Alleged CyanogenMod extortion attempt results in new domain name and email address [UPDATE #2]


UPDATE: The accused party has emailed the CyanogenMod team and agreed to relinquish control of the domain. Although he had a much different story than what was initially posted by the CM team, he has decided not to voice his opinion, instead opting to “wash his hands and move on.”

UPDATE #2: Looks like the perp was telling the truth. Cyanogen himself just tweeted moments ago:

Some jaw dropping news coming out of the CyanogenMod camp this afternoon. No, the custom ROM we all know and love isn’t going anywhere. Well, actually… it kind of is.

The CM team released a blog post this afternoon revealing an alleged extortion attempt by a trusted member of the team that has resulted in the loss of and the official CyanogenMod email account. Before you freak out wondering where you’re going to get your next ROM fix, don’t let that scare you — the site has simply been moved to for the time being, with the new email being changed to [email protected].

While details are still murky, it’s unfortunate that this sort of stuff happens to a organization of developers that simply want nothing more than to make Android better. The CM team made it clear they will be pursuing legal action against the alleged perpetrator, in the mean time you can still grab CM downloads from Get.CM.


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  1. Scandalous. Right up there with the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up.

    1. Who is Justin Bieber?

      1. I thought his name was Justin Beaver

        1. You are probably right. Maybe a better question is “Who is John Galt?”

          1. His name is JUSTICE BEAVER!

          2. Atlas Shrugged!

          3. Wait!! Is Atlas Shrugged the name or is that what Atlas is doing?

          4. Atlas started reading that Ayn Rand book, shrugged and moved on to better books.

          5. maybe if you’re a 19-year-old white kid.

          6. that’s the ONLY question…

      2. Justice Beaver, the crime fighting beaver.

  2. That bastard. Glad we still have our CM goodness.

  3. I have seen this happen to a great gun forum that used to read and participate on. The Highroad..

    1. And let’s face it, if you can get away with pissing off a bunch of “gun enthusiasts”, then you can get away with anything. But at least reading idle threats is entertaining!

      self-admitted gun enthusiast

      1. LOL, How true…

  4. Apple is behind this ಠ_ಠ

    1. Agree

      1. patent infringement suit pending

    2. how’d you do the face?

      1. It’s a special character. There is a special away to type it in or you can just copy and paste it.

    3. poor lil fella.. miss the xfiles?

    4. As much as I think this is funny, I really don’t think Apple had anything to do with this. Of course I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

      1. Thinly veiled sarcasm dude

  5. Damn…. I hope this gets straightened out and the the person(s) responsible spend some time behind bars.

  6. Just release his personal info. Considering the number of hackers this will upset, I think justice would be swift.

    1. CM doesn’t want revenge matter solved and they want to put it behind them. Read the update

  7. id like to know wth happened.

  8. General Petraeus is behind this!

    1. You mean General Grevious.

  9. Google’s behind this!

  10. String up the little Douchebag!

  11. We should tape his eyes open and smash every electronic he owns. lol

  12. Lets not forget there are 3 sides to every story. CM’s side, the accused side and then the truth ;-)

  13. Bush’s fault……….

    1. Obamas disqus account?

      1. President Obama has a Disqus account? I would believe it’s real unless it was connected to his official Twitter or something that is confirmed to be his.

  14. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for the meddling media. He wanted to extort on the down low.

  15. If Ahmet is to be believed, his statement to “sell” the domain may have merely entailed purchasing the registration (like with any domain). Unless there’s proof of a demand for $10,000, it’s probably best to assume nothing, and just move on.

  16. Quite a few members would gladly have the name changed to EGOgenmod.

  17. If CyanogenMod owns the .org domain, why not get some sort of email services on the domain? You don’t have to use a @gmail address. You can get Google Apps or Windows Live Admin Center set up there and use that.

    1. Because they already run a Google Apps for Business account on the .com domain, which is behind a LOT of other stuff they use.

      They’re working on having Google give it back to them.

  18. Thanks for the continuing updates and good job tweeting the guy to let him know he could have a voice here if he wanted.
    Props to you!

  19. What does this have to do with Criminal Minds?

  20. This is what happens when geeky teens/early twenty yo kids that live with their parents throw a hissy fit and don’t get their way. It’s also why I’m very careful with which roms I put on my device. Who’s to know what kind of code they throw in there to look at/steal your information etc.

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