For HTC’s Jelly Bean plans, 2012 phones are the priority


This news won’t come as a total shocker to anyone who knows how these sorts of things tend to go, but in case you were wondering where HTC’s priorities stood for bringing Jelly Bean to its smartphones the OEM is making it clear. It’ll be working hardest to get its 2012 smartphones (the HTC One X and One S are already confirmed) up to the latest version of Android.

In addition to the HTC One X and HTC One S, we are actively reviewing our product portfolio to identify candidates to receive Jelly Bean. Our goal is to prioritize review for devices launched in 2012 with our numerous carrier partners across multiple regions and then consider our ability to provide updates to products from 2011.

It should be a pretty easy process to identify which smartphones released this year are able to handle Jelly Bean in a technical sense considering HTC has released mostly high-end smartphones this year.

Even most of its mid-range offerings should be able to handle the upgrade no problem, though a few exceptions will have to be made for devices that only have 512MB of RAM such as the HTC One V and HTC Desire C — little RAM = no update. As for phones from 2011 HTC will have to scrutinize those a bit more as they determine the feasibility of providing upgrades to the older handsets.

We work hard to ensure each of our products has the optimal user experience and therefore some products will remain at their current version of Android. In general, devices with 512MB RAM or less will not be upgraded to Android 4.1. At present, these devices include the HTC One V and the HTC Desire C. As we identify other devices that will not be upgraded, we’ll provide updated information.

We’d be surprised if at least a handful of you will not be able to get it, but HTC’s not promising anything to anyone at this point and that’s probably the best course of action — it’s better to be sure than to overestimate and fail to deliver (we’re looking at you, HTC Desire HD).

The most we can ask for is honesty, and HTC’s delivered its stance in a clear and concise way.  All you can do now is hope that you device is in line for Jelly Bean, and in case you’re worried it might be time to sign up for an account at a site like XDA or RootzWiki to see if some of the folks in the development community can help bridge the gap.

[HTC via A&M]

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  1. annnd Thunderbolt ICS update?

    1. Exactly….August has come and passed a long time ago….

    2. They forgot us bro… or they don’t care.. thinking its both

      1. I have an Evo3D. Same situation. How did HTC go from being the best with updates to one of the worst?

        1. i have the one v the baby of the HTC one family and they allready forgot me

        2. HTC made way too many different phones, and many had low sales.

          Cheaper and low sales devices are most likely to get left behind, same as with custom ROMs.

        3. they lost their way.. use to be the darling of the developer community. I can’t wait till May when I can finally dump both htc and verizon for good. I owned the original Dinc, and now thunderbolt and both have been horrible on both updates and battery life.
          Maybe one day they will get it… or they will get bought. but for now I’m looking hard at Samsung / Moto and the Nexus products for my upgrade.

          1. I’m going all-Nexus products from now on. I don’t trust any developer (even Samsung) on updates anymore.

          2. Or get the New DROID DNA with is reportedly shipping with JB :)

          3. Chris… the evo 4g would be a step up from the thunderbolt, step up into the droid dna and you will never look back. If you are on a thunderbolt you will be eligible when the dna comes out (i assume)

        4. What are you talking about? The Evo 3D is running ICS now! Are you not on Sprint?

      2. you should always like the phone when you buy it. software fixes are
        given when necessary. If you want updates, the nexus line has been
        around for years and you should have gotten that.

        point is, don’t expect free OS upgrades because the manufacturers don’t owe you jack…

        1. I loved the phone when I bought it. That’s why I got it on release day. I’m on Verizon. I don’t have a choice for another carrier. The only nexus option I’ve been given is a Galaxy nexus which wasn’t around back then and is too old now.

          Point is, I wouldn’t be expecting a free OS upgrade… exxxcept they promised us they were making one. by the latest 3 months ago. so. I think they owe us that.

    3. U should have upgraded already

      1. upgraded already? phone released on March 17th, 2011. the earliest I can upgrade is November 17th, 2012. That’s with upgrading early to a new 2 year contract. sooo

        1. It sux. No updates, no love, I bought the highest end phone they had. There is no early upgrade. I have to wait till Febuary 2013. It just sux. ROMS online are usually buggy somewhere. Not really an option longterm.

          1. what phone do you have? @chris chavez can we get a tagline for what phones we use on disqus? that would pretty neato.

      2. upgrade while on contract? derp

    4. you should always like the phone when you buy it. software fixes are
      given when necessary. If you want updates, the nexus line has been
      around for years and you should have gotten that.

      point is, don’t expect free OS upgrades because the manufacturers don’t owe you jack..

  2. It’s kinda tricky with HTC’s Jelly Bean updates, because they promised to START rolling out the update for the One X by the end of October – which they actually did, however, only by releasing it in a few countries or for a few (thousands of) phones. Now it’s almost half of November and my One X is still running the “old” ICS.
    I understand it can’t be rolled out immediately for everybody, due to server load, but it wouldn’t hurt to cover all the phones let’s say in 48 hours…

  3. HTC Sensation 4G Jelly Bean???

  4. It’s sad to know that if I ever buy an HTC android phone, $6 of my dollars is going to Apple.

    1. Is that because of the license agreement they have?

      Does HTC make any money from any Apple devices sold? =/

  5. Sounds like a lot of hopes and dreams HTC.
    We don’t believe you.. You need more people.

  6. Samsung, HTC, Carriers are equally guilty for updates. Keep releasing million models!

  7. Custom roms

    1. not for over 90% of users. Most dont know of roms, nor should they

  8. Annnd Incredible 2 ICS update?

  9. If you want the updates it’s always cheaper to get a high end phone, otherwise you have to buy 2 or 3 phones within the same timeframe. Plus most people are on a 2 year upgrade cycle through their carrier. You are better off to pay $199 upfront than getting a $0 phone but then you have to buy a $400 low end phone after 1 year because everything is starting to feel sluggish on your $0 contract phone. I used to work for a carrier here in Canada (3yr contracts are the norm, but you can upgrade after 2yrs and get the full rebate) and I always had people getting the $0 phone only to see them coming back after 8 to 15 months to pay $400+ to get another cheap phone.

  10. This is ridiculous. 4.2 is out and they are still “reviewing portfolio” for 4.1.
    I’ve always liked HTC for their hardware (maybe except battery life), I purchased 6 of their Android phones, but I’ve had enough. I’m sick of their upgrade policy – moving on to Nexus line. Way to lose your loyal clients, HTC.

    1. Me too. If the Nexus S can run Jellybean just fine, there isn’t any excuse for the One V and Desire C, other than HTC’s choice not to support them.

      1. I actually have no problem not supporting lower end devices like the One V, as long as they were to take care of their high-end line up in a speedy way. Unfortunately they do neither.

      2. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as “Since X phone can do it, Y phone should.” Maybe between the HTC line, sure, but comparing hardware requirements between a Sense device and a Nexus device doesn’t work. Sense, whether you enjoy it or hate it, adds a ton to Android overall so it’s going to use a lot more RAM than stock. With Sense and Android eat up all that RAM, not much is left for a good user experience. It sucks, but those are the breaks.

    2. you should always like the phone when you buy it. software fixes are given when necessary. If you want updates, the nexus line has been around for years and you should have gotten that.

      point is, don’t expect free OS upgrades because the manufacturers don’t owe you jack.

  11. “Then consider 2011 phones” lol glad I didn’t go with htc

  12. And this is why I’m getting the Nexus 4.

  13. So there’s a chance for the Rezound, but I’m not holding my breath…

  14. I don’t suppose the Evo V 4G counts as 2012…

  15. A lot like “chicken or the egg” arguments, it makes no difference whether Verizon or HTC is at fault. If it was HTC, Verizon should have make a stink, threatening to discontinue purchasing HTC’s products for resale to their customers. If Verizon was at fault, HTC should have had the good sense to push Verizon and not risk the resultant damage to their corporate reputation. In either case, it is up to us, the consumers and opinion leaders to do the right thing: Never again buy HTC products, from any carrier, and never again sign a contract with Verizon.

  16. conclusion: Dont get HTC devices, only get nexus device….

  17. Anyone else notice they seem to be avoiding talking about the Incredible LTE or Evo LTE? *shakes head*

  18. Fat chance Sprint updates the EVO 3D to Jelly Bean. If they do, it will probably be in summer 2013 (or later).

    By then I’ll have moved onto a new phone. My upgrade is in May 2013.

  19. enough with the bs, announce a date already!

  20. Where is Jelly Bean for my Evo 4g Lte??

  21. This is why the Nexus 4 sold out in 24 minutes. Anyone overly concerned about OS version updates wants a Nexus. I can live with HTC though, since I just ordered a One X Plus that comes with 4.1 already on it today. :)

  22. i’d rather have 4.2

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