Nov 8th, 2012 publishUpdated   Nov 29th, 2012, 6:43 pm

When Google originally announced the movies and music sections of its content store would be headed for Google TV devices many were displeased to learn that the US would be the only region included. It seems the US is always the starting ground for Google (it’s their home country, after all) but others tend to be invited in no time.

This instance was no different as Google, via Google+, has announced the addition of support for more countries. Those in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada and Australia will soon be able to rent and buy movies and TV, as well as buy music for playback through their Google TV devices.

The service won’t be available until November 13th — the landing date for the new line of Nexus devices headed our way — but it’s nice to know that more of our friends will finally be able to enjoy the finer things in digital life.

The odd thing is that some of these countries still don’t support Google Music on smartphones and tablets. We’ve heard that the UK will be getting the service in full starting November 13th before, but haven’t been able to dig up such confirmation for others. Perhaps those services will finally be opening up to folks inhabiting those places — one can dream, no?

Regardless, there’s the news that should make many of you happy. We’re less than a week away from November 13th so just mark it on your calendar or keep it in the back of your mind for safe-keeping.

[via Google+]

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