HTC Deluxe render leaks as international Droid DNA


You might recall that before the HTC Droid DNA was made official for Verizon, there was speculation that the handset could have been dubbed the HTC Incredible DLX. New info emerging about a variant of the phone clears up any confusion about the secondary name. The international version of the Droid DNA will drop as the HTC Deluxe. Are you still following me?

A leaked render of the device comes along with this latest tidbit, revealing the 5-inch device as another take on the phone first announced as the HTC J Butterfly for Japan. We can expect some of the internal hardware (such as radios) to differ from these previously launched models, but the marquee specs should remain the same. Expect a 1080p HD display and quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor within.

A release date for the HTC Deluxe is unknown at this point, but it is likely the manufacturer will be targeting the holiday season. Exactly which regions can expect the flagship smartphone, that’s also a mystery.

[via @evleaks]

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  1. The only news I wanna hear from HTC is jellybean for my One X.

    1. And my Evo LTE!

  2. please include a beefier battery

  3. This is what the one x plus should have been. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that a version of this comes to att.

    1. My thoughts exactly

  4. Canada on TELUS please! Also I want the Red and White versions!

  5. thr J Butterfly version is the best looking phone out of all the versions of this phone

    1. Agreed – it must be so annoying for the Yanks having seen a beautiful phone released then watching it turning into the equivalent of a transformer. Meddling network carrier’s !

      1. a few exceptions. I welcome every single change Sprint brought to the one X. larger battery, sd card, and kickstand.

  6. I contacted HTC about this phone for the UK and they replied

    “We can confirm that as yet there are no plans to bring this phone to the UK”

    Very Helpful !

  7. Red LEDs are nice
    hope it has J Butterfly’s back and color

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