Nov 8th, 2012 publishUpdated   Feb 20th, 2015, 2:29 pm

GroupMe has emerged as a premier group chat experience for several different reasons. For one, it’s dead simple to use and we like simple. Secondly, it introduces unique ways for people to start groups and find other groups to join. Well, the experience has just gotten even better with the unveiling of version 4.0 today.

GroupMe is touting a “completely redesigned look and feel,” which includes more focus on the chats themselves, bigger photos in chats, the ability to share your location or destination with a small map inside the chat, a new way to switch between conversations, bigger avatars to identify group members, the ability to send a DM to a user by tapping their avatar anywhere it appears within the app, and more.

More new features include the ability to invite people to a group with a link, faster performance, and the ability to rejoin groups that you’ve left. There’s a catch for those of us who prefer to do our bidding on Android instead of iOS, though — it’s not quite ready in stable form yet.

You can still give it a shot with this public beta, though, so if you really want to check out the new changes early GroupMe is not boxing you out. You’ll need to have a GroupMe account ahead of time, but if you don’t have one then all you need to do is download and use the current Play Store app with your phone and you’re good to go for the beta. Head here for download and installation instructions and let us know how things are treating you in the comments section below!

[via GroupMe]