Leave a comment to win an AT&T HTC One X+ with Tegra 3! [GIVEAWAY]


Here’s another holiday treat for you guys to sink your teeth into — we’re giving away AT&T’s latest and greatest device, the HTC One X+! This device is an industry first as it’s the very first device to launch with the combination of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor with the fifth battery-saving “companion core.”

HTC Sense 4+ is on hand, and the enhanced software experience features it brings alongside Jelly Bean makes for HTC’s most comprehensive user experience yet. For those concerned about storage, there should be nothing holding you back as the HTC One X+ features a whopping 64GB internally.

Considering it’s non-partitioned you should have no qualms about all the media and files you want on the phone. AT&T’s HTC One X+ will come in an exclusive Carbon Black finish once it launches today for $199.99 following a new two-year contract. Take a look at this AT&T Mobile Minute to see what makes this such a great device to own:

So by now you’re probably watering at the mouth and wondering how you can enter to win one of these. The rules are quite simple, actually — leave a comment! Well… it can’t just be any old comment. We want you to tell us what you’d be doing if you had 64GB of internal storage and a powerful Tegra 3 processor inside your phone.

Would you load up all the music you can? Take a ton of great photos and video with the device’s great 8 megapixel 1080p HD camera? Load up on all of the exciting and beautiful Tegra HD games from Tegra Zone? Replace your computer, even? Whatever you’d want to do, we want to hear it. Let’s read on for the formal rules and regulations:

  • You are entering to win 1 (one) HTC One X+ for AT&T (no service).
  • You must be a resident of the United States of America to be eligible to win.
  • To enter, leave a comment explaining what you would do with 64GB of storage and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor inside your phone. (One entry per person, please — blatant duplicate entries will be disqualified.)
  • One winner will be selected at random. You must use your real email address in the comment form or on your Disqus account. If we do not receive a response within a reasonable amount of time (24-48 hours) we will randomly select another winner. This process will continue until we have determined a winner.
  • Entries will be accepted until Sunday, November 18th at 11:59pm eastern.

Just like I said — easy, peasy! Be sure to head off to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like to share this great contest with your friends and have fun discussing your entries in the comments below! We would like to extend a special thank you to AT&T, HTC and NVIDIA for making this contest possible, and as always we want to thank you guys for being the awesome readers that you are! Have a great weekend!

You can buy an HTC One X+ for $199.99 for a two-year contract in AT&T stores or by visiting AT&T’s website today!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Would love to kill the 64GB storage by taking tons of awesome pictures. HTC’s cameras are one of the best out there on smartphones.

  2. I would like to win one after not getting the nexus 4 :/. With me winning it’d be amazing especially with that 64gb which my current galaxy nexus and the nexus 4 lack. All my media and games would not be in jeopardy of elimation due to storage. The processor would let me handle anything I throw at it.

  3. Music. What else?

  4. Um, with that much space, I’d take every photo and video ever. And maybe keep a lot of live music sets on there, too.

  5. me please!

  6. Love that LCD screen!

  7. I would put my entire music collection on the phone AND some movies! No need for cloud music streaming!

  8. My entire music library would fit and then some. Maybe add some music videos, and movies. Bam 64GB!


  10. I would fill this bad boy with HD movies and episodes of Community and watch them on a gorgeous HTC screen to Chang my perspective.

  11. Push it to its limits! Stream Hulu+ & Netflix, install launchers, keep track of things, look things up, and maybe even make a few calls

  12. Definitely load ALL my music on there. 16GB or even 32GB is just never enough for me. Also, games… with that Tegra 3, I’d have so many games. Sucks being stuck in the old ages with a Galaxy S II!
    (If my email isn’t visible, it’s the same name as my connected Twitter account at Gmail)

  13. Id fill it up with music, and play all the new tegra filled awesomeness games.

  14. I’d play a bunch of the great FPS games that are out. Most take about 1 or 2 GB, but you won’t run out of that very quickly with 64GB internal memory!

  15. Load that thing up with movies and tv shows so I can have that stuff on the go!


  17. movies and music and lots of photos

  18. with 64GB of storage I could fit all my music and plenty of my videos!

  19. I would never miss recording a moment of my 1 year old daughter’s antics due to running out of space for recording 1080p video and taking photos as I record with 64GB of storage and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor inside my phone.

  20. I would play a ton of cool games with this phone! And store a lot of movies for my daughter!

  21. I would actually store all of my music/video on the phone with the 64GB :)

  22. I just refreshed the page and my comment is gone. :O Anyhow would love to fill that humongous storage with photos and games.

  23. At this point, with 64GB, I’d probably fill it with 3-4 of those huge RPG games, hah

  24. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I’d use that 64GB of storage and Tegra 3 SoC for Storing lots of music, and playing lots of games. :D

  25. I am a huge video person. I usually record everything on my phone instead of buying an overpriced video camera. I am also an avid gamer and with the Tegra 3 processor i could be playing some sick games. Also this phone is the only other phone i would consider a contender with the S3.

  26. Well I gave up on ripping my DVD’s a while back because the phone couldn’t hold many but this would get me back into it! On top of that, I run the athletics facebook page at my school and I could store a ton of game footage to upload to the site! The kids would love it!

  27. I would build a time machine and go back to add a SD card slot to the device’s design specs

  28. If I had this phone the 64gb of memory would be used for the many old photo albums my parents and grandparents have accuried in the last 100+ years. I would have them scanned and saved for my kids and grandkids. Oh and Phandroid is the BEST!

  29. My eldest daughter has Epilepsy.. home bound, would fill with her favorite music, games, reading material .. that way she has plenty to do :)

  30. i would be playing shadowgun

  31. 64GB is more than I’ll ever need on my phone, especially since I stream 95% of my music, so I guess I’d have to just take craploads of pictures and video to fill it up!

  32. If I had 64GB of internal storage and a powerful Tegra 3 processor, I would (literally) store my life in my phone: videos, pictures, songs, documents, e-books- everything and anything!!! I’m tired of having to delete apps – this phone would enable me to finally be carefree!

  33. With 64 gb, I’ll be taking a lot of HD videos of my kids using this phone. Hope i win

  34. I’d use it to store all my music and best movies. It’d be nice to have plenty of space on a phone.

  35. First, holla! I would use it to play Tegra only games! I really love HTC and want them to do well. I also really want Jelly Bean!

  36. I would load it up with the highest quality games and some spectacular HD movies!

  37. I would be able to install all the apps I want and run them without nearly as much lag as I get with my old Nexus S. Boy I need a new phone like this.

  38. I don’t normally comment, but when I do, it’s in hopes to win an HTC One X+ from my favorite Android blog.

    I’d fill that thing up with my favorite music and replace my old school MP3 player once and for all!

  39. Sounds awesome. Would be great to finally dump my iPod for carrying music around; about 20 GB last I looked.

  40. Replace my Sprint HTC hero with a modern phone and fast network

  41. I would give the phone to my buddy’s wife. She is always complaining about her iPhone 3G. She could fill up the 64 gigs of memory with music I don’t like…

  42. lots of music

  43. 64GB of storage and a quad core processor. I guess I would rule the world. Nah, I would get all the music I could think of and see about running a DS emulator on it.

  44. 64 gigs of space? download ALL the things…..

    1. Even the pink things?

      1. Especially the pink things.

        1. gotta love the pink things

          1. I am a fan of the pink things.

          2. Also got to eat the pink things nom nom nom!

  45. I would probably buy up an old moto lapdock and figure out a way to rig it up as a pretty powerful netbook for travel and work!

  46. I will have lots of movies, music, and gamed with all that storage space. That Tegra 3 will go hard on gaming as well.

  47. storing the video recordings of my classes!

  48. Whatever I want.:-)

  49. I would never delete anything ever. It would be glorious.

  50. I would watch movies while bored on the bus with this powerhouse of a phone

  51. Fill it with videos from my kids (and wife *wink*) for those long business trips! Sorry GSIII, but this is the phone for me!

  52. I would play lots and lots of games!!

  53. I’d store all the videos, music, and audio books that my kids need for long trips.

  54. I would download and fill my 64GB with every Tegra 3 compatible game out there!

  55. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…………….I want to WIN so BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  56. I’d definitely load it up with tons of music, as I regularly find myself in areas without service. The TegraHD games look like a clear winner as well!

  57. I would definitely use that power and storage for playing the best games on Android.

  58. LIke I said before: To load as much (homemade) porn as possible and get it fast! (Joke)

  59. sweet id load music and videos and play some tegra 3 games!!!

  60. With the large screen and good storage, I would use this as remote access for my work computer, and link local storage so I can keep some of the files on my phone instead of my computer.

  61. Id put everything on it!!!

  62. With that kind of power and storage, i would do anything I want.

  63. 64 GB would likely go to Music, movies and my rapidly expanding play books list… the tegra 3 would likely be used to satiate my want to play Horn. The rest of the phone would likely retire my non-ics getting Desige HD ;)

  64. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…………….I want to WIN so BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    I would play all of the Tegra games that I can’t currently play on my crap phone like Dark Meadow. Thats alot of internal memory too :D, I would load up lots of music, and manage my art work.

  65. Would be nice to own a tegra3 device indeed =]

  66. I would love to be able to watch TV and Movies on the go and with 64GB, that would have me set for a long, long, time. The Tegra 3 and it’s battery-sipping awesomeness would ensure I would be able to watch more than a few episodes.

  67. I would store my movies, music, and photos. Thanks Phandroid!

  68. I’d have plenty of space for backups when switching between various custom ROMs without having to worry about the large size of most games that would be worth installing to take advantage of that quad core Tegra 3 goodness.

  69. I would load it up with all my books and training videos so I would always have them with me at a moments notice. A few games and my favorite albums wouldn’t hurt either ;)

  70. I would load on some MKV media files and take it with me on trips to fill the down time.

  71. I would host an ftp server off my phone over 4G! :P

  72. Sell it on ebay or craigslist to get a Nexus 4…hmmm…

  73. I would wish it was in a Windows Phone 8 phone. :(

  74. puppies, grand-kids, kids, friends, husband, music, email, work, recipes, maps Please oh Please save me from my Droid Charge!! cause it can’t keep up with me!

  75. this is the most powerful phone to date. I will use the quad core 4 games movies and music. HTC rocks!

  76. I’d use it to automate my home

  77. Load it up with all the games from the Humble Bundles for Android I have purchased. Also all the free apps I have gotten from Amazon.

  78. The + at the end makes all the difference.

  79. I’d load up about 40 gb of music. That should leave plenty of room for a few roms, nandroids, and apps.

  80. Put all my music on it!

  81. Realtime media server!

  82. I would love to give this phone to my son as his first cell phone!! He would love it!!

  83. 64 GB in a phone will allow me to throw away my aging iPod and forever liberate me from that evil known as Apple!

  84. I would love to be able to replace my Atrix 4G which is getting no love from Motorola. There’s plenty of room on there to put the music collection and try out some games that have better graphics. I would also like to think it would take better video that my Atrix. Would be great to capture moments with the kids.

  85. Would love it

  86. I would load it up with all those TV shows I’m behind on. Maybe even hi-def version of them

  87. With 64Gb I would keep my entire music collection on my phone & have tons of space left over to take plenty of pictures and videos.

  88. I would make it my new best friend.

  89. I would be able to put all my 14 gigs of music as well as couple hundred of movies for my kids to watch while traveling. I would also not have to worry about signing a 2 year contract with AT&T.

  90. I would take all the pictures that I can. I would also actually use my phone as a music player

  91. I would use that power and storage to take over the world with Pinky and the Brain.

  92. If I had 64GB of storage to use I’d be able to carry all the pics/videos of my sons with me at all times and still have room for my music and all the data modern Android games store.

  93. i’d fill that 64GB with tons of glorious games and music

  94. I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to keep a solid connection streaming music all day.

  95. what kinda comment?

  96. well I would first load up the storage with movies, tv shows, music, and large games. Then with the processor I would enjoy them all

  97. I’d use the 64GB of storage for games! games! games! :D

  98. I would store all the podcast downloads I want and play all the new, powerful games. Maxed out my last phone with 32GB total.

  99. AT&T sucks so I would through it away unless I could use it on another network

  100. I would load that thing with tons of comic books!

  101. anything and everything possible

  102. I would put alot of movies and music on my HTC one! who am I kidding I would sell the phone and use it to pay the bills!

  103. I would store all my data,music, pictures. Its pretty basic but, I need all these things as a mandatory on any device I own. I’m old school so, not really into the cloud storage thing.

  104. First off, I would probably root it. After that I would load some amazing ROM that some genius of a developer made. Then I would put some music and maybe some movies on it. Finally I would probably rinse and repeat step two a couple of times.

  105. I would use my tegra 3 to dominate the world and then record everyones reaction on my 64gigs!

  106. I actually like Sense.

  107. I would use the storaqe to store movies, tv shows and hours of video from the amazing camera.

  108. Apple sucks, I’d use it to surf the web and listen to music when I am supposed to be working. now give me my phone!

  109. I would use those features to store and share my shark-diving photos and videos!

  110. I would load it up with music and videos and then buy some of the great tegra only games to see how great they look on that amazing screen.

  111. I could definitely use this HTC ONE X+! My HTC Inspire 4G but is on life support and barely getting by. Send me some LOVE Phandroid.

  112. Here is my comment “You must be a resident of the United States of America to be eligible to win.” #Fail When are all these tech sites going to realise their global audience is probably bigger than their local one.

  113. lots and lots of hd movies

  114. I would load it up games and never stop playing!

  115. I will play all of those THD optimized games that take up a bunch of space for their HD graphics.

  116. 64 gigs for games, music, movies!!! and all the possible roms to switch back and forth

  117. That storage would go to my entire music library so I can finally stop carrying 2 devices around! The Tegra 3 would go towards all those awesome games I can’t play on my current phone!!!

  118. Wow, I would use this amazing phone to store all of the awesome games that I like to play. Also, I would use the new OS to create Photo Spheres everywhere imaginable!

  119. With that much storage I could store all my Monkees LP’s

  120. I would use the 64gb for music and taking pics and videos of my kid, the phone I currently have only has 5gb internal. I would play all the graphically awesome Tegra games and the Tegra 3 processor could handle whatever I want. I would love this phone.

  121. sounds good :)

  122. Music and movies plus play that awesome AR game from Google pending I get an invite, of course!!!

  123. I would put movies on that bad boy and all the tegra 3 games.

  124. winning!!

  125. I commute on the train every day, so the space would be for music, movies and books. The tegra 3 would be for some awesome FPS.

  126. I would love to win the HTC One X+. I would use the 64GB of storage to load up my movies and TV shows so I have something to watch on my long plane rides. :)

    Thanks in advance for picking me! :)

  127. With everything around us moving so fast.. I need storage.for music, photos , to make room now!

  128. sure sure sure!

  129. Great phone great company! Boom.

  130. I would put a ton of music on it, and then download a bunch of Tegra enhanced games.

  131. I would replace my current phone and then give my current phone to the first person willing to smash their I phone…

  132. With 64gb of storage and a Tegra 3 I can play a lot of games, plus load up HD movies for mobile viewing with HTC’s media link.

  133. omg if I had that 64GB HOX+ I think Id be able to store actual music artists on my phone for live concerts – screw songs. I’ll be able to carry around all my favorite Carrot Top stand ups. Finally I’ll be able to give some of those great looking Tegra games a try with that T3 processor and 64GB. Gimme dat phone phandroid!

  134. with 64GB of memory, I will finally be able to save all my music onto my phone! The Cloud in Google Music is not too useful when at a college campus with spotty wifi.

  135. What wouldn’t I do with an amazing quad core processor in my phone making things zippy and
    with more storage than my last 3 phones combined? I’d certainly try to fill up the storage with much better pictures than my Droid 4 can take.

  136. Replace my current phone and then give my current phone to anyone will to smash their Iphone in front of me.

  137. I would finally be able to game on the road as I’ve always wanted!

  138. Need tons of storage to house my documents plotting attacks on Motorola because of my Atrix and ICS…….

  139. I’d use the *internal* 64GeeBees for:

    1) Keeping more of the massive 2GB+ GameLoft (and other) games installed at the same time. SGS3’s 16GB doesn’t cut it for packrats.

    2) More 1080p video recordings (rather than moving it to external, since CM10’s camera still doesn’t support saving to external storage(!))

    3) More Music (in flac)

    4) More Nandroid Backups (vs just keeping 1 or 2)

    5) More TitaniumBackup Backup versions (vs just 1)

    6) Keep more old ROM, kernel, gapps, etc zips on the phone w/o cleanup.

  140. With high definition pictures and movies taken with the phone’s cameras, downloaded games that take advantage of the awesome screen, and all of my music, the 64gb will get filled up quickly. Can’t wait!

  141. Spread the love smash the hate

  142. I could use 64GB of storage to store all my music and record HD videos and that’s pretty much it

  143. With a phone like that, I could see my life being a little more organized and easier. First off the storage would come in handy, seeing as I’m on the road 4+ hours a day I need a decent music library to stay sane, as well as use the rest of the storage to save picture of my huge portuguese family (60+ just first and second cousins, these people multiply like bunnies). While the processor would come in handy as it will be powerfully enough to run all the office apps I need for school, as well as picture editing for my adventures on the weekend. Plus it would just be nice to win one of these contests…definitely would brighten up my day :-)

  144. What would I do with 64gb, finally enjoy listening to all of my movie/game soundtracks on one device.

  145. Lots of video!

  146. I would give it to my girlfriend, she needs a new phone and I have the Galaxy S III. Just being honest. But I do really really want the phone =D

  147. HTC One X+ – I thing I’ll love it, I have a chance to try HTC One X, it fast processor, but this one I guess this one will works faster then my mind, and very important … no more space problem. Not selling for sure, period

  148. I just got the galaxy note 2 but i always liked htc phones better. i’d fill it up with all my photos, music and movies. screw it i’d just put everything in it, my new exteral hard drive that can make calls!!

  149. Oh snap, I will start a on the go porno archive…for academic purposes. And music.

  150. With 64gigs of memory I would definitely download all the awesome game’s like deahhd trigger, nova 3, horn, the new dead zone shadowgun, and that new batman game TDKR! I mean this game’s are sick! Has anyone seen the the graphics on these games, there competing against xbox games. Obviously with 64gigs I have nothing to worry about cause a lot of these games are like a gig or more so these 8 16 gigs phones just don’t cut it. Please pick me I would totally put this phone to great use and definitely use it for what is was meant to do. Obviously with the nvidia inside these games would just run and play so smooth! With nvidia and 64gigs there is no stopping this phone Good luck everyone!

  151. 64gb would be plenty for my gigantic music collection (at least 13k songs…longtime CD hoarder) Tegra 3 would be good since I also play a lot of games on my phone. Nvidia and HTC, Taiwan represent!

  152. I would store my favorite movies and TV shows (always critical on the plane) and then download podcasts as long as my heart desires!

  153. I would load up my HD movies and still have space for plenty of music! I wouldn’t have to rely on the cloud out streaming services

  154. With 64GB of storage and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor inside my phone I would store all my favorite music, photos and videos on the massive internal storage, and use the power of Tegra 3 to play the latest games and zip through my phone lag free.

  155. I would use it as a media/gaming platform.

  156. I would store all of my school data on my phone so I could always have it with me.

  157. I would use the 64GB to fill with videos for the kids to keep them entertained in the car. I would use that quad core processor to browse phandroid really fast.

  158. so that i do not have to use cloud service and save on my data plan :)

  159. I need to switch carriers and I love HTC!!!

  160. RAWR!

  161. I would download every tegra hd game there is and download all of the hd movies I can… I never won a contest so this might be a first…thanks Phandroid!

  162. I would give this phone to my girlfriend so she could fill that memory up with pictures. She loves HTC cameras.

  163. I would attach a flux capacitor to it and travel back in time. PLEASE PICK ME

  164. I would replace my Galaxy Nexus with it, and game until my thumbs are sore.

  165. I would use my One X+’s abilities to fully showcase my love for the android platform. Filling it up with amazing Tegra 3 3D games and streaming music over Google Music with the blazing fast LTE all the while laughing at my isheep buddies would be just the beginning……..

  166. Since it has more space than my PC, id sell my PC!

  167. So, with T3 you’re supposed to play games. 64GB worth is quite a lot of games, so I’d be pretty busy I guess.

  168. Hmm…64GB and a quad-core Tegra 3..Music, Podcasts, Games, Photos, Videos, Apps and tons left over for other things

  169. I love my companion core. we would spend our time taking pictures, consuming media and enjoying life all day without the battery dying.

  170. I’d probably start using my phone as my movie storage and stream them to my tv via dlna.

  171. With that much space and power, I’d have an arcade in my pocket

  172. I would take non-stop video of everything my kids do – just because I know people on facebook love that!

  173. i really need to get back to gsm

  174. I have a 60GB SSD in my laptop…this depresses me a little…

  175. That is one sweet phone!

  176. 64 GB of storage would finally allow me to carry around all of my music. Gone are the days of picking and choosing my favorite songs, like so many scenarios in which you can only pull one son up from the certain death of the jagged rocks below! The Tegra 3 would finally allow me to run over innocent civilians in GTA 3 without lag while I poop.

    It’s win/win, really.

  177. I would love one of these!

  178. I would use this to finally play all the Tegra Zone games I can’t get on my S3 and the storage would finally get me away from Pandora.

  179. i would fill the 64gb with a lot of movies and music so i’d never get bored when i’m out!

  180. Now my One X is outdated already! :[

  181. I’d fill it with my entire music library, as well as videos and documents galore! It would easily take the place of my tablet and present phone (GS II) who knows, maybe even my computer.

  182. I would make phone calls, send text messages, listen to Pandora, and play games all at the same time.

  183. I’d fill it with music, games, and movies! That screen is beautiful. No need to worry about graphic hogging games cause the tegra 3 processor is a beast. I would love this phone!

  184. Man with 64GB I could put plenty of my ridiculously large music collection on this phone. It would be my primary music listening device. *crosses fingers

  185. Tons of gaming and sesame street videos for my 4 year old son! This one would mean a lot

  186. want so bad. still have a windows mobile 6.5 phone because my boss stole my corporate upgrade and theres no way im paying $600 for a phone. :( This would be awesome

  187. Carry tons of tv shows in my pocket

  188. Most definitely full of music! Isn’t that life is all about, the music?

  189. This looks like the real ONE X!! NICE!! Bye S3!

  190. Fill it up with music, pictures and ebooks without worrying about memory card corruption as I am currently dealing with!
    I want!!

  191. I would be playing tons of Tegra HD games while listening to all the music I could fit on 64GB of space! w00t!

  192. Finally get around to replacing my Google Nexus 1 with a worthy successor that can actually hold all of the pictures I’d like to be taking with the convenience of my phone.

  193. I would probably challenge IBMs Watson

  194. nom nom nom

  195. I’d fill it up with all the games I have ever purchased, movies, music and have enough space for photos for once!

  196. With 64GB, I would upload my photograpy portfolio to show clients.

  197. With 64GB?! HELLO ROOT, CM11 & the entire Playstation Suite!

  198. With 64GB of storage and the quad core Tegra 3, I could download all of my personal media, download large games and experience the best graphics available while doing it!

  199. Mostly pr0n, maybe some pics of the family. Tegra3 should make everything super speedy. HaHaHa

  200. Porn. Lots of porn.

  201. Man, I would love to upgrade from my Atrix. I could store much more in the way of personal music for times off network. And with that processor, I might be able to finally compete with my wife in Ski Safari!

  202. Ok, game on, I’ll take it.

    Ian B

  203. I’d replace my iPod classic andcancel my Verizon account, paying the ETF since I wouldn’t have to pay for this phone. :-)

  204. Easy, pics of my family and tegra 3 games

  205. Fill it with movies, music, and pics. Multi tasking for example playing a Tegra 3 game, watching a game or movie trailer. I also really get into developing apps so the extra space for various files is always a plus. [email protected]

  206. With 64gig HTC one x+ I would load up with music and games!

  207. I would use it to take plenty of video of my kids doing kid stuff.

    I currently have a Photon 4G, and since Motorola decided to leave us in the dark ages of Gingerbread without hope of ICS+ drivers, I have been running CM10 on it in order to get the most out of my phone, but with the added side effect of not having a video recording device.

  208. 64gb – goodbye laptop, music, movies, books, HD games, I would stuff it all in there.

  209. i would download the high quality games that my Evo OG 4G can’t play and handle

  210. No Thanks!

  211. I have an HTC EVO and it’s showing age now. This would be a perfect successor (I have been looking to switch to ATT anyways). I keep videos for my kids, songs for myself, ROM backups and titanium backups so yeah, I ;ll need the 64 gb.

  212. I put all the movies I like in there and use that quad core to game.

  213. This would be my first smartphone. I don’t think I would now what do with it since I will be coming from a bandy bar phone. Although there would be a lot of skyping to friends and family around the world. Listening to all the podcasts I could get on the thing, and a few ultra violet movies for long drives (as a passenger) or audio books if i’m driving

  214. I would listen to all the music I own on my phone as well as music that my friends own… an possibly convert some of my dads old vinyls to mp3 and load those onto my phone…. and then I would still have half the space left so id probably find some good porn to fill it up with

  215. I would just download EVERYTNING!!!….. Please :-)

  216. With 64 gigs of space I would load every digital copy of a movie I have on the phone as well as all of my music. The amount of Apps I would have no matter the size would be enormous as well!

  217. Why would I want to win an HTC One X+ with Tegra 3 from AT&T??

    First of all, I love both AT&T AND HTC and this seems like a fantastic partnership! Speaking of partnerting, if you partner 64GB of storage with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor the possibilities are ENDLESS!

    I am not 100% sure what I would do with an UNHEARD OF amount of memory in my phone. The one thing I can assure you is that I will NOT fill it with illegal MP3 downloads or do anything to piss off the MPAA!

    As far as the blazing speed of the Tegra 3 is concerned. There is only one thing to do with such a super processor with the most advanced graphics available today that allows 3D stereo gaming – game game game! Quake 3! Grand Theft Auto 3! Modern Combat 3! N.O.V.A. 3! Maybe I can finally get some decent scores now that my phone won’t lag EVER!

  218. Diiy Tuk R JAWBS!

  219. Oh how I would caress that sweet sweet screen and whisper sweet nothings into its 64 GB storage. Some day HTC One X+, we shall be together!

  220. HD movies

  221. I would use the memory to store my music and to save the pictures and videos of my family that I would be able to take. I would use the Tegra 3 for games and multimedia.

  222. I would use it to watch videos and work on app development ideas.

  223. I would love this thing unconditionally. Im a long time HTC fan (Mytouch 3g,HTC HD2, HTC Sensation) and this would top the sundae :). 64gb of space good GRAVY man thats alot of space. Id have this thing so full of music and photos. Im a big car nut so im always taking photos and videos at car shows and the like. this would be great to get some good quality video of some of the crazy nice setups i have seen at shows.

  224. I’d probably try to fill it with my flac collection

  225. Load it up with all the music I can

  226. I would play all the games.

  227. awesome load tons of tunes, video n games

  228. that’s great!

  229. Isn’t the joy of living in the cloud that I don’t need that much storage? I’m pretty sure I can’t listen to that many podcasts on the bit of the subway with no mobile coverage…

  230. 64GB? quad core? and that display?!? I want!!!!

  231. I’d take that 64GB of storage and quad-core Tegra 3 processor and jump ship from Sprint.

  232. please pick me! I enter every contest on many sites and never win a thing! hope I win!

  233. movies, tv, and… …you know what. nevermind.

  234. Fill it with tons and tons of zip files of all the roms I would use

  235. More processing power and storage than NASA had for the Apollo lunar landings in my hand? Time to start my DIY Space Program!

  236. Games! NO MORE WORRIES OF SPACE! I I NEED THIS BAD! I just had to get a free phone recently…. It SUX! I only 4 GB….

  237. Thank you,att, htc, nvidia, and phandroid for such a great opportunity. I’m actually switching to at&t for work, but they aren’t covering the cost of the phone, so this would actually be great for the ol pocketbook!

    I can only salivate at all that storage space, to load all of my music (I have gigs and gigs of it), not to mention my movies, which I’ll be able to watch on that sweet, sweet screen. :)

    Thanks, again, folks!

  238. I would use it honestly to fill the void until i can get the nexus4… because i’m going to be without a phone for a while now i’m assuming…

  239. Tegra3 + 64GB = Games, Music, Movies, Nerdgasm!

  240. Id load up all the media files from my old 40 gig hard drive, then all my Android apps and stare in disbelief at how much space i still had left. Then load up shadow gun and finally finish the game

  241. With 64GB of storage and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor inside my HOX+ I could probably stop using my desktop altogether.

  242. I will use to store all my media (pics, vids, music) and play video games when I’m stuck waiting and bored.

  243. Hmmm…64GB and a quad core Tegra 3…what to do..what to do..I give…no idea. I tell you what. You send me one and I’ll see if I can’t figure out something to do with it! :-)

  244. Lots of songs for traveling, some photos and a few databases.

  245. I could use all that storage for all my music and the power of the the Nvidia Tegra 3 to run state of the art games!

  246. With that mch space, I will get all the photos and videos saved on the htc phone plus getting all the apps I really needed and want to explore. Its an awesome giveaway!

  247. Probably the most boring entry here, but I’d use it for schoolwork…
    fine maybe a game or two.

  248. Well for starters, I’d upload all my music. Then, I would carry three or four HD movies. And download as many tegra 3 optimized games as I desired! So, please choose me

  249. I would put more pictures and videos of my grandsons. I could fit all of my music on it and have room left over and naturally I would put games on it, especially TegraZone games.

  250. Considering I’ve had an iPhone 4 16gb for the past 3 years, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with a 64gb storage! I wouldn’t have to worry about the size of the app I’m downloading, deleting text messages, music, etc. to free up space. It’d be a new kind of world for me to expierence as a new android user and I’d be excited for the oppurtunity to do so.

  251. I would load that lovely SLCD2 up with some serious games, movies and music! :)

  252. Games and videos!

  253. I would enjoy no longer having a cracked screen! And pack it with movies/music

  254. I MUST LEAVE VERIZON! That being said, I waited and waited for the DNA, and with it’s 16gb internal memory cap, I dumped any plan to get it. I travel, and when I say travel, I travel through the boonies. Roads that barely exist. Roads that SHOULDNT exist. I’m also a huge music aficionado, as well as movies when i’m bored in a hotel. Cloud backup is not the most reliable item for me, so I need that 64GBs!

    Also, I helped launch the Atrix as one of the first devices with the Tegra processor in it, so I have a huge soft spot for it and would love to get it back and support Tegra Zone, etc!

  255. All my music and a bunch of bluray movies

  256. i would store a lot of music for when i don’t have reception :P

  257. I….I love you….

  258. I would take pics and videos of my adorable 4 year old. He’s such a ham.

  259. Entering

  260. I’d fill that thing to bursting with music and videos.

  261. I would load it up with videos of my family so my future family could know where they come from!

  262. yes, please.

  263. With 64 gigs of storage I would store hi-Def videos of me blowing up my ipod

  264. Love me some HTC Magic! :)

  265. Use that Tegra 3 + the 64gigs to finally combine a work and home phone!

  266. I would transfer all my music and photos from my iPhone and then get rid of the iphone.

  267. 64 MB of storage I will load it up with all the music I can possible listen to. Download the great HD games that’s available. Never run out of music to listen to or games to play.

  268. Jeez, 64 gigs of stuff on my phone. I have a 32 gig card now and only have about 8 gigs used and it’s mainly all from spotify. I guess I could download everything with this beast!

  269. movies and music and using the Tegra 3 to bring it to me quickly!

  270. I just had my gs3 stollen last night so I’d use the phone for everything again lol pix, music, development. Beautiful device……

  271. Even though I prefer a Nexus 4, I’ll take HTC One X+ to replace my At&T HTC One X

  272. Yes please!

  273. I would fill it with a bunch of EDM music, and download ADJ Pro app, and DJ all the things!

  274. I would give it to my brother as a gift since he’s a total Nvidia fanboy and he’s been salivating for this phone since the international version came out, he was very disappointed with the s4 version that came out in the USA. with 64gb of memory he would fill it up with Tegra zone games and a ton of content… our chance is low but he would use the heck out of this device if we win it.

  275. Y u no give me phone!! lol

  276. I would use the One X+ to take more videos of my daughter’s basketball games and my son playing in the dirt with his dog. I would also be able to store movies and songs for trips and apps lots AMD lots of apps.

  277. My daughter has the One X (not Plus) and it’s a really really nice phone. Glad AT&T finally wized up and put 64GB on-board.

  278. I used to have a regular One X… its gone now and I miss it, this would be even better than getting that back

  279. I’d use it as a testbed for making apps!

  280. If I won the HTC One X+ I would use that Tegra 3 to download 64gb of of HD Teen Porn! Yaaaaaa boiiiiiiiii

  281. i want one.

  282. Such an Amazing device!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please,……. I never win anything!!! lol :)

  283. please please please pick me!!!! I Love Phandroid

  284. I could keep all the games I like to play installed, and finally play some of those Tegra device only games.

  285. Enjoy thea one x phone the way it was ment to be

  286. 64GB?! Omg… I’d fit whole 5% of my MP3 collection on it, yay!

  287. I would love to have an upgrade to quad core speed to play shadowgun!

  288. I’d retire my EVO and use all of my micro SD cards for….I don’t know something. Glue them together and make a coaster?

  289. Games, games, music, and more games!!

  290. im awesome. gimme

  291. I would fill it with stuff until I couldn’t fills it no more! I’d also play a lot of games on it…games like Angry Birds….

  292. I would use the 64gb and tegra 3 processor to store all the media I wanted and not be nound by the failure of 16gb that HTC released the ATT One X with. [email protected]

  293. Me wants PRECIOUS X+ =) Buh bye iPhone 4!

  294. I would download porn and edit it with classical music

  295. have no use for my sd card

  296. I would use the 64gb storage to store all my pirated movies and music. The quadcore processor for the usage of apps and streaming my pirated movies.

  297. Love this phone! Would love one

  298. I would load that 64 gb with lots of nice tegra enhanced games and give that battery a run for its money

  299. I would use it to locate all the sources of energy that the “shapers” are using and creating. And then I would fight for the Enlightened to embrace the power.

  300. 64GB and a Quad-Core will be a nice replacement for my dying laptop. I’ll get a hold of a bluetooth keyboard and make it a package deal!

  301. I’d love to win a One X+! I am a big fan of HTC’s design language, and I would be tempted into buying more of their products in the future!

  302. I love the look of the HTC One X phones and this upgraded version is even cooler!

  303. I would definitely load it up with some good running music and take a few pictures and videos at the Lacland AFB when I ship out. :)

  304. I would use it for the same purpose every night…my never ending quest to take over the gadget world!!! Bwahahaha!!!

  305. I would love to have this beautiful piece of equipment.

  306. With 64GB of storage I would load up all the media I could, pictures, videos, music, and games :)

  307. I’d love to win the phone that I wanted, to buy, but don’t have enough money to.. HTC One X+… and 64Gb of storage 4G LTE + Quad-Core… wow

  308. Movies. Games. Music and not be choosy with what I save to the device.

  309. i would fill it with music and apps! never have to worry about space again!

  310. 64 gbs can fit all my movies and songs without a hitch.. Even apps with huge storage requirements .. That processor would be useful for killing n00bs in that new Shadowgun game.

  311. Finally, I have been waiting so long. Good-bye Blackberry!

  312. I would put the upcoming Baldur’s gate and play the heck out of it.

  313. looks like a great phone

  314. I would love to replace my one x cuz I take a ton of pictures and I’m tired of running out of space.

  315. Take a lot of videos and edit them with the power of Tegra 3!

  316. I would download as many graphically taxing games as possible and watch movies too. so much power and storage.

  317. I would load my One X+ with porn. Loads of glorious porn. Then I would complain that I couldn’t use the Tegra 3 for games because HTC didn’t provide enough storage.

  318. I’ll fill it with HD video and watch it on the go, knowing that the companion core will save battery with video playback.

  319. This will be my new toy :-)

  320. I would use it to load up all 30 gigs of my music and favorite games and not have to worry about space. I’d probably actually start taking videos and pictures as well. Plus it would be replacing my old phone that has a completely shattered screen and likes to freeze.

  321. Comment left.. Boom!!

  322. Easy… I would finally be able to play Grand Theft Auto III, and then use the extra memory to mod the game until I can finally live my dream of stealing cars from Ray Harryhausen-style animated skeletons, and then solicit prostitutes that look like Sleestak from “Land of the Lost.”

  323. I would load it right up with Games, then once that doesn’t even come close to filling up 64GBs of awesomeness, I would download offline Google maps of everything!

  324. Fill it with tons and tons of music and movies so I never have to connect it to my computer again.

  325. make more movies with the awesome camera and store em.

  326. I intend to give it as a gift to my mother who needs a smartphone.

  327. every game i can squeeze in there!

  328. 64GB is more space than what lies between a fat kid and exercise or the rich and middle class. I would store pictures of my family there and still have enough room to move in my Mother-in-law as well. I’m thinking about buying a boat if I win!

  329. oh man what wouldn’t I do with all that storage. ha

  330. I would load up with endless games, and be full of HD movies!

  331. I would fill this with soooo many of those large THD games, and then use the extra space for the large amount of pictures I like to take, made even larger by the fantastic camera HTC puts into thier phones!

  332. This would be my motivation to finally leave Verizon! And of course enjoy all the storage and power with my flashaholic problem… ;-)

  333. I would finally be able to put my music on my phone and not destroy my data plan by streaming.

  334. With 64gb of storage….. Id spend my days just looking for ways to fill it up!… Maybe have an army of NANDROIDS!

  335. Finally retire this 16GB class 2 SD card I’ve been shuffling from phone to phone.

  336. I will turn it into an overpowered Web Application server!

  337. I would fill up the 64gb of storage with awesome tegra 3 games like shadowgun and horn!

  338. Loved my dInc so I am sure I would love this one as well!!

  339. Simple I Would love to store my two favorite all my music, and games to play :)

  340. I would be pretty much never have to look through my settings making sure I have enough space to download an app or music. And playing games in a whole new way.

  341. Im going to fill it up with my grand childrens photos and videos, and my jazz music.

  342. This would be a great replacement for my G1 !

  343. Bless my wife with another hand-me-down phone and enjoy the bliss of living in the now!

  344. I’d fill it with music, videos and apps! Awesome!

  345. pack it with my entire music collection.

  346. Phandroid

  347. 64 gig! and tegra 3, I’d root it put cyanogenmod on it and store lots of media and games!

  348. I would load it with video’s of the family and a movies to watch! The holidays are coming quick, I’m sure I can fill it by the end of the year!

  349. I am in desperate need of this phone. I had the original one x and it broke. [email protected]

  350. I would Unlock, root, then flash AOKP (;

  351. Use it for engineering school to allow me to easily acces all the information for school.

  352. I’d be loading that bad boy up with all the 90’s hits. Need to get rid of my G2!

  353. I hope I win one this phone, then I can try out ST/ATT

  354. I would stored 30 gb of my favorite tv shows and movies (Dexter, Breaking Bad, Fringe, DBZ) and 25 gigs of my favorite music. I would use the quadcore processor to put the fanboys to shame.

  355. I could finally carry my 40GB music collection with me and have true syncing with my desktop. That still leaves plenty of space to explore the other great options on the phone with the camera.

    Gaming on the phone would be a pleasure as well. It’s large enough so your thumb does not eat all of the real estate when maneuvering in games with on screen controls.

    I would most likely video call more too. The excellent front facing camera and LTE speed would make doing so much easier.

  356. Tons of storage and plenty fast. Sense and Jellybean!

  357. What couldn’t I do with this phone!!! Hell, I’d download as much stuff possible just to see what it would take to fill it up! And with that awesome Tegra 3, I’d actually be able to use any of the resource hogging apps/games I’ve downloaded.

  358. OH THE GIGS! 64 BEAUTIFUL GIGS, full of HD “videos”! All for my viewing pleasure…
    Life outside my phone! Surely, you jest!!

  359. Wohooo, forget nexus 4!!!

  360. Load that puppy with porn and forward it to Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton and the two wacko generals.

  361. I would totally go for the One X+

  362. i would use the 64 gb to store all my music and shows and quadcore for multimedia and multitasking when im on the go

  363. I would put fill this bad boy with games, especially the Tegra 3-exclusives, and sell off my mp3 player. It would be cool to only have to carry around one device for all my music and Android games.

  364. If I could get a One X+, I will try my best to fill all 64 Gb to the brim!

  365. I would absolutley love to have this phone. I wasted my most recent ATT upgrade on an Iphone 4s…(i know, i know, i know, LOL)..With 64 GB of storage, I could easily carry as many movies as I need. With a Tegra 3 Soc, i could easily run multiple applications without hiccup. With 4.1 jelly Bean, I would finally have access to the new multiple users profile feature!!

  366. I would play Shadowgun THD thirty five times at least with that sweet Tegra 3. Also I’d fill those 64GB full of the pictures I take with the incredible camera HTC packs in its phones.


  368. I’ve only owned htc smartphones dating back to the touch diamond and would love to continue that tradition with this beast of a phone. I’d finally be able to have all my games on my phone at the same time without worrying about running out of room. Plus my wife just lost her phone so we need another one :-(

  369. With 64GB of storage and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor inside my phone, I’d do it all!

  370. I would definitely store an unimaginable amount of music and movies….ok not unimaginable, but it would be a LOT!

  371. Phandroid is the best!

    1. I would use this phone to view more Phandroid!

  372. Hope I win. And I would transfer my music and movie collection to my phone. Not having to worry about storage issues.

  373. This phone is so awesome…I wouldn’t mind switching back and forth between my Nexus 4 and this :P

  374. Fill it w/ music considering google play is almost always interrupted w/ the horrible reception i get here! Plus with my sprint contract ending next month it’d be nice to finally put away the OG Evo that is splitting in half…

  375. I would quad-ruple my daily pwnage of the internet.

  376. I’d fill that space and take up advantage of the Tegra 3 processor playing video games. Would be perfect, since I sold my PS3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Vita a few months ago, and now I rely on phones to play. This would take my gaming to a next level.

  377. With 64GBs of storage and a Tegra 3 processor I intend to give an excellent apology to my friend for bricking his phone earlier this week!

  378. I’ll take one… I’d load it up with a bunch of movies for my kids to watch on long car rides!

  379. I can has HTC?

  380. have space for roms, kernels, music, movies, other assorted zips. And who could go wrong with thte 4+1 tegra processor…great battery saver

  381. With the 64GB I’d load my 14GB of “movies” first, then start taking videos instead of pictures. With the Tegra 3 I’d finally install those games the Play store won’t let me download. Wish me luck!

  382. Any thing would be better than an outdated LG arena phone. So many smart phone can’t choose.. as for the 64gb that’s easy pics and some music and work related business. But mainly too check out phanandroids latest news..

  383. I would give it to my mom, who is otherwise planning to get an iphone ;)

  384. Music games and videos

  385. With 64 gigs of storage I wouldn’t have to worry about deleting old adults movies.

  386. GAh…Well, I suppose you could use it without AT&T…as like, a PMP or something. The 64Gb is definitely nice to see.

  387. Connect it to my TV via HDMI and use it as a media server controlled by a Nexus7.

  388. I got a One S but I wish i had the X+! I like HTC just because they arent all plastic and easy to root. One X+ here PLEASE!!! =)

  389. 64gb of space would be perfect for my “active” music collection that I carry with me of around 35gb. HD video + photos, tons of apps and space for just about everything.

    This would be an incredible update to my current D3. One I would be willing to jump ship to AT&T for even.

  390. OneX+…any chance it becomes a nexus?

  391. Perhaps the question is what WOULDN’T I be able to do with 64GB of memory! I could steal the Moooooooooooooooooon!

  392. What would I do with the new HTC ONE +? I would root it and rub it on my iPhone owning friends face! haha

  393. i would multitask the heck out of it and store tons of pictures

  394. Today we rest but tomorrow we will rule the world! I would store all my music from indie rock to 90s boy bands, take 1000s of pictures of my dog being cute , and spend way too much time playing SNES simulators!

  395. I can download my entire music album!!!!

  396. With the first gig I would just hold it and be happy, the next 30 gigs would be my music so I could play in car and parties, 5 gigs to normal apps, 4 gigs to the sweet games I own like Asphalt 7, Mondern Combat and NOVA 3 and 4 additional gigs to games I don’t have or know about yet like Halo 4 and Ingress. 4 gigs for movies and pictures I have already and 7 gigs to new ones, with the camera on that baby oh my. 4 to the system, 1 to the hommies and save the last 4 for a rainy day.

  397. I would replace my BlackBerry Bold 9780 with this, download Granny Smith, beat all its levels and then get some roller skates and a cane and try to do everything in the game in real-life.

  398. Yo give me

  399. 64 gigs of space and a quad core?! Finally put all those games back on my phone and make use of my GameKlip and PS3 controller!

  400. I would take her out to a nice dinner….maybe Ruth’s Chris. I would eat my fill…after all I just saved a bundle on that little beauty. I would order up a ton of tasty apps for her….she may look thin,but with with 64gb of room baby can really pack it away. ;)

  401. Because 64 is close to 69 :D

  402. With 64gb I would be able to sync all my music, videos, and pictures. With that fast processor I would be able to access all my content as quick as possible and play the best Android games!

  403. 64GB and quad-core? Nicee. I’d give it to my boyfriend who’s still using the old Droid Incredible. Good use for high-quality movies, music, and e-books. There’s so much room for lots and lots of apps and games, especially the ones that he can’t run now (Horn, anyone?). It seems particularly awesome for emulators and games. My 16 gig phone seems so cramped in comparison.

  404. I would load it up with games and movies

  405. I can has phone? I has lots of cheezburgers to store in all those Gee Bees

  406. Lets give it a try!

  407. I’m getting one of these anyways but a free phone sounds awesome. I’ll be shoving most of my mp3’s on there so 64GB is pretty sweet. I’m not sure about the quad processor, has quake been ported to android yet?

  408. 64gb? about 1-2 with some gba/ps1 games, the rest will be a lot of porn

  409. hook me up

  410. I would load all my documents, music, videos and games on it, it can become my mini tablet.

  411. Well, this Nexus 4 launch has been a disaster and the HOX already has a better screen and camera… The HOX+ would be awesome!

  412. Fill it with tons of music and take tons of videos with that super awesome HD camera :D

  413. i would sell the 64 gb of storage on craigslist because i am a loyal sprint customer. then i would buy a white evo 4g lte, add 64 gb sd card, root & rom, overclock to 1.7ghz and be quite satisfied.

  414. Awesome phone

  415. Please oh please oh pleas oh please!

    Random: Dead body found near the lake near my apartment. woooo go ghetto!

  416. Awesome phone.

  417. I would put nothing but hi def videos and blu rays on it. Hopefully I win :- [email protected]

  418. I would flash the crap out of it loading all of the mods and roms i could

  419. Winner… Lol

  420. Lot of podcasts that I regularly listen (yes i still do) every day on train. And videos and pictures of my daughters.

  421. Well i would use the storage to store stuff.. you know apps and pictures.. and im sure the Tegra would be used while running those apps.. soo yeah that.

  422. oi.. hook me up!

  423. ITunes library on this device, with room to spare? YES, Please!!!

  424. I would save all the instrumentals i make to my phone so i can let people hear them on the go.

  425. well mostly it would be full of music and games, with space left aside for photographing my new puppy (she’s a cutie) and movies. At 64 gb, I’d still have space for all of that PLUS a backup of important documents from my desktop.

  426. Horn. I would play horn. I own it (thanks google for making it $0.25 for a day!) but I can’t play it.

  427. this phone is beautiful…i will hug and squeeze it and send text messages

  428. I would love it and hold it and call it Baby.

  429. With that much space I wouldn’t have to keep everything in the cloud and have a big chunk of my music and pics and videos I take on the device.

  430. Movies, movies, and more movies! Throw on some pix, games and tunes too! Pretty rad phone!

  431. If I had the HTC One X+ with 64gb and a Tegra 3 I would be able to play so many more games than I currently do and that would be awesome

  432. I’d use it as an enabler of my continued neighborhood gentrification. Then also as the backup item I throw to potential muggers to make them happy and have them leave my wallet alone.

  433. I never win but it’s worth a shot I guess…I’d like to see what HTC has going on these days with devices…

  434. Oooh please come to papi…

  435. With 64GB of storage and a quadcore I would fill the entire phone up with music and run the coolest music visualization apps that I can find.

  436. Torrentz…

  437. My gilfriend has a son, and even though he’s not mine, I treat him like he is. Before, i used to not have any pictures, now I have hundreds. I would probably use the extra space to take even more pictures/videos of him:-).

  438. I would rule the world. With 64gb and a tetra 3 plus lte, watch out world.

  439. I’d actually be able to store all my stuff that I have downloaded and unlike my Motorola Triumph it would be a great phone!!

  440. im going to CES! and this would save me a LOT of money for buying a new phone with a decent camera/point and shoot. also, i have 32 gb of music i would put on it

  441. 1. Root
    2. AOKP
    3. Dead Trigger and Emulators
    4. Have seasons 1-5 of The Wire on it for travel.
    5. Enjoy

  442. Audiobooks

  443. I would replace my DroidX…boy would that be an upgrade :)

  444. All the HD video I can download or create. And the growing number of massive games.

  445. woo hoo, another contest!!!

  446. I would load it with my 30GB music library, a couple of movies, and the remaining space would be used as portable drive for transferring file to and from.

  447. I’d load it up with as many pics and vids of my 5 yr old son.
    And some movies for him to watch while in the car.

  448. my girlfriend is still on an iPhone 3GS, and complains that all her games are becoming obsolete – I’d introduce her into the world of Android for Christmas.

  449. What a way to end the week.

  450. Pick me please I need this upgrade asap. Nice specs and
    beautiful phone. I need the extra storage for all my videos my 16gb
    internal is full. I also wanna play tegra zone games badly

  451. 64gb of storage would be going towards music, lots and lots of music. I might even have room for a movie or 2. Please pick me. Please

  452. I’ll take one. Is it unlocked? Gonna have to sell it if not…

  453. i would be able to load on my seasons of shows to get me through my various flights cross-country and not really worry about filling up. Would definitely runt his phone into the ground!

  454. I would fill this phone with ebooks and audio books, and never let it go.

  455. I have about 130 music CD’s that I would convert to mp3’s to put on that 64gb storage. And I would buy/download any & every Tergra 3 supported game on the play store. Because the One X+ is God!

  456. Fill it with awesome non-main stream music, and tear up some games with that processor.

  457. 64GB, I’d use it for lots music and videos….as far as quad core, I’d use to play games..
    UPDATE: just peed in my pants in anticipation of the win…dont know what I’d do if I win…probably end up dropping the phone..doh!

  458. what if i got it?

  459. With 64 gigs of storage I would have plenty of room for my large music collection and a quad core would definitely allow me to listen, read phandroid and play games almost at once!

  460. 64gb would hold all my music and put a bunch of movies on this too and not have to worry about having to delete apps and pics to make space anymore… Need this!

  461. I plan on using 63 gigs and 3 cores. The remaining gig and single core will be given up for world peace.

  462. I’ll be able to deal with att not giving me unlimited and not being able to steam media. All my music will be on my sd card!

  463. With 64g, probably take tons of pictures and videos of my new born baby.

  464. 64gbs can store a lot of those tegra only games! Would be awesome.

  465. ME!!!! PLZZ…. With 64 Gb I could rule the world!!! I definitely would download some of the biggest and best games out there on the market and Kill some zombies or burn some rubber!

  466. I would store all music and movies that won’t fit on my Nexus 4

  467. Phandroid, I’d love to win this. 64GB is fantastic for adding some music and high quality blockbuster movies to watch on my 2 hour long commute to and from work, as well as some games too. Shadowgun Multiplayer just came out and uses a lot of Tegra enhancements so I’m glad this has a Tegra 3 chip! Oh yeah, that Super LCD screen is amazing. Thanks again!

    email [email protected]

  468. I’ve been a HTC fan forever and have had 5 HTC phones over the years. I’m a super big fan and would love to have this phone! If you don’t pick me have a great holidays anyways! :-D

  469. 64GB of space boggles my mine! Plus, I have yet to play a Tegra game, gimme gimme gimme!

  470. I would fill the whole thing with music. I hate relying on the cloud for my music, it never works out.

  471. I’d find a way to get a competitive edge at whatever i set off to do. I don’t know how yet, but I’m sure I’ll have some advantage with a cutting edge device going into nuclear propulsion with the Navy.

    [email protected]

  472. today is my official birthday. No joke. I’ve been HTC all the way from DINC to Rezound … with all that space I would fill with a plethora of games for my tech savvy little monsters the family call kids. Daddy can I play with your a game on your phone? NO? how about your tablet? NO? You can’t play on both at the same time, can you?

  473. Fill it with music.

  474. with 64gb….i would make iDevices obselete by using it as my DJ library

  475. With this thing in my house, I could retire my laptop. This phone is one sexy beast.

  476. IF you pick me, I would replace my old motorola and make this my gaming cell been wanting. I would also donate 50 bucks to sandy victims if i win.

  477. I would like to win.

  478. who needs to have sex when you can have this HTC phone

  479. first thing I’ll do is transfer all my media I got right now on my, of course; HTC phone (32GB memory card + 16GB internal memory, all full) and then move the rest of my music, pictures, videos and movies I have on the computer.. and keep downloading more music, and more music and again, more music… ;)

  480. Record videos of my kid and wife. Finally have room to download all of my music. And finally be able to watch videos without lag!

  481. I would give it to my friend who lost his job and needs a great smartphone to look for work. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  482. I need MOAR COARZ. Two just ain’t cuttin’ it these days.

  483. Probably fill it up with TV shows from droidtv.

  484. meh, i would rather have the nexus 4 but this one is a great phone as well. so i hope i win it :P

  485. I really want to use that great camera on the phone. It looks high tech, and i bet it is.

  486. I’d use that space to move all of my daughter’s movies to a single place instead of having them split across 3 devices.

  487. I would fill up those 64gigs with all the HD games I could and I would be saving battery in my down time with the companion core!

  488. I would spend all day watching all the movies I would download onto this thing.

  489. I’d give it to my wife.. so she can call and text. 64G worth of texts.

  490. Amazing. With 64 Gigs on my phone, I would probably end up backing up a good portion of my entire computer on my phone, because why not? Woot, giveaways!

  491. I’d make the longest nyan cat video that would be capable of filling up 64gb of space.

    The real catch? My cat will be the stunt double for the vid.

  492. With 64GB of storage and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, I’d take my One X+ everywhere, taking pictures and video, playing games, and, of course, making calls! ;)

  493. I’d fill up a lot of that t space using that awesome camera to snap shots of my family… I’d place a few movies on it and some tunes. Of course, apps, apps, apps!

  494. I would only use up about 10 gigs of memory and then realize that a 16gb phone would have been suffice for me. That, or store and watch movies/tv shows on my phone when I travel in airplanes :p

  495. I would use use it to bring my music and TV shows with me everywhere!

  496. I’d record myself trying to pick up grannies at Walmart from 100% battery to 0%.

  497. I need to win this so I can sell it for a Nexus 4.

  498. With 64GB and a tegra quad core processor I will play all the tegra zone games, have my music and some movies!

  499. I would fill it with my shool and work files, music, videos, and games! The tegra 3 is great for letting me scroll through home screens and apps without lag, and playing any game in the market that I wanna play without stutter and gives me buttery smoothness!

  500. The thing that stands out to me with this phone and makes it totally is awesome (besides the Quad core) is the 64Gigs of FREE space! I donno why other companies dont do this more and try and restrict you at 16gigs. With this phone I would no longer need to carry around a digital camera (since the camera on the OneX is awesome already) when I go on vacation. I could take an infinite amount of pics on my trips I do throughout the year. I could also all of my favorite songs and not have to worry about filling up my storage or have to delete things constantly (issue im currently having).

  501. Probably a combo of a few things. Music, pictures, video. We have anew baby on the way so I am sure I can fill it up with tons of media to send the family. :)

  502. With such a large screen and storage, I would try to replace my laptop with this phone.

  503. i need a phone, make calls, surf the data

  504. Download EVERYTHING

  505. Sounds great! Sign me up and enter me into that draw. Fingers crossed!

  506. Hoho, it will be a great upgrade for me as I currently have the original One X~!

  507. I need it cuz I still have a G1

  508. I would load it up with movies and so that I can entertain the family on long trips. Then connect that bad boy to the TV for additional viewing pleasure.

  509. I would use it for the phandroid app instead using my crappy razr maxx! Hate this thing!

  510. I dont have at&t but my contract is up crossin my fingers hopein to finally win somethin in this lifetime

  511. It’ll be hard to fill up 64GBs on a phone, but I think I’d put quite a few movies on it to watch when I travel. Also put some one there for the kids, so they don’t drive me nuts as I try to drive! :P

  512. With 64GB is a lot of space which I could store HD videos of my kids, store my music (16GB is not enough) and with a Tegra 3 I could finally play some decent games on the Tegra Zone. HTC is the way to be(an)!

  513. I would use it for tons of gaming. I love gaming on phones and already have my current phones memory nearly full due to it only being 32gb. 64gb would be awesome! I would also use it for music since me and my wife both are audiophiles and love sound.

  514. Phandroid is GREAT !

  515. 64 gigs? Damn, that’s almost as much as my netbook. I’d probably try to use the camera to shot a feature film and then use the remaining gigs to download Gameloft games.

  516. Phandroid is the best!!!

  517. I would keep my entire music library and a couple tv show seasons. Would be wonderful since I am constantly flying and not having service all the time.

  518. Dear Phandroid,
    For Christmas, all I want is an HTC One X+ from at&t. With the 64 gigs included, I can download all the high graphic games I want, such as Dead Trigger, Mass Effect, Galaxy on Fire and more, and to have all those run flawlessly with the Tegra 3 processor would just be the cherry on top. I was afraid about running out of space on the cloud for my music and movies, but with 64 gigs, I would be able to save them to the phone with no worries. And with Beats, my music would sound amazing. Thanks for having this giveaway Phandroid!!

  519. I dont have at&t but my contract is up crossin my fingers hopein to finally win somethin in this lifetime

  520. Probably dump all 30 gigs of my music i ripped over the summer and maybe play some GTA III and Subway Surfers and Bad Piggies.

  521. I would conquer the world! No Country shall be a match for the power I shall have! Bwa ha ha ha!

  522. I would upload video and shoot HD video with the 64 GB of memort

  523. 64gigs is ALOT…all the games I’d be able to download and actually play without the game lagging or the app closing mid-game (which is a pain in the butt -_-). Also, being able to stream videos and download tons of music… without any problems…oh joy *-*