CyanogenMod begins rolling out nightlies for Nexus 4; Nexus 10 coming soon


As a Nexus device, the Nexus 4 is sure to get deep support from the development community. We aren’t surprised to learn that he biggest entity in the after market ROM world — CyanogenMod — has officially given the green light for nightlies for the Nexus 4 (mako) to start rolling out.

As suspected, the version of CyanogenMod we’re officially looking at for Android 4.2 is CyanogenMod 10.1, and we imagine it won’t take the team as long as they took to bring us up from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean. The Nexus 10 isn’t quite ready for prime time yet, but the team has confirmed that it would be getting nightlies sometime soon.

In regards to other devices, the CyanogenMod team has reminded everyone that nightlies will still be based on Android 4.1 (CM version 10.0) until they “flip the switch” on Android 4.2 builds for everyone else. We didn’t expect existing devices to be stepped up to Android 4.2 right away anyway, so this news doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

And, as always, there’s no ETA on the OTA — it’ll all come when it’s ready, so be patient and relax, and know that the CyanogenMod team has your back. As for you Nexus 4 owners you can head right here to get the treats you crave (but remember that bugs may exist and things may not work right as nightlies are not intended for everyday use).

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  1. Hope it come to the Gnex soon as well thanks devs.

  2. What does (mako) mean?

    1. Internal code name of the Nexus4

    2. Also — some times different builds of the same phone go by different indentifiers:

      TAKJU = If you have a GSM HSPA+ version you bought through the Play Store in the U.S.
      YAKJU = GSM HSPA+ version you bought through the Play Store internationally.
      (Both TAKJU and YAKJU are updated straight from Google and are the versions getting the OTA right now.)

      YAKJU** (two prefixes) = GSM international version from Samsung
      MANGURO = Verizion
      TORO = Sprint

      (thank you fender7217)

      1. Manguro is the US GSM version
        Toro is VZW
        ToroPlus is Sprint

        1. Also it’s Maguro, not Man

  3. Disappointing that there’s no Nexus 7 news.

    1. I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.

  4. Why would you use CyanoGen if it was Vanilla Android? I thought the entire point of Cyanogen was to get your non-Nexus devices as close to Vanilla as possible.

    1. There are enhancements to be gained in custom ROM’s, like bug fixes, faster/smoother experience, removing that god awful quick settings shade because its fucking useless and hopefully to change how the lock screen is because I really hate seeing the “add a widget” square always on in the lockscreen. Listen, I don’t want fucking widgets on my lock screen and would like to turn it off.

      I had no plans to slap a custom ROM on my Nexus 7, but because of 4.2 I certainly will.

      1. Cool =) Thanks for the answer.

  5. No CM10.1, yet I’m running Android 4.2 on my I9000. Open source is so great.

  6. Cool! Could be a real alternative on the Google-Smartphone!

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