T-Mobile stores will sell the Nexus 4 tomorrow for $200 with a 2-year agreement, or $500 off-contract


Missed out on Nexus 4 frenzy that took place earlier this morning? No problem, there’s still a chance for you to nab one and as early as tomorrow. Looks like “select” T-Mobile stores will have an available stock for sale bright an early tomorrow morning, but depending on how you feel about carrier contracts, you could be paying a higher price just to be the 1st kid on the block with a sexy new Nexy.

T-Mobile will be offering the Nexus 4 16GB for only $200 with a 2-year agreement and a $50 mail-in rebate (Classic Plan), or $500 straight up (off-contract). While that sounds like a hefty premium to pay, keep in mind you’ll be saving a few dollies by not having to pay Google Play’s shipping costs. Okay, well at the very least, maybe it’s a good time to hit up that T-Mobile family member for their employee discount. Anyone planning on picking on up tomorrow at their local T-Mobile store?

Thanks, Amaurys!

[T-Mobile via TheVerge]

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  1. tmobile should have priced it at 425 that way its only a couple bucks differece only a slight premium to buy and play with the thing from day 1

  2. That’s funny!! T-Mobile has to make money wherever they can, lol, and this is coming from a T-Mobile user!! I hope Google gets more in very soon, cause T-mo is ripping people off!!

    1. It’s not them. It is LG. That is the actual price of the phone. Google is apparently subsidising the phone. Last week there was news that Spain’s Phone House suspended carrying the Nexus 4 because of the deal LG was making which was not of great value. It is the same thing here.

  3. It’s insulting for them to blatantly rip people off like that. And it’s embarrassing for google to have had such a terrible launch and run out of phones so quickly.

    1. Woah, woah.. They’re not blatantly ripping off anyone. Remember, Google sells it for a subsidized rate too (like carriers do). The full price of the Nexus 4 SHOULD be similar to what the Galaxy S3 or other devices are, it’s just that Google sells it at a discount.

      1. Are you saying that google is subsidizing the nexus 4 because they will profit from the play store rather than hardware sales? I don’t believe this is the case because the hardware still doesn’t justify the price. Just look at the Optimus G which is basically the same phone, but it has LTE, 32gb of memory, and LG had to put in money to customize the OS. The Optimus G retails for $550 because LG had to put more hardware into it as well as work on the software. There’s no good explanation for why LG should want the nexus 4 to be priced the same as the optimus g when google is selling the nexus 4 for 200 bucks less and IT LACKS THE HARDWARE TO JUSTIFY THE PRICE IN THE FIRST PLACE. The only reason to do it is because they can, and some people will be stupid enough to actually pay $150 more for the same thing.

      2. thank you! finally someone with power said it haha

        1. so you guys think that a hardware manufacturer who makes 2 phones, one with LTE, 32gb, and a custom OS should charge the same as the other phone, that has no LTE, 16gb of memory and using a free open source OS, should charge the same for each? Please, someone explain, I’m open to thoughts about this, but to me, it just doesn’t add up.

          1. I mean, the way it all works is different. Carriers buy the phones from the manufacturers, then resell to their subscribers. I’m sure carriers get a good discount for buying in bulk and sell them at a high enough price to make a little profit on the side, they are a business after all.

            The same works with Google’s Nexus program. OEM’s shop their devices to Google in hopes they’ll choose it for the Nexus. Google wanted the highest minimum specs (if that makes sense), so that they could sell it while making less profits in hopes that people will purchase apps and whatnot from the Play Store.

            But I don’t know, the lack of LTE radios and lower storage could be a good enough reason why the Nexus 4 is $50 cheaper than the Optimus G. Remember when the Galaxy Nexus was being sold for $400 through the Play Store and everyone called that a deal?

      3. Thank you for rationality!

  4. I wonder if this true that LG is the one behind this pricing problem like it was in other countries. Would be a sad day for consumers if LG is the one responsible.


    1. Remember, the real full price of the Nexus 4 is around $500-$600. Google is just offering it at a subsidized rate like carriers do. It’s just that Google is the only one doing so without a contract (like Amazon).

      1. Chris deep down inside do you really believe the Nexus 4 is subsidized and Google/LG is losing money on the retail sale of the device? In my opinion, even at this price they are making a profit. The industry just wants us to believe otherwise to justify carrier contracts.

        1. I agree

  5. Seriously? You think they are ripping you off? It really is a more than $500 piece of hardware. Just because Google is selling at cost does not make it a rip off. For price and service (if you live in an urban area) T-Mobile is by far the best, and has the best customer service as well. We all want this stuff cheap as possible, but it’s unrealistic and selfish to think that t-mobile shouldn’t make some profit off this. They wouldn’t be in business if they were taking a loss on the device.

    PLUS: Google nabbing a million devices or special agreement could mean that the price T-Mobile is offering is the best it can get. Look at the phone sold elsewhere world wide. It’s much more expensive than the play store. I doubt LG making a phone with most of the latest of everything would intentionally want their phone to be a loss leader.

    1. LG is the reason why the price is high for T-Mobile.

    2. You sir, are drinking too much T-Mobile koolaid.

  6. Very tempted to try to pick this up tomorrow, but I think I’m going to be patient and wait for it to be back in the Play Store.

    1. Dude, just f5 spam the play store on the nexus 4 page. Make sure your cards are all up to date and address in Google Wallet first. Then after you see the “in stock” sign, click it asap! Took me about an hour, but I finally got it into my cart and Wallet let me make the transaction. I did that fishing thing for the Nexus 4, Nexus 10, and the bumper case. Sucks that I paid shipping on all of them separately but it was still a good deal in the end!

      1. Wait, even though it says ” SOLD OUT” now?

        1. I just looked… yeah when I did it it said coming soon. Perhaps it really is sold out. It wouldn’t hurt to try though. Sorry man!

          1. @scuttlefield:disqus @facebook-1429530530:disqus It keeps changing from “Sold Out” to “Coming Soon.” The longer you wait though, the less hope there is.

  7. It makes no sense to pay $500 (both plans wind up being $500) for the phone when Google is selling it for cheaper (subsidized or not) if Google can subsidize it for near $350 for future Play profits and customer retention then T-Mobile can do the same with their own product and services. anybody paying this is just impatiently wasting money.

  8. if u buy from google let not forget tax and shipping which comes to about 400 so its not that big of a difference

    1. Yeah cuz that $100 savings doesn’t really help. *sarcasm*

  9. Damn it still dont see a single nexus on at&t

    1. Google loves T-Mobile since they have decided to become almost exclusively android. They still have a few windows phone and famously no iphone

      1. Yup. TMo were the one to put Android on the map in the first place…

  10. This makes no sense, a locked phone $500 against the same unlocked at $350. How can TMobile marketing be confident enough with that scheme?

    1. They make more money from the 2 year contract. The 500 would seem to be incentive to get a contract.

    2. It makes perfect sense. The Nexus 4 is easily a $500 phone in the real world (just not the Play Store).

  11. ‘Select’ is right, none of the T-Mobile stores around me are carrying it T_T

    Anyone know what time T-Mobile usually starts opening up orders for new phones online?

  12. Why on Earth would anyone pay $500 for the n4 off contract, when they can get it from the play store? And if the answer is that it’s available, while the play store is currently out of stock (which it won’t be forever), then imo tmo is essentially scalping the device.

    And Im not a tmo hater, actually a loyal customer, but damn, they’ve been disillusioning me for a while now.

    1. They’re not scalping the device, they’re just doing what Google is doing and offering it for a subsidized price (cheaper than Google) or unsubsidized.

      The only difference is that Google doesn’t offer the Nexus 4 unsubsidized. If they did, I’m sure it would be close to $500 (maybe $450). I mean, it is a top of the line Android phone.

      1. I’m sorry, Chris. While I understand where you’re coming from, I respectfully disagree.

        1. There’s only one way to settle this…

          *slips off glove finger by finger*

          A DUEL THEN!


        2. I agree with you bmg314…there is no “subsidizing” if there isn’t a contract involved.

  13. seeing all these rants about the pricing… i weep for humanity

  14. Does it have bloatware?

  15. What a ripoff…

  16. wonder how much they sold

  17. They pretty much can so they are…

  18. It’s important for people to remember that it’s not T-Mobile’s fault. Sure, they could have subsidized it like Google, but they don’t have to. Google decided to sell the Nexus devices at a loss at their own discretion, but T-Mobile is not willing to do that. Unfortunately it’s a matter of whether you want 21mbps HSPA+ or 42mbps. The Google Play Store device only offers the former.

    1. This is not true. they are both compatible with 42mbps connectivity. Source: http://www.google.com/nexus/4/specs/ and https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=nexus_4_16gb

  19. Alright T-Mobile, hand it over whatever you are smoking!

  20. Deceit!! If you get that value plan, you’ll be paying for the phone through installments. So you’ll be paying installments on a phone that cost $500 when you can get the phone for lyk $300 of contract. Very sneaky. LoL!!

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