Latest YouTube update for Android sends videos to Google TV devices


Remember YouTube Remote? It was a standalone application that offered users the ability to send YouTube videos from their Android phone to a Google TV device for playback on a larger screen. It also provided the ability to control playback using the Android interface. Now the functionality has been rolled into the main YouTube app as part of its latest update.

The app allows multiple Android devices to pair with Google TV, offering uninterrupted playback of videos that any user can queue up. A TV icon is now present in the app. One touch enables playback on a larger screen.

The update continues Google’s half-hearted push to integrate the mobile Android OS with it’s TV counterpart, but with little in the way of innovation for the Google TV platform we’re left wondering why the tech giant is even bothering. Don’t get us wrong. We have always felt fondly about Google TV and have hoped for its success, but Google spent more time recently developing the ill-fated Nexus Q than it did making any effort to provide users with a great internet-connected TV device.

We’ll take the apps now, but a Nexus TV priced as affordably as the recent run of Google’s branded Android products could go a long way in establishing Google TV as a serious contender for powering the connected living room.

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[UPDATE: SDK, too] ROM developers be damned: Android 4.2 headed to AOSP right now; factory images available

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  1. I have a Google TV so I will give this a try and see how much better an interface it will be.

  2. I’ve been using this to send videos to my ps3. Pretty cool

  3. I would like the original Browse Section back to my liking.

  4. ’bout time

  5. I haven’t had any luck with YouTube on Google TV 2.0 and the Logitech Revue…it’s such a poor experience in terms of performance and stability. Easier just to use the browser.

  6. ive been doing this with leanback for aloooong time. so this one uses the actual youtube app on google tv, sweet!

  7. Will this work with a tablet and a TV connected to a PC running youtube (via Linux, MacOS, Windows, android, etc.)?

  8. there was time spent developing for the nexus q???

  9. Yay…. Now update GTV more, please.

  10. Does remote play work for the Xbox 360 yet?

  11. This works awesome! I would love this for movies, tv, music, etc. It seems very much like the Q experience that was demoed. Very easy to use and very smooth transition from device to tv. I love it. Give me more like this Google and I will become locked into your content for sure. I played with it for a while last night and for the first time saw myself using youtube for straight up entertainment. It’s like the new process for the old days when you would sit there switching channels but now you can all have a chance to throw things in the queue. Absolutely brilliant but left wanting google play to now work this way.

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