Nov 20th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:18 pm

I know it’ll be tough to swallow this story considering many of you can’t even get your original Nexus 4 yet, but bear with me here. New rumors are swirling that Google might soon be releasing a white version of the device, though, as another online retailer has hinted at the existence of such a concoction.

The perpetrator is TalkTalk, a Carphone Warehouse relative (the latter being the same site that originally leaked word of a  white Nexus 4 before). Its site humorously shows a black Nexus 4 in an ad that says you’ll get a white one alongside a Nexus 7, so we’re sure this is another blunder that the retailer will want to forget.

In the off chance that this ad is accurate, however, TalkTalk says new stock is expected December 13th. You can bet we’ll be checking to see if folks are receiving a device from the other side of the color wheel before then, but if you decide to order one be sure to let us know if it ends up coming in the white finish that’s being promised.

It will be interesting to see how that chatoyance back plate would look on a white slate. Someone might mistake the design for a diamond studded phone from afar, but perhaps the effect will be a lot more subtle than what’s on the black models. Head to TalkTalk if you decide you want to try your hand at getting this thing in white, but be sure to go in knowing that you might not be getting what’s advertised in the long run.

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