RadioShack offering Nexus 7 32GB for $230


If you want to take a quick $20 off your Nexus 7 32GB you might want to consider it buying from RadioShack instead of the Google Play Store. The retailer is offering the device for $250 — that’s Google’s price, too. But Google isn’t offering this cool coupon code that’ll take $20 off any order of $125 or more.

This deal effectively brings the price down to $230, and while that’s not a terribly steep door-busting deal it should prove helpful for those who want to offset tax or shipping chargers they might otherwise accrue.

The Nexus 7 32GB should be quite the awesome device with its Tegra 3 chipset and completely stock, pure Android. But many were vexed to find out that there is no room for expandable storage. For most, 8GB isn’t enough, and 16GB is just barely acceptable. This new 32GB option was a must, and Google bringing it in at the the 16GB model’s original price tag means the Nexus 7 has gone back onto a lot of people’s radars and wishlists.

Unfortunately the device appears to be out of stock as of the time of this writing, and we expected that considering many people are likely to jump at a juicy deal like this without delay. But keep an eye on it and see if it doesn’t pick back up over the course of the week. You’ll want to keep coupon code RMN20 handy if you want to take advantage.

[RadioShack via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Great price with great specs and now with a much affordable price!!

    1. Yea I just don’t see any better value out there. Can’t go wrong with a Nexus 7.

  2. Sounds like the same crap they pulled w/the SANDISK 64GB ULTRA MICRO SD CARD (was $39.99,now,$49.99) the other day. Don’t be surprised if this shows up “back in stock” a couple days from now @ an inflated price to offset the discount code.

    By RADIO SHACK’S own statement,the card I attempted to purchase was in “back in-stock” as of the day I originally attempted to purchase @ the original price.

    I don’t mind paying a fair price,but,I could do w/o the BS “bait & switch” tactics.If your tolerance of BS is @ a low threshold,buyer beware.

    1. Word. Rad-Shmack is borderline trustworthy anymore at best.
      I shredded my Answers Plus card a while back…which seemed like the best answer, really.

  3. Says “in stock” again. I bought one last night after Droid-life posted it.

  4. Hmmm, that’s tempting….

  5. Not a bad price, but I am waiting for the HSPA+ version. :)

  6. Very Tempting…

    Can I buy this and buy Nexus 10 too..

    Or is it a little bit too much….

  7. great price. radio shack sure is desperate for sales and traffic.

  8. Ugh! I’ve been waiting on the Nexus10 but this is very tempting. Can’t decide!

  9. People shop at Radio shack still?

    1. We do now :)

  10. I got mine at walmart for $ 249.00 with an extended warranty (2 years for $28.00 wich covers spills , drops, cracked screen etc.) I couldn`t wait for a better deal.

  11. Radio Shack now says that tablets are no longer included in this discount offer.

    $20 off an order of $125 on select products at Some exclusions apply.

    Take $20 off any qualifying online
    purchase of $125 or more. Excludes Computers, Tablets, Netbooks, Apple products,
    Bose products, LCD TV’s, Refurbished Products, Gaming Hardware, Mobile Phones,
    Sale Items, and Gift Cards. Does not apply to in-store purchases. RadioShack
    reserves the right to end or change this offer at any time.

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