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Time and time again, the developer TeslaCoil reminds me that the little cash I invested in Nova Launcher was money well spent. Today, Nova Launcher saw an update in the Play Store to version 1.3.3 and this will be your go-to homescreen replacement if you’re looking to give your Android device that stock Jelly Bean look.

While there was the usual bug fixes that accompany most updates, Mr. TeslaCoil was thoughtful enough to included the all new Android 4.2 icons from the very latest version of Jelly Bean (that was fast). Now you’ll notice a new camera and clock icon when apply the built-in stock Jelly Bean theme. Schnazzy.

New Themeing Option

The feature I’m most excited over is the new enhanced themeing option. Before 1.3.3, you’d have to apply the entire stock Jelly Bean theme and hope for the best. Depending your device, there were still a few icons that were left behind, taking up residency on your homescreen in all their custom manufacturer UI ugliness.

Always keeping an open ear to customer feedback, TeslaCoil has added a personal request of mine that allows for the themeing of individual app icons using the built-in Jelly Bean icon pack. Now, you’ll no longer have to go through the trouble of downloading a separate stock Jelly Bean icon pack just to theme those fugly Sense or TouchWiz icons to the “stock look.”

Simply long press an icon (but don’t move it) and release. Select Edit > Icon Pack > Stock Jelly Bean and choose from the list of built-in stock icons. Easy peasy.

Again, this is perfect for those icons from manufacturer UI’s that aren’t detected when trying to apply the entire theme to your device. Even better, you can change icons like QuickPic to a stock Gallery icon look. No, potentially malicious icon downloading necessary, and that makes me a happy camper.

The 1.3.3 update also added fixes for Android 4.2, which is good news for the few people with Nexus 4’s, or those running 4.2. custom ROMs. You can download Nova Launcher for free from the Google Play Store. Don’t forget, you can supercharge the app by picking up the Nova Launcher Prime for the price of a happy meal.

[Nova Launcher Free |Nova Launcher Prime]

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