorola and more might have the wireless industry’s ear more than any other crop of OEMs, but there is no shortage of great devices coming from those who aren’t particularly big in the smartphone market. Sharp is one of those companies, and its new 5 inch smartphone is looking to stand toe-to-toe with competition from the big boys.

The company’s 5-inch, 1080p SH930W impresses in a few different areas. The aforementioned display is just one of the many things we can give them a grand “thumbs up” for, but there’s a lot more to be had. With a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel rear camera, a 2 megapixel front camera and Jelly Bean out of the box it promises to be no slouch.

Sharp is so confident that its phone can stand with the best of them that it even did so in the handy comparison chart you see above. It likens the phone to the Samsung Galaxy S3, LG Optimus Vu, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG’s Optimus Vu, all pretty great smartphones in their own light.

Oddly missing is the HTC DROID/HTC J Butterfly, the phone which most closely matches its specs with a 5 inch 1080p display. We imagine Sharp left it out to make sure none of the phones could match up to the SH930W’s pixel density of 443 PPI, but we won’t get into the subtleties of marketing. All we know is that the company certainly has the potential to make a bigger name for itself in this sector of the technology world starting with this phone.

Unfortunately, Sharp’s status as a global electronics player won’t matter much with this phone — release plans are still limited to a couple of regions, with Russia and Hong Kong being the only markets we can confirm will get it at this point. The phone is due out at some point in December as the “Q4 2012” target window doesn’t leave room for much else at this point.

[via Unwired View]

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  1. Should be compared to other 5″ phones, such as Galaxy Note and HTC Droid DNA

    1. Yeah, but I think Sharp wanted to make their phone look better… I always welcome new manufacturers to Android, but I’m not sure if Sharp can gain much percentage in the products total Android users

      1. sharp has been in the android market since day 1… just not in NA

        1. Not sure about day 1, but even if they were, they still don’t have much of a foothold in percentage of manufacturers for Android sold

          1. in japan and china they are huge…

  2. Should’ve compared it to an iPhone 5.

  3. Listed LG Optimus Vu twice. Just fyi

  4. Should have compared it to the HTC DNA and not devices that are over 6 months old. In the tech world where changes and advancements happen daily, this comparison is dated and useless. Sadly for Sharp the now over 6 month S3 has a newer OS version. And the international version of the S3 has a quad core CPU, Sharp sports a dual core.

  5. Doesn’t the U.S sell a crazy amount of smartphones? Why do so many OEMs not sell their stuff here?

    1. Look at Huawei, they sell massive phones worldwide but they mostly are low range phones that Americans mostly don’t want even when free, most companies would rather not waste resources on markets in which they can’t compete, but I have to give Huawei credit for starting to introduce their higher end phones to Americans.

  6. They need to be releasing phones to a wider audience if they want to be recognized as a major player.

  7. but what’s the point if it doesnt exist in the US market….

  8. They need to release a new version of the “sidekick”. I’ve been waiting for a VERY GOOD hardware keyboard for a long time.

  9. the pic clearly shows a gs3 and a one x ?

    shouldnt it be a note and butterfly

  10. DNA with quad core kind of bests this slightly. not by much though imo.

  11. hopefully it will be out soon b4 it goes bankrupt.

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