Android Overload: Nexus 7 deals, Nexus 4 and 10 launch details, T-Mobile 2-day sale and more


Hello Phandroids! We are here to bring you all the Android-related news that didn’t make it to our home page. Many of these are still worth a read, so go ahead and check them out before you take off for your holiday weekend endeavors!

  • 32 GB Nexus 7 to sell for $229 at Office Depot this Black Friday [Reddit]
  • Google clarifies Nexus 4 / 10 availability [Android Police]
  • T-Mobile organizing a 2-day sale for Nov 16, 17 [Into Mobile]
  • Motorola RAZR HD becomes first 4G LTE phone in Mexico soon after Telcel’s LTE network launch [Into Mobile]
  • Multiview feature ported to the OG Samsung Galaxy Note [XDA Developers]
  • First ROM for the HTC One X+ [XDA Developers]
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  1. Nexus 7 deal is a steal

  2. Does anyone else feel like it’s the beginning of the nexus era?

    1. Ghod I hope not.
      I like choices.
      -and expandable storage.

    2. Not really. There are too many obvious design flaws in the new line-up.

      1. First gen devices usually have a few short comings. Clearly he meant this is the beginning of Nexus being a huge brand. I’d agree with him.

        Also, I don’t see the “many” design flaws of the current nexus lineup. All the devices seem pretty awesome. To each their own I suppose.

        1. Nexus 4 – No LTE and No sdcard
          Nexus 7 – No sdcard
          Nexus 10 – Oversized ugly bezel, dual core processor and No sdcard
          All obvious design flaws

          Considering how long and how hard we’ve bashed Apple for no sdcards…. why give Nexus a pass?

          1. I don’t think SDCard is too big a deal personally. Also, about the dual core: the processor is actually better than the quad core snapdragon and tegra, so don’t be fooled. Value for money, nexus devices are definitely at the top of their game, and I do think they will become quite a big brand as time goes on – they already are viral on the Internet. In conclusion, I don’t think those are significant design flaws at all, you’re just nitpicking. Especially considering their price and the alternatives!

            The lack of LTE on nexus 4 is a little disturbing though, so let’s just hope they’ll bring out a next gen on that soon enough.

          2. Again, it’s odd how we’ll give Google a pass for the same things we’ve consistently bashed Apple over. LTE and sdcards are big ones.

          3. I’ve never criticized them for no SD card. I plan on getting the 32gb nexus 10. That will be plenty of internal space for me. If you want to store movies to take on the road you can put them on a flash drive and plug in to the USB, I think its awesome to have this ability. The bezel isn’t really a problem. Its a necessary evil. It might not be aestethically pleasing but if the bezel were thin you’d be bumping the screen accidentally while holding it.

            No LTE I really thought was a flaw and did criticize them at first but at the same time its a world phone, not just a phone for the US. Most of the world isn’t set up for LTE and the carriers here seem to be a pain in the butt to work with anyway. I see it more as a middle finger to Verizon and att for being control freaks and that’s something I can get behind.

          4. Adding expandable memory, or just more internal memory, would not drive the price up all that much. So, even though you don’t think it’s that big of a deal, it is to many. I personally would prefer one of those two options over lte, as hspa+ is much more than adequate when it comes to 4G. Imo, of course.

          5. Specwhore! / / / right there ///

  3. I can get the 32gb nexus 7 for 225 any day of the week. So this is not a deal to me.

    1. care to share your secret?

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