Phandroid Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Phones and Edgar’s favorite picks!


It’s that time of the year again, and we are getting ready to do our holiday shopping! Some of you non-procrastinating folks already have, actually. But if you are looking for a gift for that Android geek in the family, looking for the perfect item must be a bit hard. That’s why we are putting together a handy Phandroid Holiday Gift Guide for you!

We are releasing the Holiday Gift Guide gradually, with sections for all types of personalities. So far we have published sections for gamers and tech gurus. That covers it for those special niches, but what about those that want to invest a little more and buy an Android smartphone?

I have put together a list of the best smartphones of the year, from high-end super phones to great deals. Of course, we have included devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Note 2 and the LG Nexus 4, but there options for those with other priorities can’t be left unmentioned.

There are options for keyboard lovers, like the LG Mach and the stunningly affordable HTC ChaCha. Or if you want an affordable phone with a stronger punch, you can go for the Motorola DROID RAZR M or the HTC One VX. All are great phones, so definitely go ahead and check out the Top 10 Phones section of our Holiday Gift Guide.

Aside from the main categories, we also have our Staff Picks. This is where all of your favorite Phandroid team members bring you the best gift ideas for this holiday season. Quentyn had some great gifts on his list, which includes the MOGA gaming controller (my favorite controller) and the NEST smart thermostat. I have some great gift ideas for you too, so let’s jump in and check out a few of them.

Keep your devices powered with a Powerbag

I fell in love with these bags at CES 2012. Powerbags have a built-in battery and cables, allowing you to charge your Android (and other) devices on the go. Sure, we can all get just a normal backpack and an external battery, but it is surprising how convenient the Powerbag can be. Not only does it make the process of charging seamless, but they work very well as bags, by themselves.

These are stylish and very well-built. They are also made for all kinds of users: there’s the regular Backpack, the Sling, the Instant Messenger and even an array of briefcases. I personally recommend a Powerbag to anyone, it has seriously changed my daily life. You can go ahead and get them from Amazon, or you can stick around and check out my Staff Picks page for more gift ideas.

ANDRU Charger: not just another charger

We find ourselves in a very polarizing time for mobile. iOS and Android are at their best, while we have Windows Phone closing in, but one thing is for sure – we tend to take sides. Android users are very passionate about their favorite mobile OS, which is something they love to show.

If you have an Android fan in the house, you can’t go wrong with the ANDRU charger. This little guy doubles as an Android figurine and a smartphone charger. Its eyes light up when plugged in and you can dock it in a base to make your desk look just a little better with it. For $25 on Amazon, it is not a bad deal!

Sony SmartWatch

Those that have seen my work around here know that I am a sucker for gimmicks. Not in a bad way, though. What I mean is I love nerding out on new technologies that have potential. A smart watch may not be necessary right now, and these products still need to evolve a bit more, but they can already bring some great functionality to your life.

One of my favorite smart watches is the Sony SmartWatch. Checking your messages, getting notifications, reading your social networks and checking your phone book has never been more convenient! All you have to do is sync this watch to your smartphone via bluetooth and voila. Many of your smartphone features will be accessible right from your wrist.

Oh… and it tells you the time, too. It is now available for almost $50 less than its original price, so you might want to check out Amazon if you are interested!

Enjoy the holidays!

There is more to see, but you should check out my Staff Picks and the Top 10 phones to read more on these awesome gifts. We will continue to roll out more Holiday Gift Guide sections throughout the week, so stay tuned to our homepage and the official Phandroid Holiday Gift Guide page.

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. That smartwatch is smarter than the liveview, but not worth that extra money. Liveview can be had for ~$30

  2. I’m looking for a bluetooth music receiver for a Christmas gift this year. It’s meant to be used in the car. Any recommendations?

    1. Haven’t had much experience with these products, but I have read some reviews. People seem to really like the Belkin one. It is nice and portable too.

  3. OMG!


    Powerbag Sling (Red)
    Andru charger (from Big Android BBQ)
    Sony Smartwatch

    The Smartwatch actually is worth the money compared to the liveview. I went through TWO of them! Check my site

    The Liveview breaks and scratches too easily. It is constantly disconnected. The UI, reactivity, charge, look, and durability and gratefully improved on the SmartWatch!

  4. I don’t know about my family and friends I should be shopping for, but I need a Powerbag! My Android hardly ever stays charged since I go to work and listen to music on it and then I watch live TV and my DVR recordings on it with the DISH Remote Access app while I’m at school. I never knew how convenient it could be to take my TV with my until one of my coworkers at DISH told me about the app. Now I just need a convenient way to keep my Droid charged. Thanks!

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